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Oct 5, 2017
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OCR Form said:
Old Character Name: Uchiha Kotori
Old Village/Missing: Missing
OCR Type: retire
Last Known Where-abouts: Leaf Gates
Old IC Rank: ANBU captain

New Character Name: Noba B. Inuzuka
Preferred Username: Noba
New Village/Missing: Missing
New BL/CA: Inuzuka
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
HP: (45+15) x stamina
CP: (55+15) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu
High: Ninjutsu Accuracy
Average:Dodge, Genjutsu Save,Ranged Accuracy.
Low: Genjutsu DC, Melee Accuracy.
Class card: +1 Ninjutsu accuracy (Class Card)
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Med-nin
IC Rank: Medical Ninja

Character Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Character's Physical Description: Noba is around an average height for his age, but a little underweight as he travels a lot and doesn’t bother too much with cooking. Wherever he goes, he always wears an eye-patch and his bandana as those were gifted by his mentor. However the color of the bandana sometimes changes with whatever he wears, but overall it remains with a black and red bandana.
His hairs are just not reaching his shoulders if he lets it hang instead of placed up in the banana, but there is always a turf sticking out on the front. The hair colors are of a red color which is from deep within the family. His single eye holds a green hue which in a different lightning sometimes even looks a bit grey-ish. He has a single scar that goes over his missing eye, as a result of the battle with his Inuzuka companion. This eye however isn’t save-able anymore no matter the skill of the shinobi.
In each ear he has a earring, but those are small rings instead of knobs.

Character's Mental Description: A guy who hides who is at first glance. H will hide his true self until he trusts you enough to call you a friend. And when he does... You learn a lot more about him.
He can give light in darker times with his words or actions. H can think very logical and clear before he reacts, however, this is a learned trait and not what he still has on occasional times. He is a straight-shooting type that reacts and then thinks. Due to this, it wouldn't be the first time that his reactions and actions can come over as quite blunt or harsh. Yet he always means well with his words.
He is quite enthusiastic and spontaneous, despite his youth and how he is raised.

He has a tempter, he can be silent yet also hot-headed. The hot-headed often brought him into trouble as that is when his counterpart can easily poke him further until he might throw a towel in the ring.
He is very loyal to those he sees as a friend or higher, this because it is already tricky to get to be his friend. This is or can be a great aspect because he will go through thick and thin for you. Yet if you do break or crumble this, he will surely make you feel that that has happened.

When you do get in his enemy line... You will find that Noba can be quite harsh, sinister, deadly and not an easy person that forgives you. Eventually, he will act normal against you, but he will always be on his toes around you and be ready to attack or defend.

Multiple Personality Application: N.A/i]
Character History:
The boy was born around the end of the world. He would legally only age once in a few years, so the birthday would soon be forgotten and just celebrated a day before or after. Everyone in the village remained silent instead of celebrating, then again the parents probably celebrated for them. Yet everyone knew...
In the beginning, everything was new for the parents and the village as there was a new person inside the clan who would need to prove themselves at the age of 16 to be allowed to be part of the clan. It was one of the rules inside the community and they would stick with that.
Few years passed and the small family would soon turn smaller. The mother had made a grave error inside the clan until the point where she had to go. However, for the family, it just seemed that she was just turning more and sicker. The rest of the village knew. The boy, now of an age of 8, started to help out more around the house. Feed the animals they had, try to slice the best meat and cook it for dinner. Both parents took this for granted and always had a plan B... Because it was never much or well prepared. But they never scolded him for that matter, they always thought he did his best for them all.
The mother eventually fell that i'll that someone else from the village had to come around to attend to the mother. Yet for the small child this took an impact, the mother not getting better with medicine... And once the lady was around it seemed to go even harder till the point she died. The boy saddened hard on the day that the mother passed and the father wasn't home. Just him and the lady... As soon as the father got home, he grabbed the boy and hugged him tightly. Telling him words and lines in the hope to ease the child. But that sadly didn't work. All the spirit animals started to feel the presence that missed inside the house. Even the animal of the mother started to pay respects towards the father once it was around that time. But as they were close too- she wouldn't be much around either. And how it seemed, just to give birth to the cub that Noba would be getting and she too passed away.
The family was smaller. The child did get help to raise the cub for around a week from the father who had taken the time off. The cub and he got a rather special bond quickly and the child saw it as a legacy of the mother and the companion of the mother.
After a year or two and the boy was walking around with papers, sharing them inside the clan. They were a newspaper with updates of each clan part inside the community. Communication, healthcare, politics... This clan seemed to be rather doing well as people took it. Almost everything you did inside this village was free, as they only had a few coins. But they were on a remote isle. It was around that time that an older man came to visit one night at their house and Noba had to go upstairs and hideaway. This happened a few more nights and then it was silent. The father had started to work more and come home a bit less, almost as something else was going on and once he asked about it he always got the cold glance or a drunk father. However on the days, the father was off, he did help the boy with things. Either helping him teach or work together with him on things. On the end of the month, the old man came and was to collect Noba and his father placed a small backpack down and crouched down. "Boy... this man can teach you many things, go with him... He can help you further in learning that I can." However, this wasn't the truth behind, but a twisted lie that the father had no time to raise a child. As the child said goodbye to everyone, the bearcub was allowed to stay as it was a part of them.

