Dark Life (Solo)

Jul 19, 2014
Tools scrapped and ripped through marrow, examining the essence as it died before the tips of steel. The eyes always looked, all six blinking in unison as they tried to understand the humanity inside. The essence had to be known from the base, working from the littlest scraps of knowledge to build a true comprehension. Kubitsuki had spent nearly two years in his own personal Hell, constantly growing his medical skills and his mind yet never hitting that tip he needed so badly. His understanding was so close, yet so far that it burned his pulsating cells! He had to calm down, but how could he?! His mind worked different, he saw things, he saw them differently then them. His chaotic ramblings flooded his private chamber in the Karubin's Wing, specifically designed to block out sound less someone walk by and question his sanity. He carved the corpses he was presented with, committing autopsy after autopsy... learning what secrets they held. Each and every wound and injury told the tale of a ninja or or a warrior or a old sick person, but they all held the blood he hungered for. Eyes and blood capsules adorned his walls, labeled for what clan they belong to and the scientific name presented to it. It was not many scientific names mind, but those that held them were typically the most foreign and unique. Blood vessels pulsed and hissed at the air with their dying breathes, yet not a single drop would be left after two minutes. Flash backs pulsed behind Kubitsuki's eyes, but his task was to great, he was so close to a break through. He was going to crack the code and make his own way to create Kinjutsus and Bloodlimits! The three bodies moved in perfect unison, a dance of perfection that told the tale of their mind. Each move was a follow up to another, a crescendo to the chorus that dared not to quit in hopes that the crowd would keep on cheering and enjoying it. They kept on going, until the body was nothing more then a useless corpse. Hollow bones whistled near silently, nearly nothing other then that left. Kubitsuki silently hung his main body's head, finally understanding what he missed all this time.

The group warped and modeled the darkness of their mind into a tangible thing that could be felt and seen. This physical thing was one of the corpses he had even deeper in his chambers, animated by his chakra yet not enough to be a form. It lived because he lived, nothing more. The grasping corpse had no blood, all of it being drained selfishly away and perfected so that Kubitsuki may understand the end. It was a core of thinking flesh that defied law, it existed at the brinks of the light and dark yet never wavered. The atrocity of nature taught him the art that he so desperately craved. He was easily able to find and extract what he needed, but this would make anyone be able to do it, even a mere infant! No, it still required his base skills, but this monumental task of shadow and sin was finally able to be solved! The twitching core of thinking flesh offered it's fruit, which was hungrily devoured by Kubitsuki. The savoring flavor echoed throughout his entire body, quivering all three of their spines in raw pleasure. The fruit was knowledge, knowledge was power, and power was knowledge. The group quickly made arrangements to meet with some volunteers for kinjutsu surgery. The volunteer wanted to switch his bloodline and learn gain the skills of a full on Hyuuga Hakumei. They said it could not be done since Kushin vanished from the ranks, but he was driven to prove that they were all wrong! The body was a organic temple, some parts could be removed but as long as the living core was saved, the faith build on. First, the Hyuuga transformation would have to begin. This would require tampering and mutation of how his Haematopoiesis worked, but it could be done. His knowledge echoed and howled at him to not mess this up, build from the base while keeping the old base as safe as possible. Hard, but not impossible! He cut into the skull of the volunteer, watching the actual temple of the skull as he did his quick work. Now that he was registered, by Raiden these were so much easier! He had 6 hands, 6 eyes, and 3 brains on all projects in a single room, hell if he cared enough he might as well get the last three bodies. His mind snapped back to reality, when he finally found what he was praying for.

Lightning ninjutsu pulsed throughout Kubitsuki's tools, numbing down the nerves and body to require less oxygen and lighten their blood flow. More time, that is what he needed here. He tried to keep his cool as he began staining and warping the bone marrow of the Volunteer. The Hyuuga blood was strong, nearly overpowering like a drug but it could be contained. The powerful clan would be diluted, but this high concentration quickly did it's work. The exposure to the air and leaking out the blood like the ancient Romans made it need more blood, and with the large amount of Hyuuga stem cells in there? Well, the bloodline was transcended and warped. It was nearly as efficient as the old method, maybe more? Most never knew, that's the bloody reason why the art was lost! Whatever the case, the bone marrow was warping and adjusting to the new blood from the mixture of numbness and nervous tissue adaptations. The blood was more effective for the body, and since the body does what works with a little push, he made the Volunteer's body want it. The bone marrow began producing blood and blood stem cells as Kubitsuki cut open more major sources of Bone Marrow. He closed up all the wounds after the blood infusions did their part, turning the Volunteer's own body into a factory for the Hyuuga blood. He could never be harvested from, his blood was tainted and warped now. Dead things, dead things could make the purest blood, become the very source, yet they were so hard to come by. The eyes of the Volunteer were easily cut out, Kubitsuki had been doing this simple task for nearly 7 years at least. He placed the replacement eyes in their sockets while all three clasped their hands together. They used their Angelic Blessings to restore the body of the Volunteer, stimulating the blood cell growth and nervous system reattachment.

Kubitsuki snickered as he relaxed, with stimulated growth of blood cells and frequent bloodletting, the Volunteer should be be fully fixed up in only a few weeks compared to the four months it would normally take. Only then would he see if his work finally payed off. Until then, his bodies sat in a circle, meditating to allow his consciousness a little bit of free time once again. He earned this, he finally deserved this! His desire plunged him into pure bliss, oh he savored it all. If his knowledge expanded further, he would mark Cloud. After a few days, he would file in his request to be brought into the Harbingers.

Shinrya Kahako

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Oct 23, 2012
[spoilername="Medical Specialization Unlocked"]Kubitsuki has Mastered Kinjutsu Surgery
Kubitsuki has novice rank in Emergency Surgery
Also please note that once you have mastered Anatomy, you are officially consider a specialist in surgery. Your ranking will be above Mednin but below Medical Chief.[/spoilername]