The Obsidian Palace

The top two floors protrude above ground and serve as a receiving and processing area for prisoners, visitors, and interrogations. The next seven stories below, a strange prison that has existed since the first men with no barred rooms. Each floor is a self-contained environment, some complete with living spaces and a semblance of civilization; locked away from the rest of the city and from each other connected only by a central column from which a skeleton crew of operators rotates through daily shifts managing the apparatuses within. It is said that darkness weighs on the minds of those who stay causing mental trauma. The prison devours the chakra of any creature introduced to the structure (Level 7 and lower). Sapped of their will-power, robbed of their mettle and bereft of their chakra most prisoners held below the first floor go mad within weeks. Legends tell of a mysterious tenth sub-floor (Level 0) which potentially could house the source of the hungry darkness but no man has ever ventured deep enough into the Palace and lived to tell the tale of its' existence. This is the village Prison and is divided into "Levels". Levels 9 & 8 are the above-ground portion with serving as the administrative/control and processing portion of the Prison. Levels 7-1 are the actual prison, each uniquely designed to administer punishment based on the types of criminals locked within it (descending levels based on the severity of crime/criminal). If a tenth level, Level 0 existed, it would be found under all of this hell.