Changing from his home, his safe place, his family... Towards this old and forgotten place. It was underground and the bricks were huge... Bigger than his torso... Everything was lit with some sort of glass block that could open to the side of the candles needed changes. It seemed like an old place and not like the village where lights were a bit more common. It was for all of them a chance as the old man now suddenly had a child around in his place. but as the days went past of getting to know each other. They had at one night a talk to see who what and where now. As it stated he would be his successor in this branch and then take over this place. It was something he didn't understand, but it seemed he was chosen of all of the village children to be this. "Being a Bookman... that is something only a single person can do." He would always say once there were hardships in the days ahead.
A few months had passed by and the boy was often around in the library. Either trying to learn how to read properly or write. Yet he was also often found in the garden playing and then running back to the old tree and read further. Sometimes the old man would join and pretend to take a nap the more he would read. Everything the boy did was just a big test to see many things more. If he started to play that would cost him at his dinner. It was a strict raising inside this house, but it did have effects the old man wanted. But for the cub, it started to see that this was unfair and he started to get meaner by the day that even Noba had hardships with the poor bear.

through the following year, the boy was getting a lot more praised for his works too. And that had an even better result, result in blisters on his hands of all the writing, bruises from the training with the older man. Because it didn't matter the age he had, he was still stronger then the boy was. "You really start to begin to show as a basic Bookman now boy!" He said once he had actually touched his teacher for the first time in the training. They even called it a quit after that to not overdo it. At the age of 15, the night was set with a rather red moon and the boy was watching the sky. Something was just... so off about this night, even the old man was restless and kept pacing back and forth. Seeing this rarely ever happened before. The sky was even turning the color... and Noba was getting fearful for his dad also. "Say... shouldn't we get back to the village where they might need us?" He questioned but the old man shook his head. "You are a bookman now Noba... That means we watch and see what happens, pen that down and go on for the next time. We often get called, that is when we help and do not watch." The old man explained once more, but it didn't feel right. "Say... have you seen Nala?" He questioned a moment later and turned around to see his bear wasn't there. "Hmm..? She was here a moment ago?” Even he had no idea where this animal could have gone too and turned around. He was already a lone wolf and could easily walk towards the place where he could sniff her. But... once there, there was a surprise for everyone there. The man got smashed away and with a lowered guard, that hit got hard and so did the pillar catch his fall. Noba was soon next but he took a step towards the side and the bear grew.. But there was a looming aura around the poor animal. "Nala!" Noba yelled towards her and dodged another attack to get towards the old man and lift him, throwing an arm over his shoulder and attempting to run away. "Nala! Stop this!" But the once sweet blue eyes were turned red and the eye white was black. It wasn't showing off as Nala anymore, yet Noba had to try. He placed the old man in the other room, closed