Controlled Explosion [Kinjutsu App]

Hase Aki

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Jun 28, 2017
Lightning cracked through the sky as rain poured down all around her. She had made off with the relic she so desperately required and held it in her hand, in a small wooden box. The base had been found out and everyone was going into defense mode, she used the scurrying of those moving about like little bees in the hive as a chance to sneak into the vault and take what was properly hers, what belonged to her by right. There she stood, in the middle of the forest, digging a hole in the ground to hide it. Now wasn’t the time to use the bracelet, she would have to wait for the drama to calm down and things to get normal again before she could use it, figure out its secrets, and put an end to her bloodlines explosive affliction. Ever since the academy days she has lived in constant fear for her own well-being, and that of anyone in a mile radius of her. Not so much because they could die if she went nuclear, but because her name would be besmirched in her death, and her family would be looked down on the rest of their days. Her mom and dad had spent so much money fixing her mistakes, had used so much of their family resources on keeping her from being exiled for being such a nuisance. She owed them this more than she owed herself, and at least, in the moment it didn't seem so bad that she had stolen from Leaf. They had forgiven worse, and they would understand she hoped, if they had ever figured it out. So she dug a spot, then buried the bracelet in a small box, then ran back to the compound to move things around, help out, and be seen. The vault would get emptied and moved eventually, and her edits of the registry would be untraceable through the chaos. If something was found out, she would volunteer to search in exchange for getting it as a reward. She would never find that however, and be out worldly angry to an audience who didn't know she had done the impossible and fixed herself without hurting a fly.
Weeks Later, night​

She had just got done in a meeting with the ANBU, removing her mask and flowing back out into the crowd of people outside roaming the halls. These masks among the peers where purely ornamental and meant nothing considering everyone in the ANBU corps knew everyone else in some way, shape, or form. She let that thought slip through her head as she moved out of the complex and into the forest. An important figure head was missing, and if they were going to use her, she needed to be top shelf and not a threat to her whole team and the operation. At least, this was the driving force for what was to happen next. As they were concentrated on finding this person, so her goal would go unnoticed as she slipped through the trees to the location she had stored her trinket. A small shift around at what her eyes could make out, which was nothing, and she went to digging. Moments later she released a tattered, wet but solid, box. She curled her fingers around it and popped the top off, but her face quickly took to a look of anguish and sadness. The bracelet, it must have been older than she thought, had almost disintegrated in the box. Chunks of it lay strewn about the small wooden square, and it looked like any old trinket. There wasn’t a reason for this was there? She wasn’t meant to have it? This was some cosmic joke to her, and she began a mixture of laughing and crying. She buckled to her knees, having been doing what was essentially a squat the whole time, and the box rested on her lap as she began to shift from a laugh to a full-on cry.

One of the tears from her face, made its way down her cheek and dangled ever so slightly over the edge before taking the plunge directly into the box below. As the tears and the dust mixed, there was a reaction that seemed almost chemical in nature. The two shifted together and the box began to float above her knees, she let go quickly and stumbled back away from it. Blue sparks shot wildly out of the top of it, as it began to draw in wind and pick up what appeared to be energy around it. The box lid itself tipped in her direction, a bright blue light shining in her face. She brought her hand up, mouth side facing the box, to shield her eyes from the brightness. “What the hell is this?!” she exclaimed, this wasn’t in her book! The box sizzled as the water from it quickly evaporated, followed by loud and fast pop. She closed her eyes on reaction, a flinch, and for a moment she was confused. The mouth attached to her hand was devouring this strange blue light, and as it flooded in, so did memories. She was suddenly someone else, in a forge, doing things she couldn’t quite make out. The end result was this bracelet, that upon completion was not actually anything but a bauble. She jumped forward in time, to a man holding it and shoving more chakra in it then should ever exist in the world. He mumbled some nonsense words into it she couldn’t understand, and it radiated with an energy unlike anything she had seen. Then she jumped in time once more, to it being placed on one of her kind.

She finally had the lost pieces of the puzzle. She could see now that it was a bracelet commissioned to be built with special metals and gems and alloys that could conduct chakra. Then it was given over to a third party, a man who looked rugged and old, but had a control over chakra she’d never seen, he was almost attuned to it like an element, chakra itself. The chakra alone wasn’t enough however, and she had a sense of this man, as if he had put a bit of his soul into this very device. It came to life with the introduction of her chakra heavy tears, and she was now absorbing it. Her bloodline was one of hunger, gluttony, and it was finally at it’s apex in devouring this poor man’s soul.

When the ruckus calmed down, there was a silence in the forest that was deafening. Her ears rung, but something else had happened. She felt empty, like she had no chakra what so ever. It was an odd sensation, one she wasn't accustomed to in the least as she had always been a wild child, one who always had energy and had no issue processing it and using it. She was a wunderkind when it came to these things, and most kids of her age where jealous that they couldn't get jutsu or anything like that, and it had only gotten worse when her blood line had came to fruition. Yet here she sit, calm and still, and for once in her life, in no hurry to go anywhere. She only had a moment to let the idea that her chakra was gone sink in, before her arms lurched themselves into the air with great violence, and out of her control, and a great wind kicked up around her, energy from the surrounding area flowing into her like a great big funnel. All the trees, grass, animals, bird, all died around her and where left as husks of their former selves. animals ages hundreds of years in a moment as their life force was violently ripped from their bodies. This spot would be a marvel of weirdness in the future, a spot in the forest that could no longer inhabit life, that the animals would avoid. People would wonder what had happened here to make such a scene. Campers would park there in the middle of the night, but they would always leave as it just felt so bad to be in there.

She got up and found her way to her feet with a renewed vigor, but it wasn't like normal. She was energetic but in charge, something she had also never felt. As she tried to take it all in she looked down at her hands and they were, for the first time, closed and quiet. She had sated them, and they lie dormant. Her body would quickly begin to find equilibrium within itself and she integrated a soul into herself. As she began to walk away from the now forever dead area of Konohagakure’s forest, she began to think about what had happened in earnest. She had been changed fundamentally from the inside, and she could feel it as it happened. If she could do this with this mans soul, what could she do with whole bodies?