A Peaceful Day for a Peaceful Fight[Private!][DM to Enter!]

Himura Kumonosuke

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Apr 19, 2018
A jab,a roundhouse kick and a few hooks,that was the few movements that can be seen performed by a boy with a dog beside him in Kitsune Park,a boy practicing some basic taijutsu move to warm himself up to perform some more,powerful and complicated taijutsu moves.

"With these fast movements,i doubt my opponent would be able to resist these quick flurries".

Kira said to himself continuing to perform multilple blows against the unbeatable wind,his dog watching him as he did so,but he came to a halt as he realized,he was not fighting a real person but the wind that does not fight back nor defend itself against his attacks,this made him sit down and rub his chin.

"If the wind can't confirm my assurance in fighting...then i should spar with someone to confirm i am right! But if not...then i should go better the blows i give out".

Kira said to his dog that was beside him,which looked at him for a moment as he listened to what Kira is saying and then nodding to him to then agree on what he said at it was pretty simple,and right.

The only problem now,is finding someone to spar with to test out his skills in unarmed taijutsu,but who? There's almost no one here of the same age,who would agree in sparring with him,for some reason and because of that,he looks around the park,looking for the person with the level the same as him that will agree on sparring with him so that he can test out his ability and to confirm he's as strong as he think he is.

"Hmmmmm...i'm getting bored just looking around finding some to fight with,maybe when i start searching around maybe i'll find the person i need".

Kira said to Katsu again and then stood up and said to his dog.

"Stand those four legs up,we're going hunting for a sparring partner".

Kira commands him lazy dog as he saw that it was enjoying it's rest a bit too much,now that the dog has stood up,then start walking around "hunting" for a sparring partner.