Private [A] [SMSM] Deaf to All but the Song Pt 1

Dec 25, 2012
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Ginyama Senshiro--an ANBU operative with the call sign 'Vigil'--paced about the observation area adjacent to one of the Sileo Tempestas's many interrogation rooms. While his simplistic owl-shaped mask and the form-fitting coif that it was attached to concealed his legal identity, they did little to hide his anticipation for the impending interview. After just one or two minutes, the sharply dressed man went over to a nearby desk and picked up a thin stack of papers with whatever intelligence his peers had managed to find on the potential informant. Once he reviewed every little detail, he returned the papers to the desk before he began pacing again.

This cyclical routine of waiting continued for several minutes until the sound of a door opening from beyond the one-way window caused him to pause. Two other operatives had just escorted a man into the adjoining interrogation room and were now leaving. Once the door was shut, the man began pacing much like Vigil had been earlier, though he was certainly more relaxed as he rested the back of his head on the palms of his hands. Despite the standard-issue garb that the Tarterian Specus provided the incarcerated, the ANBU took note of the lack of any chakra inhibiting collar around this man's neck as well as the smug expression spread across his face--for someone with no noteworthy affinity for jutsu of any kind, he seemed pretty confident that Kumogakure would accept his demands.

As the criminal stopped to face the mirrored-side of the one-way window and smirked towards his interrogator, Vigil nodded with a sigh before heading out of the observation area and towards the interrogation room, passing the two ANBU from before on his way.

"He's in for a rude awakening."

The ANBU opened the door and shut it behind him, causing the informant to turn towards him and smile.

"About damn time you showed up, bird brain," he taunted him, his words overflowing with arrogance. "I take it you're here to officially pardon my sentence, right?"

"I'm afraid not," Vigil wasted no time or emotion in entertaining the man as he motioned towards one of the two empty chairs. "Have a seat, please."

The man chuckled as he pretended to check his fingernails. "Maybe they didn't tell you, but I'm your ticket to stopping the embezzlement operation in the Susukino District. And this ticket ain't cheap."

"Have a seat, or I will make you have a seat," Vigil promised his informant, seemingly undaunted by the unwarranted amount of pride this man had.

As expected, the man simply laughed, only to be met with a paralyzing glare that prevented any and all voluntary gross motor movement. "What the hell do you think you are doing?!" he asked as the ANBU picked up the chair he had motioned to from before and set it against the wall behind the man. "Trying to piss away good information?!"

Vigil responded to the man's foolish bravado with a swift kick to his chest, sending him stumbling back into the chair. Before he could fully process what had happened and stand back up, the ANBU had once again immobilized the man with the same binding technique from before.

"I advise you to comply for the remainder of this interrogation, Sasaki Ichiro," he bluntly stated as he sat down in the other vacant chair himself. "Otherwise, every instance where you fail to comply will extend the duration of your sentence."

"You're just asking for a formal lawsuit, you know that, right?" Ichiro bluffed pathetically as his once massive ego had been literally kicked out of him. "I ain't telling y'all shit now!"

"We'll see about that," Vigil responded cryptically as he leaned forward with his elbows on the lone table in the room. "For someone who is only guilty of petty misdemeanors, you are certainly testing our patience. Now then, what can you tell me about this operation?"

The man spat towards the ANBU. "Ask again later, asshole."

"May I remind you what happens whenever you fail to comply?"

"Go ahead; keep digging yourself deeper."

Vigil simply sighed as he stood up, walked over to Ichiro, and slapped him in the back of the head, sending a surge of chakra into the man's skull to help accommodate the interrogation process.

"You're up to two years; that's pretty bad when you were only sentenced to six months originally."

"What good do you think slapping me in the head will do? I still ain't telling you anything until I get my sentence pardoned entirely."

"About that; the report for your arrest mentioned that you were forging legally binding documents to help cover up the fact you were operating as a vendor without the appropriate certifications and licenses."

"What of it?"

"Out of every business that has had money stolen from them, yours is the only one to not have suffered any loss. That, and the lack of assets you had on you upon your arrest suggest that you were privy to this operation, and that they were extorting you for protection money."

Ichiro's eyes widened. "Y-you got it all wrong! I'm just as much a victim as the others."

"That may be, but until you tell me exactly who is involved, you're an accomplice by association."

The two of them sat in silence for a several seconds before Ichiro sighed. "I don't know who all of them are, but the guy that was roughing me up for the money is a bouncer at one of the Tiger's Den in the Sordid Avenue; Godo, I think."

Vigil nodded and stood up. "Thank you for your cooperation; I will be sure to put in a good word for reducing your sentence."

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