A Hexed Tattoo and Bedeviled Sword

Nanjirou Daenerisu

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Jul 6, 2018
Adjusting to life as a kunoichi of Kumogakure had kept Danii busy lately with missions and training and reports. She had barely even seen Maikeru or Reicheru lately, but she knew they were busy with their own duties and… personal issues they had to work out. In fact, it It had been awhile since Danii had trained with Maikeru, so she left a letter for him a couple days ago to meet her in the Ancient Forest. She had a couple of new tricks she wanted to master and felt that it would be safest to practice where they could get some privacy and not risk hurting someone. The letter should have given enough information to Maikeru on where to meet her, but just in case she left little signs on her walk that should clearly point him in the right direction.

In a small clearing, a young kunoichi sat cross-legged with a sword in her lap. Her usual bright clothes were replaced by a simple white tank top and black leggings. Her armor and bright green sweater hung off a nearby limb along with the harness carrying her scrolls, pouch, and sheath. She seemed to be intently studying the sword. The right hand with the tattoo on the back of the palm laid over the blade. Her left hand rested on the hilt just below the skull guard. She seemed to be tightly clutching something small in her balled up fist. Her gaze seemed to alternate between her left hand, down the sword to her right hand, and then back over to the sword before repeating the cycle. Eventually, she closed her eyes and mouthed something silently to somebody. She spent the rest of the time meditating and carrying on her silent conversation while she waited on Maikeru to arrive.

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Jul 1, 2018
It wasn't often that Danni left notes for him, and it was even less often that he was too busy to respond immediately. This time, however, it seemed fate had different plans for the childhood friends. It was several days before Maikeru could schedule some time to meet with Danerisu, what with all of his duties in the monster hunter division and all the missing nin that seemed to be making their way into the village as of late. It was almost like an epidemic. Either way, with Red Queen strapped to his back Maikeru walked through the Ancient Forest towards the meeting spot that Danni had set up for the two of them.

"Yo, short stuff." He called out to his friend, waving his left arm once towards her. "Have you gotten taller?"

He gave her a small smile, paying absolutely no mind to the very radical changes he had gone through in the last few months. Resting his remaining on his hip, he tilted his stance, adjusting his eyebrows as if he was intensely studying his long time friend. Finally, he let out a sigh, shaking his head.

"Nope, I got nothing." He finally said, continuing to shake his head. "You didn't call me here to work on your blade, so what's up? Finally find a boy to steal the cold, cold heart of yours?"