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Feb 1, 2013
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The Lunar festival was underway, the streets of Konoha had changed for the event, they had been decorated and the loud hustle and bustle around everyone was something that had been lost for a while inside the Village hidden in the Leaves. The famous commercial district had been changed, with the lines of food shops that had been open showing a true wonder of the village. It seemed that the smells of ramen, steamed dumplings and even the smell of chicken been fried on pop up stalls that had come to the district itself.

The Red Oak Street itself had lanterns hanging all down the street, illuminating the stalls from day to night. Banners flying across the sides of the buildings and pop up stalls to take money for a variety of food, including new shops selling fried chicken, grilled fish. While the bars had signs hanging from the doors with offers for drink for those that would come inside. The life of trade inside of the village the oak district also offered all you can eat food bars it was truly a place for those to come and spend their hard-earned yen on meals that could only be found during the festival.

While the noise could be heard from the Red Oak district, the White Oak street offered a quieter and more relaxing setting for couples that came to Konoha to enjoy, this street the smell of freshly cut flowers lingered in the air from the shops that had bunches to be placed on display. Small private booths at tea shops offered romantic settings for lovebirds, and finally to top it all was the hot springs, for that perfect relaxing dip at the end of the day, again the banners and lanterns above the heads of those that walked, filling the street with decorations to celebrate this time of year.

The additions from the carnival that had been set up where clear, with stalls offering games for those that wanted to play, knock the cups down with balls, throw the hoop over the rod, some would win cuddly toys but all of it was down to those that participated. With a wide selection of winnings on offer, it was the perfect day to socialize and enjoy the time that you spent around others. The shouting out and bartering for people to play games like traditional would be shown by those that decided to strike up a conversation. Though the grown jewel was a stand that seemed to gather a lot of attention.

It was a simple it was a barrel that held thousands of tickets inside of it. Some had nothing on, but others had little rewards for those that where brave enough to try their luck to see if they would win a prize. It was a onetime opportunity there was no second chance and you will have to pray that lady luck would be on your side for that moment. The crowd around this stall showed how popular it was with everyone inside of the village, as the citizens queued up for there shot at the prospect of rewards.

For all those that want to try their luck the rules are simple:

- You must state at the bottom of your post that you are doing the following [Trying my Luck]
- Your post must hit the rule requirements for any posts
- Have fun and enjoy yourselves

Once this has been done, one of the Leaf village council members will notify you of your result, but most importantly remember to have fun and enjoy yourself for the Lunar Festival.


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Oct 23, 2012
More confusion. Somehow, I had managed to stumble into another part of the village that was quite busy. It seemed the main attraction in this part was a barrel that required absolutely no skills and all the luck in the world to win a prize. Seeing as people had talked me into doing the fish capturing contest in the other part of the village, this seemed like another opportunity to take a break and allow my poor head to stop hurting from the headache that was developing.

As I did before, I simply did what was asked of me and would await the results of how I did. Even if I had managed to win something, I would likely forget what it was within moments of being told as I had more pressing matters to attend to like how I managed to get to this country after collapsing in Earth Country. Something certainly strange had happened to me, but I could not explain it right now and this was troubling. It did not help matters that I had developed an irritating headache likely from all the noise and annoyances around me, but I would just have to suck it up for now and keep pushing forward as I was sure something would help me figure out what was going on.

Still, I had to continue to push forward and that is what I attempted to do while holding my head due to the pain. Hopefully, this pain would go away much sooner than later and I could start to truly piece things together and not lose my sanity.OOC:
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May 6, 2015
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The village hidden in the Leaves was a strange place. Everything was so much more vibrant here than in Sand that it almost scorched the eyes. Not to mention all the strange smells, particularly floral scents and pollen particulates that wafted through the clean air mostly ignored by the denizens of village. Riyota felt out of place. The sense of style here was completely different than his home, and although it was a sunny day outside he still felt every slight chill in the air due to there not being the ever present, oppressive heat of the sun on him.