to the door. "That should hold a hit or 5 of Nala..." He whispered towards the door and turned around. "Nala! I said stop!" He closed in, his walking was light-footed just in case he had to dodge something else. The bear roared in anger and took a charge towards Noba... But they were both trained. It tended towards a battle where the bear was getting stronger the moment the moon was setting higher in the sky. And once the moon was almost at the peek a hit was given towards Noba who screamed in pain. That scream, however, woke the old man in the other room. Within seconds he saved Noba from being squished by the now shadow like a bear. "You have cursed yourself Nala?!" The old man said towards them, but the bear's voice was heard in their thoughts. "And so will you all." The voice was full of hatred... It saddened the pained Noba who was holding his face. His head hurt and feeling the warm liquid he already knew it was blood. As they went towards the lower section it was already clear that they were after the first. "Why is Nala doing this?!"
"That thing ain't Nala anymore son.." For the first time, the old man called him son.. in a time like this it meant something big towards Noba, but that had to wait. The man took a moment to look at the wound of Noba and looked serious and kept telling Noba to keep a hand on that and gave him the handkerchief. A moment went past that it looked the bear took a different turn. "Noba... I need you to listen closely... I can make Nala go away... and still remain here... You already have lost a lot... Let me help you not lose her fully." It was serious and Noba was thinking. "Do... you think that... Nala..." He nodded and Noba swallowed. "She took a pact with something beyond this world... and became an Oni..." He muttered and bit his lip hard on that matter. He felt guilt... why would she have done this? Their life was finally at peace. He nodded and would walk towards the old and cracked stone table. "Let's..." but further he didn't get to be because the wall was smashed towards the side and with a barrier he was protected thanks to the old man. "T-thanks..."He muttered but as time went by. The moon was at it's highest and it was easily noticeable because.. the bear hardly seem to bear-like anymore. The form was blue with black mixed and the fur was almost like it was draping towards the ground. The eyes were glowing red and the beast had become massive. He swallowed... "N-Nala... let's... discuss this for a moment... Y-You are a bad... pupper..." He tried to joke around the situation but of course there was no answer. “NOBA!!” Was the last thing he had heard...

The next morning he woke up and sprung up as he heard a voice inside his head. "W-what who is the-- a-!" He flinched and felt his whole body was bruised. As if he had been worked on heavily with a hammer. One of the wounds on his side was to re-open and he didn't saw much. Within a second the older man was beside him once more. Pushing him down and looking at the wounds. "You re-opened them... idiot." He said and would re-bandage them. "Gramps... who was that I heard?" His eye said fear and after a quick explain of last night...

"So.. Nala... really did that... So..."
"You are now a cursed Jinchuuriki and a Lonewolf on top... But as I see how the seal turned out... I think your astral animal is a bear... So I think Nala is still somewhere in there. But do not question me how she will look inside of you... as I cannot find her." He said and the voice dimmed down. "w-what do you mean with that?" He questioned and would look towards him. The wounds were all explained, he had only a single eye left that could function. “You will learn later, today you rest.”

