Discord Village Chats


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Oct 14, 2012
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We are a single community, and while we have individual villages, we should all be able to communicate, hang and chill with each other in all manners possible within our community.

A decision that's been a long time coming, and finally getting set into motion, is happening now.

All village chats will be henceforth open to all villages.
Council, and other village-staff oriented chats remains the same of course.
Responsibilities on managing village chats will remain on the individual councils shoulders as well.

We have wanted to do this for years due to a natural phenomenon of animosity between the villages when the chatrooms are closed off, and using the sanctity of the village chat as a harbor to further this animosity.
In the hopes to prevent this, and instead supplant it with positivity and the ability to involve yourself in all chatrooms and furthering teamwork between all of the village playerbases.

So I hope you will all join in me in celebrating the unison and collaborations between all of our village communities!

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