Ghost in... Kettle? [D Rank SMTM]

Miro Kagami

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May 28, 2019
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‘Finally following orders.’ Mirō watched as best as she could while she was trailing behind the bandit and their leader. Moeka gained momentum, barreling towards a seal within the trees. The bandits falling right into its line of sight. Right as they passed it went off. Exploding into a ball of light that blinded and dazed them. Forcing them to stumble and fall over each other, Mirō quickly jumped on them. Beating the lesser bandits senseless and knocking them out cold the leader frantically tried to regain her composure.

Like serpents her fingers bolted at pressure points along her body. One at her neck, two in her back and two on her legs. Unable to stand any longer she fell pitifully on the forest floor. Gnashing her teeth even the devil himself couldn’t muster up the violent vocabulary she had. Mirō let her skin peel and fall away into steel strength sheets of paper. Binding the lower level bandits hands behind their backs Samei couldn’t help but pop up and out from underneath her grey vest.

“How does that taste now! Trying to sap my powers are ya? Not when Cloud Shinobi are here to save me!” Mirō couldn’t help but roll her eyes and poke him on the forehead. “Quiet you. You weren’t even our objective.” Hushing him, her attention turned to the woman on the floor. Simultaneously binding her hands and legs behind her back with her jutsu, Mirō beckoned Moeka back to her. “Why don’t you explain why you want the kettle so badly? Why leave it in the first place?” Mirō poked and prodded the ne’er-do-well but she showed no signs of give in. “Like I’d talk to a small punk like you!” “That’s a shame. Guess I’ll do it in the interrogation room.” Pulling out a kunai and twirling it around her finger she brought the point centimeters away from her eye. “I wonder how loud you can really scream.” Mirō loomed over her frozen body.

“Moeka. Why don’t you lug these two towards the main road and head for the rural village. Leave ‘em on the road and inform the village of the good news. No more bandits, no more plagued house.” Getting up, Mirō stretched her back and rested her foot on the leader's face. “I’ll inform my superiors and get this one gathered up. And happily return Samei. Oh! If you would please hand over the kettle I’ll ensure it’s safety.”

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Uchiha Moeka

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Jan 20, 2016
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Moeka gave Miro the kettle with a small smile and a polite bow. "Pleasure working with you." She said. Despite their brief conflict during the mission, she still wanted to leave a good impression, though Moeka's concerns lied primarily with her advancement through the shinobi ranks rather than the desire to remain friends. Starting a conflict with a superior was definitely the worst way to go about that, but she couldn't bring herself to directly apologize either. So she decided to sweep any potential issue under the rug and avoid acknowledging mistakes entirely.

Her attentions had then turned to the remaining bandits. The girl firmly prodded them with her foot until they stood up. Still smiling, she pointed in a direction that led towards the village, and the two men begrudgingly began to walk, Moeka right behind them. The little Samei followed along.

"So how is the-..." Samei began.

"I would really appreciate if you'd be quiet." Moeka was quick to rebuke his attempts at socializing. Clearly at a bit of a loss, Samei mumbled something grumpy for a bit before adhering to the girl's request. As the little ninja cat was neither of importance to the mission nor to Moeka's future, she had no interest in making friends. The group proceeded in awkward silence, eventually leaving Miro and the leader of the bandits far behind. She kept a keen eye on the two vagabonds. She remembered one of them being present to witness her fiery retaliation, and it showed in his meek demeanor; his fellow seemed boisterous enough to put up an angry expression, and Moeka expected him to cause trouble.

That bandit would suddenly dart to the side and erupt into an all out sprint. His comrade shouted at him not to try it, no doubt concerned that the girl behind them would simply incinerate him just like she tried to do to the rest of his fellows. Although the temptation was there, the little girl erupted into a dash of her own, catching up in no time. She kicked the feet under the adult man's run and he clumsily fell right on his face, unable to stifle his fall with his restrained arms. The escape attempt had resulted in nothing. The bandit didn't get far, and his friend didn't even try. Moeka made him stand upright as he bled from his broken nose, and dragged him by his restraints, the resulting image not unlike that of a mother dragging around an unruly and tantruming child back home.

After bringing them to the main road, Moeka tied them up to a tree with some rope and went straight to the village to deliver the good news.

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