Months were further and he was often found under the tree reading. The man came up towards him and placed down a little present. "Happy birthday.." On the package was number 4... He titled his head and looked back down. He opened it up and found his own new head bandana. "W-wow!" The boy smiled brightly as he took the banana and did it on. It was a good moment, and once he remembered. He was born on a cursed year and today was his 16th birthday.. or rather.. 4th... It wasn’t that he got gifts often of this man, so today was a special day… and they were going to set hold towards the village and he had to make sure to wear something to keep that mark hidden away from the village. They were going to see his father today as it was his wish now for 3 years.
As they set foot for the village there were many faces that greeted them both, the man having his hands behind his back as they walked. “Wow… the village changed so much…” The teen reacted as he let his eye go around. The black patch covering his bad eye would surely leave some rumors around the place, but the male did not care for that much. The route to his old house… was something that felt nostalgic. “Do you think he will be home?” but the old man just hummed over that as an answer… and because he did that with a lot of questions, good and bad. Noba couldn’t pinpoint if that meant a yes or a no. Once they were at destination the home looked better than he used to remember and the father was inside. He was looking at a glass at the table. “He seems… sad…” He said softly as he looked towards his mentor and then back inside. He would walk on the stone path and give two knocks. The moment the door opened it was so quickly that even the old man raised his eyebrows on that fact. “Noba!” He was surprised and gave his son a tight hug and a good look to him. His father's red hairs had grown long and untamed. “Haha, hey dad, long time no see!” He would comment and smile towards him. “You have grown so much…” He said and a bit of regret was filling the voice in a lower tune. “Hm hmm, but you were right back when you said I could learn a lot from here.” He said and would take a proud stance and push his chest a bit out. “I even learnt how to write and read.” The dads eyes filled with tears out of joy and would nod. “Please… both, come in.” And they were let in the house. They talked for lots and drank a bit, as he was now 16 years old… Yet at the end of the night he was given a choice. “Noba… You are now 16 years old… I want you to know a few things.” His dad’s voice was filled with sorrow as he started and his eyes started to dodge his son’s eye. “W-what do you mean dad?” He said slight tipsy and the old man would hide his hands in the sleeves. “You have to believe me, I never knew either.” It were words that already sunk deep inside the shoes of the young teen. “You mom… was murdered by the village.” The eye that Noba had left widened up and out of disbelieve he shook his head. “But that is…” His father already had prepared this talk for many years, but it never matter how hard you could practice, this was real… this never went in your head made scenario. “She loved tea… No matter what, she always drank that… and… we never did, which is why we never got it… but it was the village’s plan to get rid of us all… They poisoned her tea, with a herbal that you do not taste, smell… or notice.” His voice broke in the end but Noba was still sitting there. The old man keeping an eye on him, already noticing something. “So… the village is the cause of all your pain… shouldn’t we just pain them back?” The boy gritted his teeth and the old man would with a seal mark on his hand place it on the back of his shoulder blade, it calmed that voice inside of him and he could think clear again. “But… dad, you said us all. What do you mean?”
“We are a trait… They wanted us all away as we have a chance on this years chief place… and they didn’t want that… So they wanted us gone, even though I said we wouldn’t want that… But as you know, for us adults, once their children turn 16… we get this tradition… and as this happens each year, they got fearful for us… But it won’t matter long, it won’t hold that long… we will vengeance.. all of us… who are missing something.” The talk continued till late in the morning after. Noba was already asleep and the father and the old man brought him back to the old mansion where the old man filled him in on the situation of his son.

Two years further in the study, a few moments where he lost control of himself and the old man had to force his hand on the poor boy… But he was getting in control more often in such situations of his inner demon that was now locked inside his body. He had learned everything there was over them in the library. “Great you learned some medical gramps… Guess that half year of the isle did you some good also…” The bookman never replied to that except a faint nod… They rarely give compliments towards each other, so they both got a bit flustered at that part. “You are an adult.,.. by that time almost, I should be able to leave you in charge of this place too…” Noba grinned at that as he had caught the other in a shy mood, but didn’t tease him further on that. He instead went to tend towards the crops and made the next meal. When they were eating the meal Noba kept reading in a book till the annoyed expressions of the elder bookman in front of him. “So.. what are you reading?” He sounded and glanced towards the other. “eh?? oh-... Some travel guide or something. Seems like off this rock there is still a whole aisle…” He said already distracted as he read something. “Well.. maybe you set foot to there then sometimes… as it is almost time you leave the nest.” The piece of meat fell off his spoon as he heard that. “w-what..?” He blinked and sat straight. “Get out there, hunt a girl, get her pregnant and run, they turn in worse monsters then those inside you.” A grimace was given and if this were one of those anime scenes… a sweat drop also with a bird in the background creating dots. An eye opened up of the elder as he took a guess at the boy’s facials… But even he didn’t see this coming and smiled. Just smiled, not even laughed. “I think i will stick home…” Noba simply commented and ate further. Another month passed an in one of their meals something happened. A horn sounded in the distance, their ears could pick this up as they had increased hearing from their bloodline. “W-what…?” ‘it… sounded… but that would…. no… that would mean war…’ He thought further. “That would seem the case… can we join the hunt?” “N… no… not really. you stay put.” He was confused and as he walked outside and leaned on the balcony the old man joined him. “This is bad…” His voice was almost silent as he was serious too. “I know…” Noba commented and would try to peer towards the village where smoke was coming from. “what… does this mean tho… a war?” The bookman looked towards the junior and nodded. “Shit…” “LANGUAGE!” And another paper fan smack was given on the head. “oi oi!” He flinched and even the demon inside of him would. They both had huge respect of the man and the bear inside would leave Noba alone with trying to take over.

