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Aug 28, 2012
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A coming change to NC alongside the other big changes:

The Global Moderator Team!

What is the Global Moderator Team?

The Global Moderator Team (GMT) will be in charge of approving all of the OOC aspects of players that do not require IC approval.
Training, dojos, profile audits, CRPJ requests, yen payments, contract creatures, etc etc. Things that do not require IC approval to use only.

To this end, when this team comes out, we will be making some changes to the forum structure.

A new category will be created on NC labeled "Player Stats". It will have 4 subforums under it:
Player Profiles
Player Dojos
Player Training
Player Requests

Profiles, Dojos, and Training will be further split into Leaf/Missing/Sand/Cloud for organizational reasons.

What does the GMT not do?

The GMT will not handle BL/CA/Kinjutsu apps, village ranks, rule enforcement within a village. Anything IC or village-specific will remain with village councils.

Why do we need this?

Because there is no standard of approval on things. Cloud council might approve, say, a CRPJ that Sand Council would deny. Some villages have additional rules on how to handle training, or dojos. This takes all of those things that either need a line drawn, or are rote and based on numbers, and moves to one specific team.

This has the added effect of freeing up council members for things to improve their villages.

When will this take effect?

There is no solid date yet, as we are still finalizing the members who will form this team. Once we have them, we'll do some remedial training and then announce a go-live.

How do I join and who do you need?

We currently have 5 people who agree to be on this team, and are looking for 3-4 more. If you would like to apply, please send the following application to me:

How long have you been on NC:
Have you ever been on a staff team before:
Are you comfortable working with a varied group of personalities:
What do you feel you bring to this team:
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