As Wind Country exited the time known as the "Chaos Era", it was rumored that many within the Journeyman Order set out to establish a forge the likes of which no one had seen before. This area became known as 'Hammerfall'. What was unbeknownst to anyone, except the most skilled Oracles of the time, was that 'Hammerfall' was merely a guise for what was actually taking root within the Southwest portion of Wind Country. Joined by clans of the First Men who did not join the Sunahoshi in cultivating Sunagakure no Sato, become nomadic, or settled in Sora, along with a sect within the Ranger Order, these humans were preparing for the future. Setting up camp in the old headquarter of Primus and the original rebellion, these First Men and the Journeyman Order began building not only a city, not only a forge but a bastion for hope when needed. Their creation would be named after the first name Primus was given while enslaved by the Ancients: Titan. Titan has laid untouched and unnoticed, miraculously, for almost three centuries. Since the Great Quake, beacons of chakra induced light seems to glow from within this walled-off establishment, but does anything actually live within this location? This ancient city that appears to be designed from the future is a testament to the might the Journeyman Order once held. But what is its purpose? Why has it just now being noticed? What secrets does this location hold?