B-rank Solo Self-modded Mission: Home Visit Part 4: Escort Mission


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Mar 19, 2016
Kiri and Old Matsumoto walked along the mountain pass in silence. To say that the latter was an old man would be an understatement. He, was, in fact quite young and fierce. And if he were to describe himself, he would heartily laugh it off and say that he was as strong as any other young shinobi nowadays. It showed with the way the old man would easily climb along the mountain pass with ease. Kiri could determine if the latter was forcing it, hiding it in sheer bravado, but he was not. In fact, it seemed quite childish for him to trek this much. And Kiri couldn’t help but think that Matsumoto-san was even more capable than the others in the village.

Their journey up along the mountain pass seemed rather uneventful in the beginning. Small conversations were exchanged between the two, mostly about Kiri’s specialisation in the medical field. Matsumoto-san was very keen to hear about the new techniques and brush-ups that were being offered to the younger generation. While he was updated with everything, he always found it fascinating to see what was it about the medical branch that could be enticing for the youth. After all, when most of the children in Kumogakure rather hotblooded and quick-tempered, one might think they would forgo the medical branch in lieu of the more exciting and blood-boiling dangerous missions that other branches could offer.

Oh but that was a very bad interpretation of the course of things. Matsumoto-san and Kiri knew fully well that the Medical Branch has its own fair share of dangers, responsibilities a plenty, and high-strung tension. For starters, the recent missions that Kiri has been dispatched with were rather exciting to say the least. He mentioned he had to infiltrate a bandit’s lair just to retrieve the lost documents that was taken from an ambushed courier. And now, this. He would have to escort and make sure that Matsumoto-san would safely arrive at the monastery. And while he was confident that the old man would reach it without much of a trouble, he did worry if the latter were to have left on his own. Those bandits could very well outnumber him.

And almost as if on cue, there was a sudden loud crackling sound. Kiri looked up and instantly caught sight of the falling debris. He would pull on Matsumoto-san’s arm and drag him away, just in time before a landslide of boulders would come running at where they were earlier.

“A trap?” asked Matsumoto-san, showing his veteran ways as he quickly pulled out a kunai from his pouch and standing in alarm.

“Looks like it,” said Kiri as another crackling sound would echo and up ahead the path would be blocked by boulders. Just then, multiple presence would be felt along the top, surrounding them. And glancing, one would see many shadows, their silhouettes in contrast with the glaring sun high above.

Without further ado, a demand was called from the supposed leader of the group. To leave behind all valuables, particularly of the medicine bag that old Matsumoto was carrying. At that point, Kiri would not allow the other finish his demands. Eyes locking into each other and both Kiri and Matsumoto-san understood that they were to interfere.

Instantly, Kiri would burst out with his demonic aura and with a loud roar, uproots the bandits on the cliff. Others who were unsteady began tumbling down, while others were quick to hold onto the surface and be still. At that point, Kiri would envelop himself with another kind of chakra, seemingly coating his entire being with a power that defies the law of gravity, making his entire body feel weightless. Instantly, he would dash his way towards the cliffside and scale the wall without problem. He would take them on without a second thought, drawing his uchigatana and cutting through their offenses.

At one point, however, just as the bandits lost their morale and were beginning to retreat, one of them threw a bomb. The explosion shook the ground and Kiri found himself having to stop the pursuit and go back to find Matsumoto-san. Through the thick dust and smoke, he would call out to the old man, hoping he would be heard. When he finally finds the latter, he was angry at the sight. Matsumoto-san was wounded, a rock having fallen on his leg.

“Don’t worry, this is just a minor sprain,” the old man would tell Kiri as they removed the rock after everything settled and Kiri could see that the shinguard that the latter was wearing was able to save him. Still, he could already see a bruising was forming.

“It doesn’t matter. I was supposed to keep an eye on you. I’m sorry. Please, let me heal it,” said Kiri and despite the latter’s refusal, Kiri insisted. He would carefully place his hand over the bruise and begin to gather his chakra. First, he would infuse enough energy to stop the inflammation of any tissue inside, and then he would apply another layer of a chakra treatment. Matsumoto-san would have to take off the shinguard for now as Kiri would apply some bandages. “I’ll carry your bag for you. We should get moving soon so you could at least rest when we get there.”

“My, you’re a rather a bossy, mednin. Hahaha. Oh well, I guess I must also take care. I’m not getting any younger after all. Well then, I’m in your care,” said Matsumoto-san as he relinquished his bag to Kiri and allowed the other to carry it. He would then use a walking stick along the way.

Before night, they would reach the foot of the monastery where some guide monks await them.

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