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AbilitiesAbilities are special traits in which your character has, they are gained through your Dojo. They are capable of doing many things, such as making your Genjutsu more effective to even giving your character a natural healing factor.
External link: List of Abilities
Advanced Shop PointsPoints gained through missions, training, events and much more. These points are used to not only master jutsu, but to purchase valuable items such as extra RP slots, guaranteed contract finds, and extra item slots.
External link: ASP Shop (Near the bottom)
Advertisement TeamThe team responsible for advertising and assisting new players get accustomed to NC. We also make these. 
Alternate UniverseWhile NC shares a similar setting to Canon Naruto, there are lots of differences. All events and characters from the show have no influence here. 
Sunagakure Lore
This is a Wind Country (Sunagakure) specific species of humanoid elementals that predated humanity. These elementals ruled Wind Country before mankind came to Wind Country. While a few Ancients still exist, for the most part the Ancients of Wind Country and their respective Courts have been defeated.
External link: Ancient History
Sunagakure Lore
A famed Sand Worm that attacked villages in Wind Country. One of the oldest known Sand Worms, she was killed centuries ago but her skeleton remained. Her behavior was uncharacteristic of a normal Sand Worm in that people were often below a Sand Worm's notice and they rarely attacked their own kind. Barnyx betrayed both of these standards. She attacked and ate her own kind and she actively sought humans to devour as well. It was discovered that she suffered from a corruption that proved infectious, causing
See also: Red Death, Plague Wars, Sandworm
External link: Barnyx
Battle ModeratorThis is a team of players that use our statistical system to moderate battles between players. 
Bloodlines are unique, genetic traits that each individual may attempt to obtain after they reach a certain point in development.
External link: Link to Bloodlines
Sunagakure Lore
Carmot is a naturally occurring element found in the deep caverns of Wind Country's massive underground networks. Theoretically generated as a by-product of the legendary Wind Country Sand Worm's digestive process, Carmot is almost pure energy in crystallized form and is highly sought after for a large variety of usages though a high-yield fuel source is its most common application.
See also: Sandworm
External link: Flora and Fauna of Wind Country
Class (Battle)In regards to the Battle System, your custom class is the modifiers which really makes your build, yours. Much like Naruto is no good at Genjutsu but a master at Ninjutsu your character is capable of the same diversity. It is where you assign the values for your HP, CP, and any bonuses you may receive due to your class bonus.
External link: Link to Class in Battle Rules
Class (Training)A Class is a type of thread, where upon on completion allows a player to double their training for that week. The requirements are 1500 words over 5 posts. You get the double training the week you complete the thread. You must be a higher PL and at least of Chuunin or higher in order to Tutor someone. Threads must be marked with the appropriate tag [Class] to be counted.
External link: Class Rules (Scroll to bottom)
Contract ModThese players are responsible for moderating contract threads in which players obtain a summoning contract. 
ContractsMuch like in the Naruto universe where powerful shinobi could summon powerful beasts such as Monkey King Enma and Gamabunta, players in NC are capable of such feats. Usually gained through contract searches in which they stumble upon, then prove themselves worthy of a contract with such a mighty family, they can be used both to enhance your roleplay and your battle.
External link: List of Summoning Contracts
Core Ability
Core Abilities are an alternative choice to Bloodlines. While Bloodlines allow you to gain the entire table eventually when ranked, while Core Ability Tables will never allow you to full gain the table. Core Abilities are special in this sense because a player is able to specifically choose which skills their character obtains to help further create a unique character.
External link: Link to Core Abilities
CouncilThe OOC moderators of their respective villages, they handle everything from site applications to events within their country and village. They tend to be some of the best people to ask help from, considering they are experienced in almost all the functions of the site. 
Development TeamThose involved in the creation, maintenance, and tweaking of the battle system. They not only balance current content but tend to release updates where they add, or remove, things from the battle system. 
DiamyoA powerful land owner or country leader depending on your Hidden Village's setting. Ask your Council for more information about Diamyo's in your setting. 
