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Jan 15, 2013
Do Not's of NC
  1. Do not Godmod.
    • If you do not know what Godmoding means, it is when you instantly hit or always dodge things. In essence, ensuring something happens in an RP that isn't completely up to you to decide and basically making your character into a "god." If you would like more information on Godmodding, refer to the following link:[LINK]
    • Godmodding is considered to be a punishable offense on NC.
  2. Do not Metagame.
    • Metagaming is when you have OOC knowledge of something and use it IC. If you don't know about something IC, you cannot apply it IC. If you would like more information on Metagaming, refer to the following link:[LINK]
    • Godmodding is considered to be a punishable offense on NC.
  3. Do not flame other players.
    • Flaming is the act of bashing or insulting another user or group of users. While this often involves the use of profanity it does not have to. If you would like more information on Flaming, refer to the following link: [LINK]
    • To clarify, you can flame other characters, however, making an OOC post in an RP, discussion thread, private message or anywhere on site to flame/insult another player is against the site rules. The Mini chat is considered to fall under this rule as well.
    • Accusing people of things which are false is considered a flame. It's insulting to the person(s) being accused and will be treated just as seriously as any other flame. If you are not 100% certain of the claim, don't make it.
    • Flaming is considered to be a punishable offense on NC.
  4. Do not flame-bait.
    • Flame-baiting is egging people to flame you.
    • Flaming is considered to be a punishable offense on NC.
  5. Do not Grief other users.
    • Grieving is the act of deliberately irritating and harassing other users within the game. This rule is used to differentiate between a player that Flames/Flame Baits a single target or group of targets. If you are habitually harassing the same member or group of members, that would be an example of griefing. In addition, this rule also considers the RP environment - if you are using your in-game character to harass a user or group of users (such as fighting students for no reason or fighting a player you have no IC reason to but have a gripe with out of character).
    • Griefing is considered to be a punishable offense on NC
  6. Do not make false-accusations.
    • If you state someone did something and they did not and you knew that they did not, or you fabricated evidence against them, you are making a false accusation against someone.
    • False Accusations are considered to be a punishable offense on NC.
  7. Do not revive dead topics.
    • If an Out of Character Discussion topic has been dead for over 2 weeks, it is considered dead.
    • An RP that everyone has left is also considered to be a dead topic.
    • If a topic is not posted in by a user for more than 5 days, that person is considered to be no longer in the topic unless the player(s) in the topic wish to skip the user's turn until he/she has returned.
    • If a topic is not posted in by a user for more than 5 days and there is only 2 users, the other player may leave the topic without being stopped at any time.
    • If a player has died, he/she may continue RP'ing in topics after his/her death with that character that he/she was active in prior to their death as long as EVERY member in the thread consents.
    • The act of reviving a dead topic is also termed: Topic Necromancing.
  8. Do not loophole.
    • Loopholing is the act of exploiting a not-explicitly-forbidden part of a rule; violating the spirit of the law but not the letter; or finding something not specifically included in the rules and stating because it does not explicitly state that something is against the rules that it is acceptable. Loopholes include misuses of the battle system, run rules, site rules, staff rules, etc.
    • An example of loopholing is stating that it is acceptable to flame a certain user IC because it is stated as acceptable in the Flaming Rules above, but the references made are based on an out of character disagreement (such as a break-up out of character automatically for no reason becoming in-character drama or an excuse to attack and kill another user). In this particular example the user would be breaking another rule, Griefing.
  9. Do not attempt to lawyer the rules.
    • Rule Lawyering is similar to loopholing, except a user is attempting to justify their loopholing with rules being taken out of context. If you would like more information on Rule Lawyering, refer to the following link: [LINK]
  10. Use common sense.
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Jan 15, 2013
When creating a character said:
  1. Your character must be humanoid. Players can be part-demon, part god, part mineral, etc. but this must be explained in your bio/in-character (for those that want surprises). As a player you will not gain any additional battle benefit from being part god, part dog demon, part elemental fire, etc. Attempts to do so will be considered loopholing.
  2. Your character can be the age you decide but you must explain why they are exceedingly old if they have lived a life longer than expected in RP (for those that discover this later) or in your character creation. But upon discovering one's age if in an RP, it MUST be explained. By having an old character, you do not have license to define the history and past setting of your RP setting, please contact your council for any historical details you may need to know. Although your input may be appreciated, the council defines the history of your village.
  3. Your character should look their age. If they appear drastically different than their age, it MUST be explained.
  4. You may begin with a rank other than student, this requires approval of the village council you are joining. This does not confer any bonuses.
  5. PCs may not be civilians. They must have some form of combat training, be it self-trained or otherwise.
  6. Your username must be contained in your character name. For instance, if you character is Karukoru Takamona you can have a username of Karu, Karukoru, Taka, Takamona, etc etc. But not "Tiki" because "Tiki" is not found anywhere in the character name.
Naming Rules said:
Ninpocho Chronicles is a creative role-playing website in an Eastern Fantasy setting, and as such we collectively recognize the societal importance and consequences of an individual's name in this context. We also recognize that the majority of players are not fluent in the languages or naming conventions of East Asia and thus we allow a reasonable degree of flexibility in what names players choose for their character. When coming up with your character's surname and given name, we require that the name be a reasonable one in the context of the Japanese/Chinese language and culture. This is not to say that non-standard names are prohibited, but that we will be applying the following metrics to a name that does not pass the 'look test' to a non-Japanese speaker or sets off other flags.

1. Is the name an obvious transliteration of an English phrase, particularly one meant to offend?
Examples: "Buraku Obama" - "Barack Obama"; "Burrowun Gizasu" "Brown Jesus."

2. Is the name an obvious reference to an internet meme or fad?
Examples: "Sageru Fouruchan" - "Sage [a post on] 4chan"; "Weaboo Ichiban" - "Number 1 Weaboo"; "Mai Waifu" - "My [Anime] 'Wife'"

3. Is the name a major Naruto canon character?
Examples: "Uzumaki Naruto"; "Hyuuga Hinata"; "Uchiha Sasuke"

4. Is the name an obvious other prominent anime or western cartoon character?
Examples: "Ramperouge Lelouche" - Lelouche, Code Geass; "Kirigaya Kazuto" - Kirito, Sword Art Online; "Akemi Homura" - Homura, Puella Magi Madoka Magica; "Lainbo Dashu" - Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony

5. Is the name an obvious non-Japanese or non-Chinese name even if it sounds vaguely Asian?
Examples: "Barack Obama"; "Vladimir Putin"

If any of the above criteria are met, then you will be subject to a name change. At first this will be voluntarily asked of you, but if you do not do so, then we cannot approve the use of your character with that name.
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