A Rude Awakening

Tsukasa Mikasa

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Aug 24, 2012

Veils of sunlight would begin to grace against the flesh of the raven hair shinobi, causing his eyelids to flutter momentarily. Only that of a simple sigh would spew outwards from purse lips and near moments after the back of his palm lingers upwards to rest against his gaze. Muffled groans would surface, only to indicate the amount effort to rise himself was quite painful. “I keep awakening to these nightmares that will never end.” a momentary pause, “Am I the main attraction to some twisted master plan?”

In reality of course the male wasn’t, not at all. Within the confines of his mind? Of course.

Reluctantly the male would rise upon his feet, hands beginning to dust his clothing off in various locations. The inner sanctum was nothing short of sorrel, tranquility at its finest. To further indicate his opinion would his sky blue gaze wander upwards to greet the faceless angelic statue, the skylight raining down about her. “Your smile is being wasted upon a soul such as mine.” he comments dully.

With great care do his digits begin to course through his vibrant mane, ruffling the upper sections to give a bit more character about himself. For a brief moment he found it odd that his company was lacking, but the others would soon awaken, if not within the same interval as himself. Perhaps deep down he sought the company of the others? Surely not.

Within that moment would his own inquires surface in the form of silhouettes flickering into existence within the shadows cast by the light.

|| Spoken Text || Spoken Text || Spoken Text || Spoken Text ||

“Did you sleep well, Raven-chii?” the first calls out; however before he could reply another would feel the need to retort, “Sleeping as usual, huh?”</COLOR><i></i> Thus the vicious cycle of chiming would continue, “Did you think your sins would be forgiven if you slept for the rest of your life?”

A pause, tension was beginning to rise. “Woah, woah, woah! Relax, we all just woke up.”<i></i> another pause as his hands would rise up about him, “Sheesh.. such a kill joy.”<i></i> "What was tha-"

With a mere wave of his hand would the entourage be interrupted and forced to settle for a mere moment, “Let us take our leave.” he mutters. <COLOR color="crimson">"Yeah, ya kill joy!"<i></i> would his other blurt.

At times, the silence never seemed to last long enough.

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