Bandit of Deo [SSMM]

Yamamoto Airi

Dec 14, 2018
Sileo Tempestas…

It was a place that she still even after a little over three months had not gotten used to. While it was lavish in some ways most of that was not allowed for the trainees. Only mempo and up really got to enjoy anything. Trainees were only allowed out every so often and while Airi felt she got the chance to meet people the daily life was usually full of training. It all started with a blank mask and a whole month of strict discipline training. Their old names became their decoy names…while here they were given a number. The name came with the mask and as such unless they fully graduated into the lifestyle they were nothing. As such Airi trained diligently every day. Following orders to a T. It was the only way. Some shinobi talked back and they were removed very quickly. Obedience to law and order and the Raikage were the fundamentals of her training. Considering the Anbu were literally the right hand of Lord Raikage they needed to make sure everyone in here was in it for the long run. She more recently decided she wanted to be Raikage guard. He did so many great things for the village that if small average Airi could contribute even a small bit she would be happy.

“Nineteen please come forward…” Airi proceeded through the waiting room and into the office. It was blank much like she felt everywhere the trainees were allowed to go. Her name nineteen…well she figured they were numbered but the numbers came from a weird system she did not understand. As she sat down she saw only masks and dark cloaks. Size and voice were the only features that changed between people. At first in unnerved her but she had grown to see that even a village full of special snowflakes needed to get over themselves to work together. “Nineteen…you mission is to head out into the outer village zone of Monumentum Deo. There you will head to the monastery of Raiden. According to our reports a group of bandits have been raiding and then vanishing into the sea. We desire that you discover them and remove them from ever being able to do this again. We would like to discover their methods so capture is preferred but…a successful mission is their removal not their knowledge. Do you understand?”

Airi was nervous…she had never killed a thinking thing before. Which is probably why as a trainee she was being put through this. Time to bite the bullet and make sure they would not freeze up on something important. Airi nodded and gave a firm, “Yes!” The hooded figure slide a scroll over there. “Transportation will not be provided, you will manage on your own. We expect success. Go.” Airi grabbed the scroll and quickly left the office. As she made her way she noticed a person with a full mask walk up and shatter a faceless ones mask on the ground. It was a swift and efficient way of letting you know you failed. She had made it so far but thoughts…kept entering her mind. Standing outside the Sileo she placed her hands on her head as the words came over her…more and more frequently they kept coming… “I'm not sure which is more deficient; your morality or intelligence, but neither must have been tested in your exam, I'm sure." “Might I not also include a poor grasp of strategy to that list? How about insubordination?” "And since we've established that you're clearly not fit to be a Genin” As she continued to walk she was thankful for the mask…no one would see her face. What was she supposed to do other than work hard and learn? She was thirteen…what were they expecting? What did he really think? Was he always so perfect? Probably not…better man angry at his own situation. The jerk…Airi took a breath and settled herself. Between her faith…and now what little confidence she had…that with the hard training…she was cracking. If she broke she was out. She needed to hold herself together. Just hit Mempo…once she got there she could maybe go see counseling or maybe something along those lines.


Airi really did love trains. Still wearing her mask but cocked a bit so part of her face was showing she felt the wind move past her as she made her may. She snuck onto the vessel and was now just trying to keep warm. Honestly the cloaks were solidly crafted to allow breathability but also keep heat in. She figured it must be something chakra based.

As she looked at the scroll she noticed that it did officially go to her name. Irie Airi was currently on a B-rank missions to the outer village zones. Despite her Genin level she is believed to possess the ability to handle this specific mission. Airi sighed and rolled it back up. B-ranks were the first real ranks that had a chances of fatality. D and C ranks always seemed to be small. C-ranks seemed to have some but in reality Airi felt like only a fool would pass away on one of those. You had to be careless or overconfident.

By the time the train arrived in the morning she would get off and begin the hike over the monastery. Airi herself was really excited to go there. Maybe it would re-inspire her faith. She could certainly use a high power to look up to for this one. As she felt the shiver come over her she wrapped her blanket up more and curled up behind on of the trains opening sections. At least the wind would be less of an annoyance and maybe she could get some sleep.


Getting to the monastery was actually quite fun for her. Almost no normal people could make it. It took those who were chakra sensitive. As she scaled the mountain she was hard-pressed climbing sometimes, to then taking a normal goat trail. This of course allowed her to pass through the Nimbus Springs which she thought was gorgeous. She came during the night and looking down at with all the stars…she was amazed. Something that really caught her eyes was seeing different animals actually getting warm in them. She decided to keep the cloak but since it was her name she kept her mask off. She was excited to meet with the priests and really learn about how they follow him. Maybe…just maybe these people will really be able to give her the answers she sought…

As Airi found herself speaking the different nuns and chakra attuned they were more than happy to share their beliefs. The only issue was as excited as she was when she first got there…nothing they said really struck home with her. Anything she asked was refuted or mentioned as a miss-telling of something. She thought that maybe it was Kanagawa-san’s talk with her that really made her wonder what the truths were but she just…felt like this was not the correct thought process. There was no one here to teach her abilities, no explanations for why she had it, her holy weapon was still a mystery. Some even mentioned that maybe her raw faith had turned her weapon and not the other way around. She could not believe it…and as such eventually she broke away. Finding nothing in salvation here for her worries she decided to get down to business.


