Adrenal Stimulant

Ninpocho Admin

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Jan 15, 2013
Adrenal Stimulant
An injection used for dire circumstances, stimulating the body's life-or-death responses and flooding the user with temporary, but heightened endurance during times of peril.

Type: Consumable, Tool
Uses: 2
- If taken within a round of suffering damage from a Critical Hit, the target will gain temporary HP equal to the additional critical damage (in comparison to its standard, non critical damage). This HP is reduced before the target's normal HP, and only lasts for a round and a half (15 seconds) before dispersing. Cannot gain Temporary HP from the same attack multiple times.
- If the target uses this item again while still under the effects of a previous usage, they do not gain Temp HP. Instead, their current temporary HP becomes normal HP.
- Example; if an attack normally deals 4000 damage normally and rolls a critical hit with an x2.25 modifier to deal 9000 damage, the user would gain 5000 temporary HP upon using this item.