Forest Fire [Open]

Uchiha Moeka

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Jan 20, 2016
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Within the Ancient Forest, by taking a lengthy trek off the beaten paths, crossing through thick shrubbery and squeezing past densely growing trees, one would eventually arrive at a shallow pond in the middle of a scenic little clearing. This area was deceptively dangerous to approach - the surroundings had been riddled with a variety of crude, improvised traps. As most of them were poorly concealed and circled thinly and unevenly around the clearing, a shinobi could deduce that the primary purpose of these traps was not to keep people away; they were all arranged so as to be within the leaping range of the average ninja, so they had most likely served as an obstacle course for one to cross as a test of reflexes, a not atypical form of training for someone in that line of work. But they nevertheless posed a potential hazard for those less capable or less aware; falling for one of the traps could lead to serious injuries.

The clear sky had been painted a variety of hues by the setting sun. At this time, the traps were almost all spent and rendered inept. The young girl responsible for setting them was in no condition to rearm them: she lied on the ground, her eyes closed and her disheveled black hair mingling carelessly with the grass. As she slept there, she looked anything but peaceful, her body trembling with pain. She would have continued to sleep there throughout the night undisturbed, had it not been for a single detail: one of the trees surrounding the clearing had been set aflame, sending columns of gray smoke towards the orange sky and marking the isolated location for all to find. But more importantly, the flames were taking quite well to the leaves and branches, and threatened to spread across the entire forest given enough time.


Chigokai Yukio

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May 7, 2017
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The man was one prone to walks though it seemed this one would turn out more interesting than most his eyes quickly locking onto the plume of smoke off in the distance as his vision narrowed his companion forming from the empty socked of his arm. "Need I ask what you have in mind." The Sennin had no need to answer moving quickly into the trees towards the source of this fire forming a few handseals as the shards of mirror formed around him Kōshuke forming within them it's head snapping to the man. "This better be for good reason Yukio."

"You are the one who asked to see exciting things, so unless you missed the fire in the distance that could quite quickly get out of control, I would say this counts as so." The being took a moment to ponder simply nodding as both it and the Uchiha noticed the various traps that scattered the area the man raising an eyebrow as they kept moving Chinatsu speaking up. "Rogue Ninja maybe?" It was certainly a possibility though nothing could be said for certain yet at times the man took pause looking around for marks and other sides of movement his training as a tracker coming in useful at this moment in time. "Chinatsu would you kindly?" The being latched into a branch before using its mass to launch the Sennin up as the man got a decent view of the area.

It didn't take him long to narrow down the source vision snapping from tree to tree before allowing himself to fall with some speed as he crashed into the ground taking a moment to look over to the girl and the state she found herself in. "Kōshuke if you would, see what you can do for her. I on the other hand." Turning to the source of the flame before taking in a deep breath forming another set of seals before releasing a torrent of water towards the flames.

Kōshuke on the other hand moved towards Moeka the mirror shards forming a circle around her as the being began to funnel its Chakra into her a slight green glow reflecting off each of the mirrors he was trapped in. "Time to wake up little one, this is no time to be resting."

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Yukio using:
Contract Summon to summon Kōshuke
Scorn of Aquarius to put out the flames

Kōshuke using Regeneration on Moeka

Rakujo Yumeko

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Oct 22, 2012
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It had been a while since she had actually taken the time to enjoy herself. It had been a while since she had been pardoned, but she relaxed for the most part. Maybe even a little too much, so she wanted some fresh air. Deciding upon the area to go to was simply the Ancient Forest. Now, walking was how she started off the trip but it certainly wasn't how she planned to enjoy everything for very long. Having taken some clay and molded it into the shape of a bird as she walked, though it took some time for her to get used to the mouths on her hands but she had waited for them to spit out the clay before the molding of the clay. With the clay bird finished after a few moments, tossing it into the air, it soon grew in its size after a quick handseal. Being just large enough for her to ride on, she'd jump onto it as now she could enjoy things without much worries such as getting tired.

She spent some time just enjoying the view from one spot before having noticed something pretty far off in the distance. An area off the beaten trail had some gray smoke break the peacefulness of the orange sky and was now a point of interest as she had the bird she was on move towards it quickly and only somewhat cautiously. It didn't take very long for her to get to the place, though it did come to a surprise for her that someone had beat her to it. Seeing a girl lying on the ground with something glowing green around her and a guy having used a water technique to put out the fire. Her purple eyes examined the two of them as she hovered in place above them, and her pink hair moving with the breeze above the trees. She dared not to check things out with something she could quite yet, though she would call down to the guy as the girl wasn't in much of a position to talk. "You know what happened down there?"