Most bandits had scouts and as such Airi was trained enough that she could use what little Genjutsu she knew to keep herself disguised. Her crystal eyes jutsu would be her eyes. As she waited until late in the night she finally caught someone. A persona scrounging about in the darkness. Airi did not move as the person seemed to be gauging something. She overheard him briefly state, “Hehe…still no signs of any guards. Easy pickings yet again.” With that he started to scurry off into the darkness but not without a second shadow accompanying him.

When he got to the cliff face he seemed to rummage about with something and then he just jumped off. Airi knew that without any sort of means of tracking him through the air she needed to poke her head off as well. As she watched the man fall eventually some contraption appeared on his back. It seemed to allow him to glide through the air. Airi watched and then moved the crystal eye to eventually find a cave that looked…rather unnatural in the side of the cliff face. “Well I’ll be..” Airi had to admit that she was quite impressed with the whole ordeal. She decided to write a quick message and get it over to the monastery. They had a few monks who were able to fight and if worse came to worse she wanted them to know where she was. She wished she had more confidence but…she just hand no idea what she was really up against.

Moving her hands through a few hand seals she figured she could rely on some of her weaker techniques. She used a gust making jutsu and then jumped off. She opened her Parasol and with a little luck and a significant lack of screaming she floated her way over the bandit’s hideout.


Airi learned early on in Anbu training to do two things. Disable then end. One clean strike…never allow for a counter attack. It was no shock that her Genjutsu was the very worst out of all the new trainees. If she had not been so good at Taijutsu and Ninjutsu she figured she would not have been allowed to join. Against other Anbu she never used Genjutsu…however these people were non-chakra sensitives. She could use Mental Infiltration and then with a swift movement clock them over the head with her parasol. Honestly, it had been going really well. She would drag the body away, go deeper, use two genjutsu and then a quick taijutsu and repeat.

She did this all the way up until she made it to the final door. As she opened it she noticed the bandit leader…his weapon in his hand but he was leaning on it, asleep. She almost could not contain her delight. This would be easy, all she needed to do was one quick Genjutsu and then smack him a lot. She would not hold back…as she cast the genjutsu she noticed he seemed to wake up but he looked stunned. She smiled…good. As she moved quietly along the wall she shifted her weight and when she got above him she pounced downward. As she came down though a large arm punched her out of the air.

“Oh no girly…not tonight…” Airi hit the wall hard…she gasped but held it together. “You now face the king of the mountain…no weak techniques can defeat me!” Well that was Airi’s que to just run in and give it her all. As she charged forward she decided to use her million stabs technique. She felt like she appeared before this guy and just unleashed a barrage of attacks. Even he seemed surprised by her sudden speed and ferocity. As she finished the man coughed up blood and looked stunned. He looked like he was about to falter. Now was when she should strike…remove him…she pulled her blade back ready to aim for his head but she hesitated. “Surrender now and you may ker-“

She saw the blade moved so fast…her parasol came up they clashed. “INSOLENT GIRL! YOU THINK YOU CAN CAPTURE ME!” As he pressed his weight into her she thought she saw something on him…and energy so powerful. She started to pour chakra into her weapon. She felt herself at her strength limit but if she gave way she would surly take the blade. As she pressed she prayed for the strength and found herself faltering. Airi thought about how she needed to do this…she needed to push past this limit. Win…Win…Win!

"And since we've established that you're clearly not fit to be a Genin”

She felt her parasol break in half and a searing pain land into her right shoulder. She gasped as the world suddenly grew dark and she landed face first into the ground. She felt a shoe or something kick her upside the head. As her vision blurred she thought she heard something…she could not quite make it out…the only thing she hear was his voice…

“Someday, when you're lying in the dirt, you'll wish you had taken my advice."

After that she passed out…


Her mission had been a success but not in the way she wanted. If not for her natural healing and her weapon syphoning life away till the last second…she would have died. She was lucky to have even kept her right arm. As she now sat in the medical ward of Kumo she awoke…she felt sore everywhere and lights were blinding. As she looked over she gasped seeing someone in a mask…the one who sent her one the mission.

“Nineteen…you were successful in your mission.” Airi felt so confused…how? She had been beaten she hurt so bad…she felt sick. “However…success in this manner is unacceptable. You somehow managed to avoid removal by a thread…but be warned…after you recover…it will only get harder and this will never be allowed again. Figure out why you are here and fight…” As he made his way to the door he said, “Anbu do not accept the pathetic or the weak…”

“Someday, when you're lying in the dirt, you'll wish you had taken my advice."

Airi felt herself crying…not for anything the Anbu said…but for the fact she was still alive…if only her limit could have been broken…her mind gave out first…she was pathetic…

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