Eyes To Dream [Private]


Nov 21, 2017
… Uh. Was it just Honnou’s mind that was on a flux, or did he hear something nearby? The boy wanted to react instinctively by expressing an offending or scary stance, but was it an enemy? They were still quite near the village and all, so who could it be? ANBU trainees? His parents? Other shinobis? The choices were numerous, and he immediately activated his Byakugan by forming a single, quick hand seal. Veins enveloped the skin around his eyes, pouring chakra into the eyeballs and forming the classic signature of a blank, all-seeing pair of eyes. He quickly looked around the area, spotting not only the aura surging through the trees and leaves, but also the charka signatures of someone else nearby… and it was approaching him at a high speed.

His hands moved up and readied to counterattack the sudden figure that attacked him from the front; spiky hair collided with him as he was pushed back! “Argh..!” he let out in slight pain, before actually focusing on saving himself from whatever tried to beat him down. It was dark and gloomy, and its body was as spiky as a cactus. His hands were already bleeding from that one clash, so he had to be careful with where he could hit it. What exactly was that creature? It reminded him of- no time to think when you were in the midst of a battle! Fiercely, chakra manifested in form of a gust that was sent off from his palm and into the being, pushing it a few meters back. If direct contact hurt, then ranged combat would do. He hesitated not in sending another Jutsu ahead, one with the affinity of lightning bolts bursting out from his fingertips. The light from those bolts revealed the creature’s true identity…-

And hence, he woke up. In the middle of the night, inside his room, his hands safe and sound and with his pajamas on and everything.

WC: 326