Climb every mountain! [Entering Country]

Oct 23, 2012
The journey towards Kumogakure was a pleasant one so far. The variation of geography was astounding even to someone as well-travelled as Migoya. Indeed, this was his first ever experience in the land of Lightning, and so far the majestic mountains and valleys were inspiring. Gripping his staff and wrapping a thick, warm robe around his thin shoulders, he pressed forward.

There had been several reports from his spies indicating that some of those who had fled Konoha after the failed coup had found themselves here in Lightning Country. Whether Kumogakure had accepted them was unknown to Migoya, but if there was any chance of contacting those who had suffered as much as his own clan had he would find out.

Certainly he was a wanted man, but perhaps Kumo was as understanding as Suna that a man who fights against a dictator perhaps has it right. Creating a network was his aim, and having no ill will against any shinobi from Cloud he hoped that aim could be fulfilled. And who knew - perhaps Kumo had something to teach him.

Time to find out.

[Entering Country - heading to Gates]
[1 hour]