Expanding Knowledge [Learning Fiero]

Hitsugaya Ryoku

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Sep 2, 2018
Now that Ryoku had graduated from the academy, he could finally learn Fiero, the language of the Konoha shinobi. Not all Leaf shinobi knew how to speak it, but it would definitely come in handy when speaking with one who did. It'd be optimal for sharing information on the battlefield without tipping off enemies. Or even when speaking around civilians about sensitive information. There was plenty of application and Ryoku wouldn't hesitate to explore all of it.

He walked up to the shelves in the language section and found as many books as he could about Fiero and stacked them on top of each other. He pulled them into his arms and hobbled over to the nearest table, dropping the books onto it and spreading them out so that he could decide which to dive into first. A red one with bold letters entitled, Fiero Phraseology. The alliteration made Ryoku chuckle as he sat down and cracked open the book.

After about an hour of exclusively reading the book, Ryoku decided to make an attempt at pronunciation. "So hysa ec Ryoku," he said. Moving his tongue that way and making those sounds with his mouth were awkward and unnatural feeling. It was definitely something he would have to practice often in order to become skilled at it.

Ryoku closed the first book and reached for the next. "The Secret Language of Fiero." This one was black and had golden, script letters and trim.

What seemed like another hour had passed. This time while he read, he sounded out and mouthed along with the letters and syllables as he went. After a while he attempted another sentence. "E femm palusa dra cdnuhkacd hehzy eh dra Mayv Jemmyka."

This was actually very exciting to Ryoku. He had a thirst for knowledge and learning when it came to being a ninja. It was very convenient that he learned quickly.
After spending some time in the fifth book, Ryoku made one more attempt at a sentence. "E ys dra sucd aqdnyuntehyno crehupe so jemmyka ryc du uvvan!" he said with a chuckle. He was having more fun with learning than he should have been for a kid.

"Closing time," the librarian said in a soft voice as she made her way around the library with her cart, picking up books that people left lying around. But how was that possible? It seemed like it couldn't have been more than 3 or so hours. But if the library was closing that meant it had to have been at least 7 or 8. Maybe 9. Ryoku may have been good at picking things up quickly, but he was not good at keeping track of time. He rounded up all of the books and brought them to the checkout counter so that he could rent them and finish learning the language at home. He had a long way to go before he would become as fluent as he would like.

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[Learning Fiero]
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