Come back! [Open]

Uchiha Asuka

Leaf Main Branch Sennin
Feb 20, 2018
Kill Switch
Asuka was eating ramen at a local restaurant. She escaped from her office and in specific the paperwork, it was too much. Too boring so she decided to take an early lunch break... which would last quite a while. She had the bowl in front of her, her trusted companion, Rayne, next to her eating her own Bowl. Asuka sighed happily once she smelled the bowl in front of her.

"You know someone is going to come looking for you." Rayne spoke with a sigh, eating from her bowl. Asuka kept mumbling happily as she ate. Nodding towards Rayne.

"One thing is that they find me." Asuka answered giggling. "Another entirely that they'll catch me." With that Asuka kept eating, no more words where exchanged between them. Only the sound of food being cooked and eaten. Time passed, Asuka was on her third bowl with no intent of stopping.