DiscordA chat service that NC uses to talk as a community.
External link: Link to our discord
Fatalist Method
Sunagakure Lore
In the War against the ancients before Godsfall, some men and women sought a different means of strength to best Fuujin and Homura. Instead of calling upon the elements they would instead drain hybrids and the elemental aspects of the land to absorb their characteristics. Some believe that this is what caused Wind Country to grow barren at the heart of this country, miles of grasslands would be left dead and decaying just to further the strength of one for a single battle. Many saw this as worthwhile, the
See also: Ancients, Hybrid
External link: Mention of the Fatalist Method
GatesThe gates of a village are the only way to enter and leave a village. One cannot post [Requesting Exit], [Requesting Entry], [Force Entering], [Force Exiting] anywhere else on the site except for these locations. Each Village has a gate which is usually guarded by skilled shinobi. 
Short for "Human Puppet," a kinjutsu. This can also be short for "Health Points" 
Sunagakure Lore
This is a person that has the genetic material of both a human and an Ancient. For the most part, the genetic influence of Ancient DNA is never noticed in a Wind Country denizen because it has been diluted over the years and what little DNA they have never becomes relevant since a union between Ancients and humans is very rare and beyond that there are not many Ancients left.
See also: Ancients
External link: Hybrid Information
Inner VillageThe inside of the village, while inside a village one may only roleplay within the village and its surrounding outer country. If one wishes to enter or leave, they must go through the gates. Whether legally or through forcing your way inside or out.
External link: Travel Rules
Journeymen Order
Sunagakure Lore
The genesis of the Order of Journeymen can be traced back to the Age of Primus and the God's Fall that preceded the liberation of humanity. The Journeymen are a trade order that specializes in armors and weapons. It is said that a Journeymen is an expert in every form of armed combat and that their weapons which often bear their family name and sigil are the strongest, sharpest, and best weapons produced. Their secrets have been closely guarded and often Journeymen run in families but in cases where there
See also: Orders
External link: Orders
KinjutsuHigher level techniques which require an application to your villages council to obtain. They tend to be powerful and capable of high level jutsu. (Jinchurriki, Human Puppet, and Jashinism all fall under Kinjutsu)
External link: Link to Kinjutsus
Sunagakure Lore
Hybrids of the Flame Court. Formerly gladiators that fought for Lord Homura, they were men and women twisted in a manner for the expressed purpose of creating the perfect warrior. They assisted the tribes of men in the war against the Ancients but at the war's end they isolated themselves from humanity. They were seen as twisted monstrosities and some feared them, others saw them as partial Ancients and considered them not only potentially sympathetic but the same as their Ancient enemies.
See also: Hybrid, Ancient
KonohagakureThe full name for the Village Hidden in the Leaves, located in the Fire Country.
External link: Link to Leaf Village
KumogakureThe full name for the Village Hidden in the Clouds, located in the Lightning Country.
External link: Link to Cloud Village
Mission ModeratorThese players are responsible for moderating missions and creating enjoyable roleplay experiences that you might not find otherwise.
External link: Mission Rules
Ninpocho.com or commonly known as Ninpocho Chronicles. Is the site you're currently using.
External link: Link to the Site Index
Non Player CharacterA NPC is a character in which isn't your 'main' character. While you are still able to roleplay as them there are varying degrees of them which can be found in the NPC rules. They do not have any but are capable of being in a battle, so they can be killed.
External link: NPC Rules
Oracle Order
Sunagakure Lore
The Oracles started as an informal group of theologians who thought that the ills of society could be eliminated through peaceful discussion and understanding others. While membership was often limited and the Oracles never sought new members, those with promising intellect or an undefinable spark would be tested for eligibility. Historically, the Oracles were those that sought wisdom and felt that understanding the past was not only a way of better was of discerning the present and it was a way of predict
See also: Orders
External link: The Orders
Sunagakure Lore
Groups formed by the first men of Sunagakure. These groups consisted of scholars, hunters and craftsmen who honed their craft.
