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Jan 17, 2014
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The soft -tap tap tap- of Kaen's shoes reverberated off of the cold stone floor of the betting office. His hair was pulled back and tied off in a messy pony tail, a odd but surprisingly stylish vest adorned a plain white button up shirt. There weren't very many people hovering around the betting cages in the back, in fact it was oddly vacant for the finals. That damn Byaako went and made it to the finals, there was no way Kaen was going to miss out on a fight like this. His blood was literally rushing through his veins just at the thought of such excitements. Perhaps he should have arrived sooner, at then he could have seen it for himself. Kaen was curious about how a simple medic was able to climb to such heights. Either way, he was here now and was ready to place down some hard earned Anbu cash on this feline bish. Come to think of it, he still needed to ask him about that entire body swap thing... Another time perhaps.

"I can help you right here, sir." A older lady, probably in her late thirties, was running this particular booth and had beckoned the fiery red-head over. Clearing his throat, Kaen would place a rather peculiar briefcase onto the counter. -Cathunk- It was heavy, entirely black with the exception of golden latches that held the briefcase shut, and secure. "Yes, hello. I would like to place a bet on one of the finalists." The lady nodded and started flipping through some various papers. "And who will you be betting on this evening? The Cloud Nin, Junko, or the Sand Nin, Akujin?" Kaen thought for a brief moment, but there was really no need. What shinobi would bet against his peers? Well... Kaen might have, had he actually had first hand knowledge of either of their fighting styles, but alas there was no such experience. "I would like to bet on Akujin to win it all, ma'am." Once again the lady would flip through a number of pages before stopping and looking back up at Kaen. "And how much will you be wagering today sir?" A sly smile slowly spread across Kaen's face. Placing his finger to the center portion of the center latch, the remaining latches would pop open. Kaen would lift the top up and reveal to the lady exactly how much it was. "I'll be betting this much, I hope that's ok?" The lady stared blankly for a moment, was she shocked or perhaps annoyed? She would call out for another staff member, possibly her manager. "What seems to be the problem si--" The man caught sight of the briefcase and cleared his throat. "My apologies sir, would you please come with me?" Kaen would re-latch the briefcase and follow the manager to another room where they could better do business.

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