The village was burning.. Some pieces were already falling down, yet the bookman served another purpose.. being guardians… Yet they had no idea what was going on what and where.. but it seemed this was a war between people. A lot of blood was already filling the streets and so did the bodies, man and beast alike. “S-shiiiit…” “Language…” the man said and would move further with Noba on his heels. They had to get quickly to the bottom of what was going on. “W-what now?” “We fight.” “we… don’t…” “But me want fight…” “And I want a vacation… I ain’t getting that so you ain’t getting that…” A visible sigh was given and the eyes of the old man went back to the front. “Talk to her later… we have company…” It was the chiefs own guards that attacked them even. “O-oi! We are at your side!” but the words held no weight as they attacked again and the old man and Noba had to defend themselves. That badly… that death was the only option. “I-I killed….” Further he didn’t got to be. “That was good!” “I know Noba… Let’s talk about that later…” The voices were going through each other and for a single moment.. he could strangle that thing inside of him. They remained in the village for days where the war went on, the days turned into weeks and they finally had some information. Back in the tree where they were hiding they shared their information. “So… This is a war between our own people… so we cannot engage further into combat..” Noba summed up along with what was the cause, the old man started to nod and feared for this already. “We have to see…and wait.” There was a sorry in his voice as he said that. He wanted to protect this all too, but that seemed not to be able.

The war raged on for a month till there was nothing left. Even noba and the old man were left into rags and cuts. After a battle Noba was panting and he even had help from his furry friend inside. “I can’t keep this up… Since when did we have so many people inside our own clan..?” “These are not just our own people anymore… people from the outside siding with them… that is what it seems like.” The situation was getting worse and there was nothing to be done about that fact. “This is just getting rats.. When will this end..?” Yet they both didn’t knew this would end soon… the current chief had a mischievous plan… a plan that would kill every single living being on this isle. A voice, as thunder was heard from the chiefs place. “RELEASE THE PLAGUE!”
“W-what…? THAT STUFF IS REAL OLD MAN!?” “I did an oopsie…” “SHUT UP YOU! I AM TALKING TO GRAMPS.” “And Gramps ain’t deaf…” A glance was given. “We need to get out of here.. The plague will kill us if we breathe it. “ “but there are innocents there!” “We can’t help them… if we do not survive, none will in the future.” “Tsk!” And so they took shelter at the highest peak of a mountain as they got there the green cloud of poison was inching closer… but they managed to keep out of reach as it didn’t expand further. “...” Silence was given by both of them. The fog was too thick to look inside. “And… now we wait… right?” The man nodded and sat down. 2 days they went without food and water what they caught from the rain on the third day. “It has been enough time… As the studies went, plague would remain 32 hours after release and then… it would just be in the soil for years... “ The man nodded and stood up again. “let’s look…”
They saw many bodies down below in the city, some indeed killed by the plague, others by other means. “This.. is just sad… Even the beast inside feels gloomy... “ “We have no home anymore…” As he looked towards some of the small crops in peoples gardens that had turned purple on sight. “It seems to be…” He would agree on that fact and they had to plan ahead. Yet as they moved from isle, Noba took his own path but agreed to remain in paper contact with the other, as they had both a Tsukumogami contract they would remain in contact with each other in a rather… special manner.

In the following years Noba went across the place, learning from cultures and habits… And from time to time, he went back to his home isle till there was nothing the scavenge from the place and left it for ever. “This will be the final goodbye to the home…” One question always remained… from all the bodies they found, his father and his best friend were never found. “I hope you are out there old man.. then I can hit you myself for leaving me in worries…” And the animal inside would talk towards him after. As he often was found mumbling towards himself and others had no idea. A new chapter, a new start finally… and one with many stories ahead.

