• Feed - Water Country Water Country
    The iced landscapes, once a beautiful tropical country, lead by the great village of Kirigakure.
    One can visit the ruins of the once magnificent country, or travel through the vast icy tundra.
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  • Feed - Moon Country Moon Country
    Moon is an island the lies south of Lightning and east of Fire. With the warm air of the south meeting the cold air of the north just to the north of the island, there can be many intense storms that break upon its cliffs and mountains. The land of Moon is steeped in religion and legends, and is run by a corrupt church known as the Shrine.
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  • Feed - Tea Country Tea Country
    A central trading hub for the south-western portion of the world, Tea Country has become synonymous with the term "trade" mostly due to the positioning and success of its capital Kurosawa City. Most of Tea, despite the imagine that comes to mind for most people when they think about the country, is in fact rural farming communities which-- surprise, surprise --grow tea and much of Tea Country's wealth is responsible for it. The particular type of tea which is farmed and exported out of Tea Country is a native species of oolong tea which, for reasons which have been as of yet been uncovered by any interested parties, will only grow in the particular conditions found in the strangely schizophrenic climate of Tea Country.
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