Cultures, Customs, and Catastrophe [SSM Mission]


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Oct 22, 2012
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Mission Overview said:
Mission Name: Cultures, Customs, and Catastrophe
Mission Type: SSM/Medical/Oracle
Mission Rank: A-rank
Objective: Kasen's main responsibility is to assess the health of the refugees that are seeking aide, while also applying Same's extensive knowledge of cultures and backgrounds to ensure that everyone who is coming in is there for aide and not to commit acts of terrorism. As part of her duties, she needs to not only do a physical and mental exam on each refugee, and treat them accordingly, but she also needs to perform a background survey as part of the medical exam that will then be recorded and cataloged. Refugees that need medical assistance beyond minor scrapes and bruises will be recommended for transport to the medical facility. Should any problems or suspicions arise during the background survey, Kasen has been tasked with dealing with them accordingly in order to keep the village as safe as possible.
Notes: This is connected to this event (The Kings and Queens at the Wall)
Suna had been shaking to its core, quite literally, during the great earthquake. It had been a few weeks since the event, and Kasen found that more and more people seemed to be rolling in everyday. In fact, the intake of people, especially for the hospital, had been so large that they had been forced to setup checkpoints and tents that would process people and patients alike before directing them to the respective aiding services. Kasen had been assigned to a checkpoint just outside the hospital to determine the medical needs of those that came through the checkpoints and direct only the more serious cases to the hospital and those that had minor injuries would be processed further down the road to a medical station that had been setup for quick patch ups. Anyone that came through that did not require medical assistance, but needed refugee assistance would be directed to another checkpoint that would get them where they needed to go.

However, things seemed to have grown seemingly more complicated in a short period of time. There had been reports of attacks from foreign entities. These entities had been rumored to be shinobi and monsters alike. Kasen hadn't seen any thus far, but that didn't meant that others had not. In fact, it appeared that the higher ups were concerned enough that these checkpoints now required the examiner to perform both a physical and mental medical health exam, document a background survey, and check the validity of their papers. The water court hybrid did not have much experience regarding the background surveys and paper assessment, but it seemed that everyone involved would need to take on more than they were used to. At least in this instance, Kasen had Samebizu to help keep some of the information straight. Same was around during the time of the First Men; and she had enough connections and knowledge of the area to still remain relevant in regards to existing knowledge and the people that resided in Suna and the surrounding areas alike.

It was early morning when Kasen had shown up to her checkpoint, and at first it wasn't so bad, but as the sun started to rise within the sky, the lines would get longer and longer. It was around noon when the sun was at its hottest that things started to get a little out of control. People were in pain, overheated, and most likely hungry. In short, their temperament and patience were not good. Kasen had only had to call in the ANBU once due to an overly aggressive man that did not have any form of documentation on him and was furious that he had to put up with this kind of treatment when he had been born here. After that, Kasen pulled out some cups and filled them with water to distribute to people to help with the attitudes. Things had started going a little smoother after that until this one particular person crossed her path.

After finishing up documentation for the last person, Kasen looked up from her clipboard and waved for the next person to step forward. "Next. Have your papers ready." Kasen wasn't prepared for the next two people that would approach her. One was a young girl with bright red hair and deep blue eyes. She was wearing a torn white dress with blue flowers and carrying a small teddy bear that appeared to be missing a limb and was slightly charred. She appeared to be covered in a lot of dirt and it appeared that she was suffering from several bruises. Kasen looked up to the man that was with her. He appeared to be in better condition than the young child he was with. He was taller than she was, appeared to be rather burly, dressed in dark, raggedy, yet expensive looking clothes and smelled of mint and cigars. There was a large tattoo of a snake on the man's inner right arm. Kasen paused for a moment before the man seemed to grumble something she didn't catch and the younger girl handed over a small collection of papers. "Oh, um, thank you." Kasen looked over the documents, noting that they appeared to be written in a script that wasn't known to her. Same, however, seemed familiar with it. They're from Tea. Her name is Isu Akari and the man's name is Yan Raza. The paperwork says they're seeking asylum. Kasen thanked Same internally; nobody else need be none the wiser to her presence.

Kasen smiled at the two. "Alright, Akari. Let's get you examined first, ok? Would that be alright?" The little girl anxiously looked up at the man beside her, fear clearly visible on her face, but once the man nodded and gave her a not so gentle shove forward the little girl moved towards Kasen. Kasen knelt down on the ground, pulling out her stethoscope and checked Akari's heartbeat and vitals. It appeared that her heartbeat was quite erratic. Kasen aimed to examine some of the bruises but Akari jerked away from her as she tried to touch her. Her demeanor softened. "Akari, I would like to examine these bruises and make sure that they're not reflective of something more internally damaging. Would that be alright?" Akari continued to look back and forth between Kasen and the Raza. "Can you tell me how you got these bruises?" Akari's eyes went wide and she shook her head. Raza, who had only been quiet up until this moment snarled at Kasen. "She tripped and fell down a sand dune." Kasen glared at the man. Perhaps if she had not been well trained doctor, and also had not been abused within a holding facility and subjected to torture that resulted in not just similar bruises but also much worse, she would have believed the man. Kasen saw the signs though. Something was up. Turning her focus back on Akari, Kasen smiled at the girl, trying to be reassuring. "Akari, I'm going to have you go with one of my nurses and she'll get you looked after ok? Some of these bruises look bad." Kasen waved over one of the nurses, a younger girl who had just started and seemed to be quite good with younger patients. She smiled at the young girl and extended her hand, allowing for Akari to take it before the two started heading towards the hospital.