Whilst walking the unfamiliar streets he came across what he could only assume to be some sort of game, mainly as it was present amongst other stalls clearly demonstrating carnival games presumably tied to the recently started Lunar festival. He approached cautiously, looking left and right just in case for any reason he wasn't actually supposed to be here. From what he could gather the premise seemed simple enough. Reach into the barrel and grab a ticket.

He smiled slightly as he saw this as an opportunity to hopefully calm his nerves a tad by participating in something quick and harmless. Moving closer to the barrel he simply took the ticket furthest on top of the pile as to not disturb the papers and make a mess. Or worse be accused of cheating.

His ticket drawn he quickly lifted it up to take a look and see whether or not he had won something.

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Apr 25, 2017
She can't seriously be THIS unlucky can she? She can chock-up the Fish game to bad or rigged equipment. However, she now had to rely on probability and luck. There was almost no way for these people to rig a wheel holding balls of different color, right? Nozomi Kozue blinked at the sight of the barrel holding tickets. She paused for a moment and looked around, questioning why she came here. She had never seen this game before and the probability of there being absolutely no prize in the entire barrel started to formulate in her brain. She was already a bit annoyed at the fish scooping, but now that she looked at the large barrel with the tickets in it, she didn't feel very confident about leaving this place with even a consolation prize. Even winning a bowl of soup would be nice, especially in the increasingly cold weather. She watched the same blonde woman from earlier leave as well as another man she had yet to see before. From the looks of it, the blonde had some pretty crummy luck.

With a deep sigh, audibly annoyed, she approached the barrel. At least the silver-lining in her annoyance was that she wasn't worrying about the lingering sadness from the Floating Lanterns. It was a blessing within a curse so it wasn't THAT unnerving. The annoyance is only mild and temporary, but it did it's job by getting her mind off of more depressing matters. Nozomi Kozue rolled up the sleeves upon her kimono and reached into the barrel, digging deep. A dull thud could be heard as her revolver, that she had holstered just below her breast, collided with the barrel. She turned to look around, hoping nobody noticed the noise before digging around for just the right ticket. She felt every surface to see if she felt something different. Maybe one of these tickets were surfaced differently, giving her tactile senses the ability to win her the day.

With a forced pull, she pulled a single ticket out of the barrel and held it high into the air!

[Trying My Luck]


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Oct 5, 2017
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She wasn't doing much on a time... and she was figuring lots of things inside life right now. "Hmm... I wonder..." She looked towards the stand a little further ahead, some people left as an angry pea or and others just stuck around. Some were shouting in happiness others were shouting that it was rigged. A strange, a really strange day it was today. First she went fishing and now she had this to do. "Hmm... Alright.." She would mutter to herself and inch closer and closer till the moment she would be close enough to see what this was going on about. "Alright... let's do this then." She would smile towards herself and grab a ticket. She was turning it over and some letters seemed to be on them ."Lucky... ticket..." She muttered those words as a soft whisper. Slowly she would wait till her ticket would be called to see if she was indeed lucky or unlucky.
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Oct 22, 2012
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Hoshirei found herself wondering around through the crowds once again. She had tried to catch a goldfish and had somehow been unable to catch one, that fact annoyed her more than she would care to acknowledge. Hoshirei had also sent up a floating lantern with her hopes for the future while honoring her past. It was almost in a daze that she had moved into another part of the village, ignoring the ghosts for once in a great while. A few of them huffed and floated off when they noticed that she was not up to a chat.

Ever since she was small, one of her favorite things to do was wander off in a direction within the village and see what she could find. Her wanderings brought her to a spot that felt oddly familiar. The feeling was not quite deja vu, perhaps it was nostalgia? A small memory presented itself of her mother taking her to a small shrine for New Years and drawing a fortune from the wall.

With a smile on her face, Hoshirei moved forward until she could pull a ticket from the wall. It wasn't an easy choice, but she went with her initial reaction to grab one just above her head and to the right. Perhaps she would have better luck with this than she had with the goldfish, she certainly hoped so, though she would not be heart broken if she did not get lucky this time. After all, it was not a game of skill at all, but one of utter luck.
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