At one village he visited there were a lot of empty places in the medical branch… And as he was learning more about the village for documenting... . Something was happening around here and there were many wounded. Yet couldn’t help but the fact that everyone was seeing his true chakra. It was cursed after all. Yet he always did his best even it was to mean doing just the bare minimum, it already helped that he knew the basics in the first place. Yet at the same time he was glad for the fact that he had learned it by the old man. Some time later, he adjusted gloves he wore over his hands. Blood was all over the place but this village needed someone or some sort of miracle that they wouldn’t lose too many man. “Use your Mystical hand on the man on the red. I marked him with a red band… After that look for those who are intoxicated, treat them first unless an emergency comes in.” The people around were helping the best they could, even the children of the small school were with cheering them on. ‘This village certainly is something… They just took me in because I knew some medical degree… Thanks for that pops… but still, they need a lot more… I think it is better that I hit the books and help them raise a few on their own before I move further.’ WIth that in said he would nod towards himself and get further on the next patient. A few days after he started to teach a few with more medical knowledge and train them bit by bit further. It was only after two weeks that he said he would move on further. But thinking back to the way he had been taught this… These kids had gotten it easy.
Clan Request: [N.A.

Death/Retirement Thread: Post the thread that your character died or retired. If applicable
Old Profile: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=773&t=61748&p=336634#p336624
Old Training: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=774&t=61750
Old Dojo: https://www.ninpocho.com/viewtopic.php?f=775&t=61749

Special Usergroups: None?

Old Stats:AGILITY: 600 / 600
STAMINA: 600 / 600
TAIJUTSU: 600 / 600
NINJUTSU: 600 / 600
GENJUTSU: 600 / 600
CHAKRA CONTROL: 600 / 600 %
PL: 3.600
Old OOC Rank: S
Stat Cut: Retirement with Shop card
New Stats: AGILITY: 600 / 600
STAMINA: 600 / 600
TAIJUTSU: 600 / 600
NINJUTSU: 600 / 600
GENJUTSU: 600 / 600
CHAKRA CONTROL: 600 / 600 %
PL: 3.600
New OOC Rank: D

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:
ᴍᴇᴅɪᴄᴀʟ ɴɪɴᴊᴜᴛꜱᴜ
B-Rank [lb][/lb]
Mystical Force ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Medical Assistant ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Tranquilize ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Medical Ward ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]

A-Rank [lb][/lb]
Resuscitate ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Angelic Blessing ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Regeneration ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Pristine Aura ✘ мαѕтєяє∂ [lb][/lb]
Yen: 80.000,00
ASP: 108

Full Table AE gravity
YEN: 93,000.00
ASP: 148
Full Table AE Sound
YEN: 93,000.00
ASP: 148

Swapping to
Kinjutsu EMS To Kinjutsu Jinchuuriki

Other Refunds: N.A.

Name of any Contract you currently own:
- You may pay 300 Advanced Shop Points to transfer over a single contract you currently own.

Name: Hatter.
Alias: Mad Hatter.
Age: 437 (Physical appearance 25)
Title: Tsukumogami, spiritual contract.

Physical Appearance: A humanoid form and an object form. He has both of them due to the fact he is a Tsukumogami.

His humanoid form is around 175 centimeters long yet doesn’t weigh anything anymore. He has short white-colored hairs and a crimson red eye. His clothing attire… Is always the same, doesn’t matter on what situation he is going in, he always wears the same white coat, purple blouse and white pants with black boots. A cane is held in his hand which holds a sword in it, yet he barely even shows this as he just wants to act ‘cool’.

‘Mad hatter’ in his angry spiritual form is a rather frightening sight to be seen.
He appears to be a large eye, gloating under a tattered black long cape. It wears a top hat which is similar to the old fashioned ones. There is a piece of paper that says ‘love and peace as well for another that quotes ‘welcome’. A few playing cards are stuck to the hat with three roses and thorn-covered stems wrapping around it.
It holds it all in place and as a little pin, there are five purple feathers sticking out.
Along the collar of his cape, he has a silver chain with tokens of a broken mirror and a skull.