Kasen stood back up to her normal height, noticing that Raza was trying to follow behind her. Stepping in front of him to block his path, Kasen's eyes narrowed into something more menacing. She normally could keep her cool in almost any situation, but not when it came to the abuse of kids. That kind of thing struck home for her. Still, she smiled a nice "Can I speak to you manager" smile and flashed her razor sharp teeth at him. Raza seemed to take a step back at that. "Sir, you'll still need to be processed." Raza grumbled under his breath some more but stepped forward. Instead of giving him the medical exam first like she normally would have, she felt something wasn't right. "Let's start with some questions. Where are you from?" "Tea." " How did you end up in Suna?" "We came on a boat, headed into town for uh...some business...and were on our way out.""I don't recall the last time someone from Tea actually stumbled through here for business. What kind of business are you in, Mr. Raza?" "That's none of your business."]"Well, I'm afraid that today it is my business." "Documents." Kasen paused in her questions for a moment.

She took in his attire once more, taking note that he had to be doing fairly well off. However, most of the people that she had seen from Tea were incredibly spiritual and not nearly as developed as those that resided within Suna. In fact, many of their goods were exported out to Tea because of how much of a difference in development there was between Suna and Tea. The other thing she noticed was that he seemed to have a satchel with scrolls that were poking out of them. "And how did you end up with the young girl?" "Relative.""Ah, alright, I see. And her name was?" Suddenly, Raza grew quiet. Despite the fact that not but a few minutes ago the young girls name had been sad a few time, it appeared the man didn't care to pay much attention. Kasen noticed him squirm in discomfort. Not a moment later, Raza sent a barrage of lightning strikes her way. She managed to dodge a few but not before one struck her shoulder, stunning her momentarily. Raza used this as an excuse to turn tail and run. "Get him! That man is an enemy of the village!" Kasen took off after him, but she noticed he just seemed to be quicker than she was. "All of Suna will fall to the chaos! And those that rightfully are deserving will rise and take back what was there's all along!" Raza screamed back at them. Kasen called forth the water molecules from within the air to create a tidal wave that allowed for her to ride across the sands. As she caught up to Raza, he turned and let out a blast of icy winds that managed to freeze the waves, sending Kasen flying down harshly into the sands. She managed to roll and stand back on her feet, now facing Raza. Some of the scrolls had fallen out of the bag that he was carrying with him. One was unfolded and she saw detailed records of the inner clans of Suna written on it. Kasen snarled at him. "If all you wanted was village secrets, why did you have the girl with you? What was she for? A diversion? Collateral? A hostage?"

Raza's lips turned up into a smirk. Suddenly he started laughing. A long, deep laugh. "Now, normally I wouldn't say anything, but since I think I can get a pretty penny for you, I might as well say. Sex Trafficking. Gotta get them when they're young, you know? Already had a buyer lined up. Course, rotten luck that damn earthquake. Damaged the goods. Had to get her fixed up before taking her back or my client would be angry. Now, be a good girl and come with Daddy. I might even keep you for myself if you're good." Kasen wasn't sure at what point something inside her snapped, but a blast of chakra suddenly burst forth from her. "You. Fucking. Monster!" Sand kicked up around her as her rage grew the further he had started to speak. Her form started to morph and contort. Same's power resonated outward. The sheer strength of it brought Raza to his knees. "Shit, this bitch ain't worth the trouble. Raza tried to get up and just make another run for it, but the next thing he knew he was pinned to the ground with Kasen's hand around his throat. Raza cowered in fear as he started up at the once was woman, was now some sort of shark humanoid hybrid. When Kasen took this form, it was only when she felt it most necessary, and it often was in a state of high emotion, or a need to call forth Same for assistance. Raza clawed at his throat, trying to break free from the grasp. Kasen felt herself thrown off of the man, only to land on all fours, the tail she now had helping her keep balance on the sands.

Two new men dressed in black stood before her, helping the man with the scrolls to his feet. "Oi, what's taking you so long?""Yeah, what kind of mess did you get into. It was an easy job. Get the scrolls in the chaos and then get out." Raza got to his feet, shoving the other men away from him. "I did get the scrolls. I just had some side business to take care of." The two men both slapped Raza on the back of the head. "The boss only wanted the scrolls. You can't even do that right." By this point, Kasen wasn't sure what they were talking about exactly, only that clearly Raza had gone off the plan. "Guess we'll need to clean up you mess." The first man drew a sword, while the other seemed to bend into a stance. They both charged at Kasen, the one with the sword managing to make contact with her dorsal fin and leaving a deep gash, while the other blasted her with sharp gusts of wind. Kasen skidded back upon the sands, forcing herself to dig in. In a quick motion, Kasen opened up a large pond beneath the three men, entrapping them within her domain. She quickly dove in, finding them struggling to regain their footing. She lashed out with torrents of water, wrapping around the men as they struggled. "You are not welcome here." Torpedoing forward, Kasen launched the three men out of the water one by one and slammed them into the ground with several water snares.

By this point, a few of the ANBU had managed to show up and take the men into custody for questioning. Kasen, allowing herself to return to her normal form, if not still incredibly angry about what could have happened to the little girl, picked up the bag that had fallen onto the sands. She reached inside and found about 10 scrolls, all documented the clans and clansmen that could be high class targets and important to the infrastructure of the village. Kasen slung the bag over her shoulder, watching as the pond disappeared from behind her. "I need to get these back and warn others about a breach in the archives." With that, Kasen headed back towards the center of the village.

WC: 2, 313
[Mission complete]