A New Junpei (Exiting Country)

Oshiro Junpei

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Jul 29, 2018
The Sun was shining brightly in the sky. Junpei took a moment to catch his breath. He made it. Looking around he was surprised at how much bluer the sky seemed, and how much greener the grass was. There wasn’t much time to stop and smell the roses right now. He needed a plan. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now as he hadn’t really thought he would actually get this far!

His mind raced with possibilities with his new-found freedom. It didn’t take long though for him to realize he really had no idea where he was even going. He had a basic understanding of the general locations of each country, but the map is not the territory and that was very clear now.

Junpei closed his eyes for a moment, when a sudden realization hit him like a bolt of lightning; he needed to get new clothing as soon as possible. Surely the village would realize he was missing soon enough and would be after him. He needed a disguise.

It didn’t take long for him to come across a small town in the country. It was oddly quiet, almost like a ghost town. There was a small clothing shop though that Junpei was pleased to see had a rather wide variety of clothing. He was surprised how big the shop seemed inside compared to the outside. There was racks of clothing smushed together tightly to fit as much as they could.

He took his time shopping. He needed to come up with an entirely new look now, and the possibilities were a little overwhelming. There were so many different styles, and textures, and colors! it was unbelievable!

After mulling it over for some time the boy finally reached a decision. He felt emboldened as he quickly went and changed his plain dark colored shirt and shorts for a more colorful and dynamic style that complimented his new confidence.

He looked in the mirror and smiled. His parents never would have let him wear something like this before. The realization that he could do whatever he wanted, and that he had nobody to answer to, was a little scary but it was mostly thrilling.

Junpei paid the cashier for his clothing and a small leather backpack and left. He continued out of the village and on his way. He was still wasn’t fully sure what his plan was at the moment, but he had a lot of time to figure it out.

[Exiting Fire Country and Entering Lightning Country]
[Run Time – 1 Hour]


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Oct 5, 2017
There was a figure... humming to itself. Although the humming wasn't hearable for anyone as it was done inside the head of the figure itself. A mask was in front of where the face was supposed to be, a rather odd figure as it held a cloak around itself. Inside these clothing, there was a medium height, 15-year-old girl hiding. Sitting dead still in the surrounding she kept everything in the watch like a hawk. She was leaning with her chin in the palm of her own hand, the elbow resting on her lap. She was rather bored if someone did finally notice her... But she had made a bet with herself...
'I bet I cannot sit still for so long..'
'I bet I cannot sit still till someone notices me...'
'I bet... I am going to cramps..'
These were many bets that she had made and went through her head. Eventually, she had made a bet with herself. Hand seals were made as she wanted to move more around... She used a handseal for an active camo, not used by many ANBU anymore. She remembered her training loud and clear on that... It was a stealth technique taught to her, it cloaks her chakra and prevented her to make any background noises, such as footsteps, breaking twigs or even the fluttering of her clothing... Not to mention, she completely blended in with the environment, she matched her surroundings completely.
She noticed something... however rather odd... something that caught her attention and started to walk and jump around to get a closer look... She smirked behind the mask...'This will really be fun...' were thoughts crossing her head... and with that... she tried to step in front. "And... what do you think you are going to do, bingo -book boy?"

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