His solid form is the one large earring that Noba wears, he dislikes being in this form as how he says: “It is cramped and tiny.” Yet is still glad he has this from time to time. There isn’t much else, yet due to the fact they basically sort of became one. The only thing Hatter can do is cast thoughts towards him.

Personality: He is rather mysterious and even for Noba Hatter is sometimes hard to tell. He can be very jolly and playful. Enthusiastic and yet he can also be very patient and sitting on the sidelines.
Hatter finds it extremely funny to lure him out with his ‘mad hatter’ form and will sometimes spook heim with just the rattle of the chain. How jolly and funny he can be. His emotions can switch still quite quick yet is often played for others.
He is usually a bit colder, looking from the sideline and just watches the scene before he acts. But once he is in acting mode, he will often joke around or even use actions first before his brain. Something he might have gotten already in trouble with for a time or two.
Once he needs to battle… This rarely goes with his jolly side. You will find him getting serious or even sinister at it. A thing that the contract and the sealed monster have in common.
When Hatter is talking about his past, his mood saddens and becomes even a bit depressive even. One time Noba pressed onto it, wanting to learn more. But his old personality came forward as the old and bitter man that was angry.

History: Hatter used to have a different life, human life to be in fact till fate brought him elsewhere. His story starts as the person named: Kevin Xerxes. he was a child born but was named the Child of Ill Omen. This due to the fact he had bright white hairs and red eyes. It was most likely uncommon on where he came from, but his parents didn't think any less.
As a child, he already began to serve under the Duke of the 4 great city's. The time went by soon and he was already raised and trained to be a fine warrior for the battles that were soon coming. Yet as the noble families were victorious so was he on the battles and soon earned his spot between the known knights.
When he was twenty-four a tragic incident had happened, He had decidedly to take Roman's youngest daughter out for the day to spend some time away from the family. Unfortunately, when he returned with Roman's daughter, the two of them found that the entirety of the Sinclair Family had been slaughtered in their absence. Rumors circulated that thieves or an opposing noble family were behind the murder, but Kevin didn't care because he could only see how he'd failed to protect his master.
While Roman's youngest daughter mourned the loss of her entire family, Kevin tried to figure out what action he should take. Still riddled with guilt, Kevin decided to visit Roman's gravesite even though Roman's daughter begged him not to leave her, as she had nothing left without him.

At a certain moment in life, he found who had done this to his master, to the duke. The person was a rather tough enemy which called himself 'the intention' as it carried out a will that was formed to be taken down. Kevin fought until the end, losing an eye but winning the battle.
He woke up on a hospital bed, but fell into a state of remorse, losing his will to live and taking on the pseudonym of Hatter, Mad Hatter to cover up his dark past. Hatter isolated himself outside on a snowy day, crying over what he'd done, only to be approached from behind by a child, who asked why he was crying. As he turned, there was no child and thought it was all just a fatigue thing happening, a side effect of his medicals... but he still didn't really notice anything, he wasn't the same anymore. He had actually died on that hospital bed but never left this world. Stuck he tried to search for his way around in this place.

There was still one thing he held inside of his pockets, which was the earring that the child had back in the given day. He clutched it in his hand and would place it away in his own pocket. He roamed land and seas, that was till the moment that he found someone that he thought that was worthy for him. He started to go after that young man… It seemed to be around his 14th human year. As eventually gained closer, he threw the earring down… and wanted to see what would happen with the earring itself. The boy kept it, cleaned it and made it ‘shine’ as it used to do in the past. With this in the back of his mind, he would close in again. eventually asking if the boy wouldn’t leave him if he stayed. It was a strange meeting, but one that they both took up upon. Even when Hatter learned of what haunted the boy he remained and helped him understand, and talked and sometimes was like a pigeon in between bringing messages back and forth. For Noba this would mean another voice… but at the same time, he wasn’t alone.
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Current ASP: 1245
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