Book of Kinjutsu - Isaki Kushin

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Jun 17, 2015
Origins: Unknown, though I have theories regarding this. I believe that back in the days of Raiden, when the chakra arts were new and the abilities of different clans were hailed by many to be godlike in power. The Chigokai Clan of Lightning Country may have produced a son great in power who walked the earth and made a name for himself as an immortal. The Chigokai are known for their long lives due in no small part to their control over blood. The abilities of a Jashinist could well have been formed by this man who taught them to his followers. Abilities which without his kekkei genkai he would never have managed to create.

This is all a matter of opinion however and there is no evidence to substantiate this claim.

Known Abilities: Those who follow the path of Jashin are known to lay claim to many things. Immortality being the one which incites the most intrigue.
In battle they are seen to rely on symbols and drawing blood from their enemies. They use this blood to create a bond of sought between themselves and their enemy. All evidence shows that they can only target a single individual with these arts, however there is no reason why some may have managed to move past this barrier and are capable of more. Once they have consumed their opponent’s blood many consider that this is the end of the battle.

Many Jashinist have trained their bodies to endure attacks which would otherwise fell a normal shinobi. It is either this or their faith alone allows them to do so. In either case if a Jashinist has drawn an enemy’s blood and consumed it they may use, what they refer to as, a curse on their opponent. There are many curses though I am unsure just how many there are or all their effects. The general theme seems to be that anything that happens to the Jashinist can be used against their opponents.

This causes many issues for combating the Jashinist. If you cause damage to them you are potentially causing that damage to yourself. If you remove their ability to attack you as well as usual they seem capable of having this perform the opposite result. So in addition to their attacking and wounding you, the wounds you cause them can reflect back. This is one of the many skills attributable to the Chigokai clan and is part of why I believe the two are related in history.

Autopsy results: A Jashinist is not immortal from a wounds category. They can still be killed like anyone else. Their body has very little difference from that of an ordinary shinobi of the same clan or bloodline, though there are some very specific differences.

A chakra network, more enhanced than those in others, is laced around the stomach and even reaching up the throat. This would seem to be to allow the Jashinist to link their own chakra flow with an opponent’s. The chakra acts like an intestine mixed with a Hyuuga’s ability. When activated it withdraws the chakra of the contents, after consuming someone’s blood it’s the opponents chakra. This enables the link between the two.
How to combat: The best means to combat a fighter who is using abilities similar to the Jashinist would be to not allow yourself to bleed. This leads to a further issue of identifying them from another shinobi. The only suggestion I can come up with in this regards is to get them talking. They will likely speak about how they are immortal, and attempt to attack with a sharp weapon.