A long time coming [Learning Fiero/ Learning Vulkan]

Chigokai Yukio

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May 7, 2017
Yukio sat in the Konaha library looking through book after book of the Languages of fire country, repeating phrases and words in his mind while looking through the ANBU's cypher codes realising it was probably a better idea to have learned these at an earlier date. Chinatsu hung over his shoulder the most disapproving look the Sennin had seen to date. "How do you not know all this already, it's not like its not your homelands language or anything, not as if it could have been useful what so ever but hey what do I know I'm just a floating head as far as we are concerned."

Though he didn't appreciate the sarcasm, to say the least, the man could not help but agree with his companion's statement this is most likely something he should have done a long time ago scattered notes in front of him as he continued to link word to word. Fiero was easy enough the words came to his mind rather quickly and make sense in little time, Vulkan, on the other hand, was a different matter entirely the complex series of translations taking some time to fix up. "Yes I understand what you are saying however such needless comments are not required under the circumstances, there just never seemed to be any point in learning it."

He spoke a few phrases aloud from the notes he had made getting the pronunciation correct being a rather simple matter once the writing was sorted with Vulcan being based on Fiero in the first place once a certain level of understanding was reached of the written language the speaking side of things became a much easier endeavour. Though he would have enjoyed some peace and quiet Chinatsu would let him have neither leaning in every so often to whisper to the man. "You pronounced that wrong, needs to roll of the tongue a bit more. You're from fire country, this is a tad embarrassing."

What met the being was not a spoken response but a rather large book to his face the black mass splatting against the front like a child's painting and shortly after a slight grumble. "Yeah yeah, Be quiet your learning I get it." With peace restored via book to the face it would take several hours of writing, understanding and pronouncing before the man could be content that what he was saying was the correct way to say to moving to speak to the librarian from time to time to ensure he was speaking fluently and in a manner those who also spoke the language could understand.

Slumping back into the chair the man felt tired to say the least, looking out the window to see the sun was already going down his expression became, somehow, more neutral turning to his companion with a slight glare as the being chuckled. "Not my fault your all about fighting and know nothing of culture." It was tempting to throw another book at him however he did not wish to disrespect the books that would teach future generations the same thing he had just learned.

Rising from the chair the Uchiha did not stop making notes, something of a phrase book just in case he needed it though as far as he was concerned there would most likely be no need to do so. Placing each book back where it belonged the man gave a slight nod a deep exhale leaving his lungs as he exited the library. "Well, that took you long enough didn't it looks like i was right you should have learned it soon-" The slapping sound that echoed down the hall would be the last thing anyone heard as he left, content with what he had learned.

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