Democratic Kagoshiman Republic - Information Compilation

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Jun 17, 2015
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The Democratic Kagoshiman Republic (DKR) is an independent state located on the mountainous northwestern coastline of the Lightning peninsula, which was until twenty years ago a contested region of Lightning Country bogged down in an ongoing insurgency led by factions of ethnic Kagoshimans seeking autonomy. Due to the intervention of Cloud shinobi in the resolution of the insurgency and the resultant declaration of formal independence, the region has become its own separate nation and has developed its own military.

A traditionally nomadic, horse-archer people, the Kagoshimans prefer mounted combat with an emphasis on marksmanship from horseback supplemented by heavy cavalry in the form of Lancers. Ground infantry is usually merely troops that have dismounted for close-quarters fighting, and there is little to no true artillery focus. As a result, the army is suited for the defense of the mountainous region, but likely incapable of posing a serious threat to Lightning Country territory. Shinobi engaging such opponents should steer their tactics toward disabling the mobility advantage given by the horses and force enemy troops to dismount in order to even the field.