Further and Farther [Leaving Country]

Jul 11, 2018
[Topic entered with NPC Himawari Henkeitori]

With what has happened to him, he was absolute certain that he was heading in the right direction - further and further away from his home. He will return one day, but Henkeitori knew that he had to keep going.

There was still so much more of the world to explore, and who knows what other place in this world contained things of wonder like what he had seen just a few days ago...

It was true, so it seemed. There were beings of mystical powers, beings of mystery, and then... then there were beings of ancience, from times long past that still remain today, both mystical and mysterious, awaiting only those who are deemed worthy.

So with that in mind, Henkeitori continued on his path, unknowingly heading in the direction of the Fire Country.

[Leaving Lightning Country for Fire Country, 60 minute run time starts now.]