Custom Roleplay Jutsu Rules

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Jan 15, 2013
Custom Roleplaying Jutsu (CRPJ)
The focus behind having a CRPJ is to enhance the roleplaying experience, while at the same time, moderating what people can or cannot do. The CRPJ system is a method of making sure people aren’t doing abilities unbefitting of their Bloodlines/Core Ability/Storyline and to ensure that jutsus used in a roleplay are not over-the-top.

CRPJ Basics
  • Everyone is allowed a CRPJ regardless of their PL
  • Everyone is allowed up to 10 CRPJs at one time.
  • CRPJs are now no longer categorized by OOC rank.
  • CRPJs now no longer cost anything.
  • CRPJs can be switched out at any time with no down-time between gaining/replacing.
  • CRPJs that have the capacity to effect another player is assumed to require permission (IE: The person can dodge/ignore the effects of a CRPJ if they so desire)
  • CRPJs may NOT be usable in Battle. If they appear to be usable in battle, then it will get auto-denied.
  • When using a CRPJ in a roleplay, must indicate the name of the CRPJ and the effects of the CRPJ somewhere in the post it was used in.
  • You do not have to apply for a CRPJ for re-flavoring an already existing jutsu.

The following form must be filled and requested to your village councils. It will be up to the Village Council to determine whether or not the jutsu is usable and also follows certain guidelines.
[b]Name of Jutsu[/b]:
[b]CRPJ's Effect[/b]:
[b]Example RP of how it will be used[/b]: 
[b]Reason why it cannot be used in battle[/b]:
CRPJ Taboos
The following is a list of taboos that CRPJs cannot be. If your CRPJ falls under one of these taboos, they will result in immediate denial.
  • No Travel Jutsus [IE: Teleportation, Warping, Etc]
  • No system loopholing[IE: Make you invisible during a running attempt]
  • No BL/CA/Kinjutsu ability mimicking.
  • No mimicking currently existing jutsu [This is to prevent people from circumventing having the jutsu's effect that they want]
  • No single-use jutsu [IE: One time/permanent appearance change]
  • No forceful truth-telling/lying jutsus are allowed. [No truth-serum like jutsus. It was removed for a reason]
  • No Chakra Changing jutsus that make your chakra signature look completely different. [IE: You can't hide your power level, Goku]
  • No RPing out your CRPJ before you actually have the CRPJ.
    • Doing so will result in your immediate denial of using CRPJs
  • No mind-reading, future-seeing, reading surface thoughts
  • No Omnipotence, No Omniscience, No Omnipresence
  • CRPJs may not be used during Going Missing/Force Enter/Force Exit attempts or attempts to leave a thread under a time limit.
  • CRPJs may not be used to bypass any existing system on NC, including leaving a thread. People can still stop you even if you turn invisible and fly away.

CRPJ Restricted Types
  • No Long Distance Communication
    • However, communication jutsus to people in the same topic is fine [IE: Telepathy]
  • No permanent changes to an existing village structure. [No putting a village or the kage tower into a scroll]
    • This, however, may only be done if given permission by the village council in which the structure belongs to.
    • Temporary changes (such as a barrier for an entire building or a locking jutsu while you are in the building) is allowed.
  • No permanent changes to another player's home. [No locking someone out of their own house]
    • This, however, may only be done if given permission by the person it is effecting.
  • Seals (such as Caged Bird Seal) may not cause someone to go unconscious, die, or do anything against their will.
    • It is up to the target of the seal to roleplay the effect of the seal out. If they choose not to, that's all on them
  • Seals will have an OOC time limit.
    • When applying for a seal CRPJ, must indicate the OOC time limit of the seal.

CRPJs that effect other players
Simply put, if you apply for a CRPJ that effects another player, the player it is effecting can choose to ignore the CRPJ. This is not considered god-modding

Once your CRPJ is approved
Place your CRPJ into your profile (or mini profile) with a link to your CRPJ's acceptance. Be sure to include the name and it's effect as well.
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