See also: Ranger Order, Journeymen Order, Oracle Order
External link: The Orders
OtogakureThe full name for the Hidden Village of Sound, located in Tea Country.
External link: Tea Country Forum
Outer VillageThe area outside of the village, one inside a village is free to roleplay in their outer village. However you can not travel to another outer village without first leaving the gates of your village.
External link: Travel Rules
Plague Preserves
Sunagakure Lore
A synthetic recreation of the Red Death using remnants of Barynx's heart and/or the remains of Sunahoshi Keikou/Takahashi Hana as a main ingredient.
See also: Red Death, Plague Wars, Sandworm
External link: Plague Wars
Plague Wars
Sunagakure Lore
The Red Death ended with the destruction of Barnyx's corrupted heart. Some preserved this plague and either manipulated or replicated it for future use as a weapon to further their ill intent. This destroyed the remnants of many bloodlines.
See also: Red Death, Barnyx, Sandworm, Plague Preserves
External link: Plague Wars
Power LevelThe total of all your characters stats, this corresponds with your OOC rank (E,D,C,B,A,S). Everyone begins with 35 points and the cap is 3600. It can be increased by training.
External link: Link to PL in Battle Rules
Ranger Order
Sunagakure Lore
The most ancient order, Rangers come from the neolithic era, long before the advent of written word. In the beginning Sunanites were nomadic as food, shelter and water were lacking and the beasts of the realm were dangerous and hungered. The Rangers were the proud hunters of early Sunan society, the strongest, fastest and bravest young men and women would join the ranks of Rangers at an early age. It was a part of their rite of passage to battle a Sand Worm and bring back a chunk of its armored hide as pro
See also: Orders
External link: The Orders
Red Death
Sunagakure Lore
A disease caused by the corrupted heart of Barynx. This caused illness and killed many people in Wind Country. The heart was eventually destroyed but that did not end this threat, people tried to mimic the effects of the plague and the clever ones found success. This plague was coveted as a weapon and wielded it as such. Known as the Plague Preservers, men and women of ill intent would go to war for this kind of power and many did. Scholars called this conflict for the raw materials necessary to recreate t
See also: Barnyx, Plague Wars
External link: The Plague
Sunagakure Lore
An S Class threat in Wind Country. They are thankfully rare, but powerful and dangerous. Sadly they are also a necessary part of Wind Country's ecosystem and economy.
See also: Carmot
External link: Flora and Fauna of Wind Country
Shinobi ShopA centralized list of all the Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, and everything else that your character is capable of obtaining. All items are paid with Yen and then further mastered by spending training points or ASP earned through training. 
Sunagakure Lore
These are members of the Wind Country Diamyo's personal, private army. These soldiers are hybrids.
See also: Hybrid
SunagakureThe full name for the Village Hidden in the Sand, located in the Wind Country.
External link: Link to Sand Village
TutorA Tutor is a type of thread, where upon on completion allows a player to double their training for that week. The requirements are 1500 words over 5 posts. You get the double training the week you complete the thread. You must be a higher PL and at least of Chuunin or higher in order to Tutor someone. Threads must be marked with the appropriate tag [Tutor] to be counted.
External link: Tutor Rules (Scroll to bottom)
Ultimate Battle RulesThe ultimate battle rules is a compilation of all information relevant to the battle system. It lists everything from how Secondaries work to Classes.
External link: Ultimate Battle Rules Link
Sunagakure Lore
The Unbent are an alternate evolution of the First Men. In the War against the ancients, some men and women utilized a forbidden technique known as 'The Fatalist Method' to obtain power. Empowered, these First Men forsook their birthright and claimed a new name for themselves - "The Unbent." They would bow to no one. Not the gods, not to fellow men, not to the One King. Fuujin and Homura captured the Unbent and sealed them within the very ground they took life force from. The Fatalist Method gr
See also: Hybrid, Fatalist Method
Word CountWord Count, Usually tied with a Word Count requirement. Like with Missions, Classes, or the likes.