Water Dragon Bullet

A-Rank: A very strong Water jutsu.
A technique that uses chakra to shape water into the form of a large aquatic dragon that can be freely controlled by the user to either dive into a target to cause destructive damage or to protect the user from harm by shielding her with its pressurized body.

Prerequisites: A-rank, 7 Mastered Water Jutsu

Rank 1: Creates a powerful dragon out of water, that can crash into a target and deal 4400 damage with a 36% chance of activating the 'cascade' effect.
Rank 2: Creates a powerful dragon out of water, that can crash into a target and deal 5500 damage with a 44% chance of activating the 'cascade' effect.

Special Action - Water Serpent Strike: The user may sacrifice the cascade chance, and divide the dragon into three smaller serpents with the damage equally divided between them. These serpents may attack -or- bind the enemy. If the first serpent binds, the second serpent gains +4 accuracy and the third +2. If the second serpent is chosen, the third gains +2 accuracy and +10% damage. If the final serpent is selected, the target is bound until attacked again or for ten seconds (whichever comes first). It costs 40% the jutsu's CP to maintain. The victim has a 15% chance to escape per 2.5 Ap spent.

Special Action - Dragon Shield: This may be used defensively to protect the user from damage equal to 110% of this Jutsu's damage. This may be done reflexively, and lasts for only a single action. Defends against physical, non-elemental, and elemental damage.

Rank 1 Cost: 2200 Cp to initiate
Rank 2 Cost: 2750 Cp to initiate

- May only be used once per round.
- This action always requires full handseals; regardless of any skills or abilities the user may have (Such as channeling or one handed seals).
- If bound, the victim cannot move or dodge.
- The 'Cascade' effect suppresses the target and allows the user to immediately follow up this Jutsu with any Water Ninjutsu of their choice. This follow-up gains +2 Accuracy.

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