Getting The Job Done! [Mission]

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May 5, 2013
Tsuyoshi Junko said:
Rp said:

Making their way into the Rolling hills of kumogakure, Junkos laziness was surprisingly not showing. Something about him was different and the young beautiful red head medical assistant couldn't put a finger on it. Staring at Junko, he wore a clean suit as usual and Kireina noticed in surprise that the leading chief had clear skin. "Why are you staring Kireina-san?" Junko asked holding his rather blunt expression. Immediately, Kireina's face turned red a bit as she looked away.


"Go ahead, spit it out."

"You just seem.... Different."

"Did you know, I'm nearly 30? Might not be as old as dust like Kitsune, but I'm getting up there."

"haha, and? What does that have to do with anything?"

"Everything. I'm growing. Not just in age, but in character Kireina. I fucked up at the gates, but that was just two brothers missing home. Aside from that, the medical sennin and the Raikage put me in a position where I was forced to grow. If I didn't, I'd fall behind. As Daisukes disciple, you know I couldn't let that happen."

"So... No more cookies all day? No more laziness?!"

"Pump your brakes, I wouldn't go that far. I will always love my cookies and you know paperwork will always kick my ass."

"Haha.. good to know that hasn't changed. I really would wish you'd stop calling Kitsune old. The twins are picking in up. Do you truly forgive her?"

"In all honesty... I d-" Junko said, but was interrupted by an explosion within the village they just stepped into. Fire erupted, sending panic throughout the village. "Kireina! Rally up the injured and get them to a secure location. Begin medical treatments immediately!" Junko commanded as a hand immediately went to his katana at his hip.

"Wait, you shouldn't go alone! Jun..."

"That was an order! Go! Now!" Junko said commanding with force. His expression was now quite serious as he had a chaotic gleam in his eyes. Sending fear through Kireina, she immediately got on the move. Simultaneously, Junko used his reality bending speed to get to the explosion as quick as possible. He was still rusty, but using simple movements wouldn't be a problem.

Upon arriving to the scene, a man held an old man at the throat with a very abnormal sized arm. Flames burned around the inside of the building. A tongue from the man's hand licked at the old mans throat. Staring into the old mans eyes, the traveler also possessed the Sharingan.

In a mere moment, Junkos foot was planted in the troublemakers face, causing him to drop the old man and fly through the firry back wall. Catching the old man, Junko used his high speed movements to get the man outside right before the building collapsed. Meanwhile, the mysterious traveler was shaking off Junkos kick as he stood to his feet. Upon standing, he found himself dead center of Junkos paths with his Inuzuka path using the transformation jutsu.

"What the hell?"

"Akimichi, Toujigikou, and the Uchiha bloodline flows through your veins. Your death shall serve the kinjutsu surgery division greatly." Junko said arriving to the circle. Unsheathing his blade simultaneously with his other paths, Junkos rinnegan eyes analyzed the traveler as chakra was building in his palms. In a blink of an eye it would seem, both hands of the man were clearly sliced through and decapitated. Before he could even yell, Junkos spiritualist and earth born paths gave slashes of their own.

Continuing the brutal attack, Junkos Inuzuka path slashed at a leg as his canine companion ripped through the other, ultimately bringing the man to his knees. with the final swing of his blade, Junko decapitated the chimeras head, destroying his chakra flow and ending his life. This time, he wouldn't be able to play possum. Placing a hand to his ear, Junko cleared his throat before speaking. "How are things on your end Kireina?"

"Pretty busy sir, how about you?"

"About to wrap up with the extraction of this chimeras bloodlines."

".... I should be finished by the time you're done. Hopefully..."

"Alright, don't rush." Junko said already getting to work with his paths. Picking up the man's hands, Junkos spiritualist path was performing several hand seals. Storing the hands in a scroll, Junko used his earthborn path to focus on the Sharingan eyes. Working with a medical scalpel while surging chakra through it to make it much sharper, Junko carefully made several incisions at the eyes. Removing the three tome Sharingan eyes and handing them to his spiritualist path, he placed them in another small scroll.

After storing the scrolls away, Junko decided to use the extra hands to assist Kireina with healing. Meanwhile, he'd use his main path to do the hardest part. "Destroying the source of these bloodlines is a bit more difficult to do." Junko said shaking his head. "Good thing he's dead. I don't have to be gentle." Junko thought sticking a needle into the stomach of the body. Extracting blood, Junko would be sure to store the bloodlines blood cells after he destroyed the bloodlines from the body.

Focusing his chakra and activating his medical microscopic vision, Junko began manipulating the water base medication he brung along for the mission using his minor affinity in water. The water floated gracefully into Junkos hands. Placing his hands on the corpse, he forced the liquid inside using medical ninjutsu. Allowing the liquid to spread throughout the body over the entire system of the body, Junko began drawing out thousands of cells into the bubble from various positions of the body and destroyed them using his reality bending chakra. Repeating the process several times until he could draw out little to nothing from the corpse, Junko knew the job was done.

"How's the healing?"

"Well thanks to your little path friends. It went quicker and easier on me. Thank you... All of you."

"No problem, let's head out."

Packing up, the old man Junko saved earlier placed a hand on his shoulder. Turning around, the man bowed to Junko and began making sudden gestures with his hands that Junko couldn't understand, but he could take a pretty good guess. "You're welcome." Junko said with the snap of two fingers. Instantly, the corpse caught fire. As a few moments passed, villagers began to crowd the fire as the medical shinobi made their exit. It was time for Junko to head back to stone, if it wasn't for his Seikon abilities recently acquired, he probably wouldn't have been able to take the mission.

"So, back you go?"

"Yeah, keep everything in line for me. Ah, and give this scroll to Akane as soon as you can." Junko said tossing a scroll at Kireina.

"You never told me, do you forgive Kitsune?"

"Yes, but she's still old as hell!" Junko said before waving goodbye with a smile upon his face.

"Somethings just don't change." Kireina mumble.
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