Filing Complaints or Grievances

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Jan 15, 2013
What is considered as a complaint or Grievance:
  • If you are the victim of harassment. And you wish to report this to the administration.
  • If you see a member of staff or player breaking one or more of the established site rules.
    • If this is occuring on a post on the forum, you're free to use the post reporting tool instead of this tool.
  • If a member of the Administration is the one causing the issue to you this tool helps alleviate you becoming a target as the one receiving the report is beyond the Administration at the highest level. I.e Site Owner.
  • If you have been the target a number of cases of similar cases of frustrations from a group of players or one player specifically and you feel it necessary to provide a complaint about it. This is defined by what you experience, and not how others see it. So don't feel pressured to having to sustain your own sanity a number of times before reporting it. Best to nip it in the bud before going crazy.

When filing a complaint or grievance with the Administration, the Administration expects the following:
  • Information and evidence supporting your complaint such as logs, links and screenshots.
  • Your sources. If you tell us that you heard from someone that something was happening or that people are so mad that they are about to do something, we need to know who they are. We cannot work on hear-say and rumors, we will need them to not only verify and corroborate what has been said but to also provide us with their logs, links, screenshots and other evidence.
  • Do NOT come to us with wild and unfounded accusations.
  • Do NOT lie or tamper with evidence.
  • If a third party comes to us serving as YOUR proxy, be certain when we ask for their logs of the interaction that brought them to us for your (before we go to you and ask you for copies of your information) be 100% certain that you did not leak staff information to them if they are not a staff member or not on the team that you are discussing. If you discuss privileged information with them, even when reporting an issue you will likely be penalized for leaking in addition to the other user if they are indeed doing something that warrants intervention or punishment.

When filing a complaint or grievance with the Administration you can expect the following:
  • We will look into your complaint. We will research and ask questions. This process is lengthy and involves us asking fellow staff members, checking logs, and asking potentially associated players as well as you questions. We are not perfect so be easy on us, NC is our hobby too and we are doing the best we can.
  • We will try to maintain your confidentiality. We cannot promise it, some things are unavoidable. If you complained that someone is harassing you and we punish them for harassing you, it is safe to assume that they know that you placed a complaint. We wont be sharing your logs and screenshots, nor will we be sharing those with the other users we interview when we are reviewing your complaint. As an administration we walk a fine line between telling the players why they are in trouble and protecting their victims from further harassment.
    • Note: If you lied to us, set-up or attempted to frame or defame a player, your confidentiality will NOT be respected.
  • That even Admins who dislike you will look into your issue and or will forward it to someone who can.
  • We have a large, diverse Admin Team, find an Administrator you are comfortable with. We can all be reached on Discord and by PM.
  • If you submit a problem to us, make sure that you are not the aggressor or the bully, otherwise your complaints will backfire. Submissions do not suggest immunity.

How and where to report a complaint or grievance
  • We ask that you please either provide your report using our report tool found here Or send it via any communications form to any currently serving admin. While we do prefer you using the report tool, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this,then just forward it to an Admin.
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