Fluffy Vs Scary[Spectator, Open]

Yamamoto Maru

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Sep 30, 2017
Kill Switch
After days of waiting, the tournament seemed to be back on track. He heard that mikasa had lost, that meant that the rogues and the leafies are out of the tournament. After Akkuma lost, the one he was rooting for now was a kitsune woman he saw when he went to fluff Akkuma's tail, after all Maru was a huge fan of the fluffy community. He wondered who was she fighting against, hopefully that girl who beat down Akkuma but Maru didn't get his hopes up about that. Finding a seat, he plopped down moved his coat back to reveal his shining pistol before pulled it out. He pointed it to the sky, then commended his “pistol” to turn into a pair of muskets. “LET’S FOXY LADY!” He exclaimed firing off a couple shots which made some people who were sitting in the seats under him to jump with fright. Maru laughed, then fused his signature weapon back into a single rifle, throwing it over his shoulder to see who was Azusa’s opponent. Maru was shocked when seeing that her opponent was… that guy who took out Maki in 20 seconds. ‘Damn’ Maru thought, he already dropped 100k on her which was a lot of money. I heard that one guy put up a million yen on Maki to win and this guy was walking around with a shit ton of money from the people who doubted him. Maru pull his collar, then chuckled nervously. “Well… how bad could it possibly be?” He said, then the fights started. The fight was going alright, things where going good and she grappled the gu–



Well shit she missed, the guy surrounded the area in sand which made it pretty hard to see what he was doing. However when Maru saw a persona, he already knew that it was a bad sign. Persona’s were strong, could do alot of unhealable damage but if they die, then you're screwed from what it looked like with Maki. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a two round battle like he kinda expected.

[Spectating Azusa vs Junko]