Deserved Comeuppance [Solo Self Modded Mission]

Yuudai Kaito

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Jan 18, 2016
Kaito growled low in his throat and banged the thug against the alley wall again “I’m not going to tell you again! You are going to signal me when Fang arrives for his auction, and then you are going to walk away and not look back. Do you understand me?”

The thug grinned down at him “Aw come on kid. The tough guy act is adorable, but you aren't fooling anyone. There is no way I'd turn on my boss just cause you told me to, I'd never get another job.”

Kaito sighed heavily “Geez, I hope this gets easier when I graduate and get a headband..” Then drew his sword and ran it through the wall just next to the knee of the smirking thug, only stopping when the crossguard touched the wall. “On the other hand, you could not do what I want and never get another leg? That sound good to you?”

A slight trickle of piss made a puddle in the cracked earth of the backstreet as the thug crumpled like a wet paper bag “O-okay! No need to get nasty! I believe you're a ninja! Honest! I'll do what you want! Just please don't let anyone know I did it! I'd wind up dead in a day or two!” He pleaded, tears welling up in his eyes

Yuudai rolled his eyes. “Sand and storms, yes I won’t tell anyone. If I were you, I'd get out of the business of aiding and abetting the sale of Suna's priceless heritage. Considering that made you piss yourself, the ANBU would eat your soul. Get the hell out of here..” He roughly yanked them forward, then planted his heel in their back shoving them on their way out of sight; casually wiping his sword clean on the thugs shirt as he passed.

“I swear. I need a headband so these morons take me seriously. No, wait! An ANBU mask! Yeah, I bet they straighten up quick when an ANBU jumps down and tells them to halt.. Now I just need to find a place to hide out till showtime.” He wandered away in the maze of backstreets, circling round to the direction he had discovered that Fangu had been using as the fence for his stolen goods.

The evening had truly set in and Yuudai Kaito was slumped across from his target in a stakeout, covered in a bundle of rags and reeking of sake. Carefully hidden, his hand shook with anger as it gripped his sword. ‘A pawn shop. They're selling artefacts of Mother Suna in a pawn shop. It's like spitting in the face of all the sacrifices in our history.. it's desecration! If it wasn't for the Lord Steward's orders I would leave him to bleed out in the trash where he belongs.. By the First Men, I hope he dies as slowly as he deserves. Oh hey, there's my “employee”’. Looks like he's making himself scarce. My old friend Tekina Fangu must have arrived by the other door. That or I need to track him down and follow through on those threats.’ He shrugged to himself and decided to try to compound first. ’Well it was a 50/50 chance on which door he'd pick after all..’

He lightly kipped up and stalked over to the small walled off compound that served as a loading bay for the fencing operation with the confidence of a proven predator approaching a sleeping herd. As he slipped inside he very deliberately ran his hand along the edge of his blade, letting it slice into his palm. ’There, that should take care of any tricks he had ready.. Wait, what the..!’

As Kaito finished his crude anti-genjutsu method it was like a wave crashed over him, leaving him blinking and gasping as the whole courtyard in front of him rearranged itself. The small amount of rubbish and debris transformed into a dozen large boxes, freshly unloaded from a cart parked on the other side of the bay. Perched on one of the boxes just to Kaito's left was a man, tall and thin, his grey eyes laughing cruelly at the academy student.
“Really? You had to cut yourself just to disrupt my False Surrounding Technique? You're terrible at Genjustu aren't you?”

Yuudai didn't hesitate, launching himself through the air in a vicious slash at the criminal, only to pass straight through, landing on the other side. He span instantly to face Fangu, only to find two copies laughing back at him “A clone?”

“Yes you idiot, a clone. And it’s about to get a lot worse for you little ninja..” The pair of Fangu's ran through a short set of handseals as Kaito raced forward, trying to hit them both at once. “Genjustu: Double Vision Technique!” Just as Kaito was about to strike he realised there were now four copies arranged in front of him.

‘Aww hell.. I need a new plan. And I have just the one in mind!’ Yuudai dived away from Fangu, ignoring his taunts as he stood to block the main entrance of the bay. He focused and pulled on his chakra, shooting Fangu a cocky grin as he finished. “Heh, you aren't the only one who knows how to use Justu moron. Lightning Release: Thunderclap!” He clapped his hands together and unleashed a cascade of lightning bolts to shoot out at his opponent. At first they seemed to splash harmlessly, flying past their targets, but then a second blast erupted through the floor of the compound and the gang of clones disappeared, leaving only one thief gasping for breath on the floor. “..And Lightning Release: Electroshock. Shame you still have to stand on the same ground huh?”

A short time later saw the younger boy hauling Tekina Fangu along the streets by his legs; face down, dragging his face through the mud and sand. “Heh, should have learned how to throw a punch instead of relying on stupid tricks. Or just been smart enough not to mess with Mother Suna in the first place.”

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