Blood of my blood [One Shot]

Kogami Ayumu

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Oct 22, 2012
"Now, as you well know, Kogami-sama, it's been established that we will need a replacement for Shinrya Kahako due to her leave of absence from the village," Higa Sei began, sitting on the other side of a desk from Ayumu whom looked none too pleased to see her. Ayumu heaved a sigh, not bother to hide his discontent.

"Yes, I'm well aware that council has come to that decision," Ayumu shot back, folding his arms over his chest. In truth, it wasn't as though he didn't agree that this was for the best. Kahako was to be gone for some time and it wasn't clear how long that would take. Junko had previously been removed from his position for the same reason- an extended absence from the village. The Medical Branch and the hospital needed a leader to be present in the village. The problem was that Ayumu just didn't like Higa Sei very much. She was a blood relation to his wife Kahako, though Kahako had been adopted by Shinrya Kitsune and taken the clan name. Since that time, the relation between the two women hadn't been ideal, to say the least, and that extended to Ayumu. It seemed no small coincidence to him that she was the one person from the village council that came to discuss Kahako's replacement.

"It is for the good of the branch, as you agreed previously. I've come to inform you that the council has made a decision regarding its pick for her replacement," Hei continued, nonplussed by Ayumu's irritation. Ayumu was, of course, already familiar with the candidates. The obvious choice in his mind was Osuteno, Kahako's own choice for her successor. Normally this choice was honored. At the very least it was considered very carefully. Yet there had been some question on this in the last conversation Ayumu had held with the council.

"As we discussed, there are some... misgivings in the medical branch about Kahako's first pick for her successor. Complaints of nepotism, understandably. Kahako is the... daughter of Shinyra Kitsune. Her proposed successor is also that woman's student. And of course, there's the stigma surrounding that name..." Sei went on, alluding to something they both knew. Sei did not like Kitsune and Ayumu had no doubt that this was a factor, but the stigma she referred to was the fact that Kitsune had been involved in the cover up around the previous Raikage Hayata Shin's assassination before she had blown the whistle about it to Akira Saito. For a long time Ayumu had held this against the woman, but he had since forgiven her.

"Regardless of what happened in the past, Kitsune is a respected member of the Medical Branch. Certainly it should have no bearing on the prospects of her students," Ayumu argued back, knowing he was speaking to a brick wall. The council had made a decision, Sei was just here to deliver the news. Still, he wasn't going to be silent about his displeasure.

"Be that as it may, respected or no, there is still the concern and nepotism and that's not all. Osuteno is still yet young for the position. He also has a sorted history with the village. I needn't remind you that he was once declared a rogue when he was just a trainee, though the status may have been revoked. Nor need I remind you of the time he was missing in action for years, thought dead only to resurface with a wild tale about a Jashinist cult. Nor the questions about his parentage. Some say his father is Jashin himself! The man is barely human, even the Chigoaki look at him as something of a monst-" Sei kept on.

"Enough," Ayumu interrupted her. "We don't need to discuss ridiculous rumors. Osuteno is also a well respected member of the Medical Branch and has been effectively running the hospital for years now. He's a prime candidate, and I suspect he'd make a fine Sennin but I see the point you are trying to make. How a leader is perceived is important," Ayumu continued, begrudgingly accepting her point. He didn't like it, but these rumors, unfair as they might be, were out there. It was enough that it could conceivably cause drama from certain higher ranking individuals in the branch were he to be chosen. Though he was of the mind that this wasn't a large concern, it wasn't just up to him. Sei was annoyed to be interrupted, but placated by the fact that Ayumu had conceded to accept her point.

"That's right. However well he has done or might do as Sennin, those ideas exist in the minds of certain individuals in the branch and could affect his ability to lead them. With that in mind, we do have a candidate that is also respected and lacks the controversy surrounding Osuteno. We spoke about him the last time we discussed this matter," Sei continued, leaning to her side and pulling a folder from her briefcase which she placed on the desk and slid to Ayumu. Ayumu opened it, seeing a familiar face: Inami Koyasu. He was a Medical Chief in the branch whose record was pretty much impeccable. No black spots to be found. He had been a leader in the branch for years. Ayumu had himself met the man a few times and he was likeable. He couldn't really say anything against the man aside from the fact that he wasn't the previous Sennin's first choice.

"Koyasu. Yes, I looked into him since we last spoke," Ayumu replied, acknowledging his familiarity with the candidate. "I take it this would be the council's selection?" Ayumu asked, glancing up from the document to meet Sei's gaze.

"That assumption is correct," Sei replied, not breaking eye contact. She had the support of the council behind her, which gave her confidence, and she was fairly sure she had made their case effectively. Ayumu leaned back in his chair, heaving another sigh as he covered his face with a hand, rubbing his eyes. He knew he couldn't hold his distaste for the situation against Koyasu. The man was certainly qualified and deserved his chance. He'd never struck Ayumu as power hungry or some kind of lunatic like previous Sennins of the branch. Compromise was important, the council existed as a check on the Raikage's power for a reason.

"Fine. I'll sign off on it," Ayumu conceded, moving his hand away and glaring at Sei once more. "Have the official documents drafted and brought to my desk. I'll speak with Koyasu," Ayumu concluded, making mental plans to have a meeting with the chief to be Sennin. Sei, looking pleased, stood from her seat and picked up her briefcase. She gave a polite bow with a smile.

"Of course, Raikage-sama. I will have it to you before the day's end. Good day," she replied, taking her leave and walking out of the door content to have gotten the result the council was seeking. Ayumu, meanwhile sighed and began to look over his schedule to see when he could fit in a talk with Koyasu. Probably one with Kahako as well. She'd been thrilled for sure. Regardless, the Medical Branch would have a new Sennin: Inami Koyasu.