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Oct 22, 2012
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It was late. It was dark. Tas walked side by side with his ghost child, Kokoro. It wasn't actually Kokoro. No, this was some random dead body, stuffed with Kokoro's soul and mutated to mimic her appearance. She was a physical manifestation of Tas' guilt, holding onto him to add weight to his everyday life. Of course the dark sage had full control of the jutsu keeping her form there, but he felt like he needed this. He needed to see her face and hold her hand. He needed to remember what happened because of him. He looked into her eyes, the same color as his on both sides now. This creation had Koko's soul, but it was not the same girl that began to give him hope on his path to self destruction.

"Handy, look I'm flying!" The Koko zombie spoke, her body planking the top of a wooden crate on the side of the road.

"Looks good, hun!" A few hands came out of Tas' cloak and gave her several, well-deserved thumbsup. More than anything, Koko was just an excuse for Tas to talk to himself without drawing too much attention to himself. Only those that could see between the physical and spiritual worlds, as Tas used to, would be able to tell anything was amiss with the little girl. Tas controlled her and she acted like a child. Tas controlled her and he already acts like a child. It was the perfect plan.

Koko gets off the crate when the shop owner comes at her with a broom. Tas had half a mind to bite his head off, but instead he laughed and grabbed Koko's hand. The two of them ran off past just a few shops before they began to walk at a standard pace again. Tas looked over his shoulder and Koko's. Then they looked at each other and snickered together. The two stopped the grab a snack at one of the vendors, even though Koko can't actually eat and is just filling up the stomach of some random dead guy. The two peer around at the shops waiting for something, or someone, interesting to come along.
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