Family first. [Private]

Uchiha Asuka

Leaf Main Branch Sennin
Feb 20, 2018
Kill Switch
Asuka sighed loudly, lowering the tea she had in her hand. She had been wondering how to approach this type of situation. She had found out about this by hearing it from the gossip that was going around, she didn't have it confirmed but even if it wasn't true she still had to let it clear the air. She hadn't told any both of them that both were going to be here, that this was going to be like an intervention of sorts just a lot more.... violent.

She already sent the summons, she just hoped this wouldn't go the same as it went with Ziren. That, that was just a stupid way to waste time. But either way, that was in the past and this was now the present. Here now, she would either agree or disagree with her sister's decision.

"Now to wait for the individuals." Asuka spoke, taking a sip from her tea.

[Summoning Santaru Soku]
[Summoning Uchiha Hoheto]