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Oct 5, 2017
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OCR Form said:
Old Character Name: Hato Shinku
Old Village/Missing: Sand
OCR Type: Free Retire
Last Known Where-abouts: Sand inner
Old IC Rank: Genin

New Character Name: Sazuki Nao
Preferred Username: Nao
New Village/Missing: Leaf
New BL/CA: Benevolance
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
Medici rampage
HP: (60+15) x 600 = 45.000
CP: (45+15) x 600 = 36.000
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu
Class Bonus card: -5% Cp cost (2pt.)
High: Ninjutsu accuracy
Average: Dodge, Genjutsu Save,
Low: Ranged Accuracy, Genjutsu DC, Melee Accuracy
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Medical
IC Rank: Medical Sennin, I was offered the position by Uchiha Takeshi and had accepted his offer.

Character Age: 25
Sex: Male
Character's Physical Description: Nao stands tall at 182centimers, which is recalculated to 6’0”. His weight is a bit on the lower side, this often due to long days and no cooking himself. His weight is 67 kilograms which are 148lb. His hair comes towards his shoulder, which he wears in all kinds of things, up in a ponytail, half long, high-bun you name it. However, a barber isn’t in his books, he just grabs his kunai and does it himself, which is somewhat the reason for the many layers he has.
His hair colors depend a bit on the scenery, it is silvery with a blue hue, yet at one moment it might look plain silver, other times just light blue. His eye colors are blue-grey.
His clothing goes by a wide arrange but overall he wears doctors coats inside the building, urban casual outside.

Character's Mental Description: Overall seen, Nao can come over as a free-spirited person, never really worried about a thing, and often laid back. He is often calm, collected, and a warm person of the heart. He will respect everyone that treats him like an equal, yet his trust is something you really have to win. If you have won this, try not to break it. Because once you do break it you can shake it with this guy. He has grown up with respect and is quicker given then trust, as trust is like a paper, once broken it can never be whole again.
From time to time he even tries to squeeze out of important meetings, which can be a negative aspect of him. If it doesn’t concern him, it doesn’t have his interest, he doesn’t really care.
He is calm, collected, tries to run a joke around from time to time, but as he can be gentle and sweet, he can also be rather sinister and cold-hearted. He doesn’t show mercy in a few cases. And knows how to make people suffer.
Curiosity is another thing that can get him into trouble but also sometimes prevents being in trouble. This is like a double-edged sword which he often tries to weigh if things are worth being curious for.
A bad habit he tends to have is smoking. He buys the cheapest there is and smokes quite a bit, yet does tend to think of those that are around him. If he didn’t smoke for a long time he tends to get the habit of chewing pens and his thumb.

Multiple Personality Application: Nope

Character History:
The start of a lifetime - Regular history + CA.
As a young child, he was often a handful. Always on the discovery of things, sticking up for others, taking blame, and hits. His parents would easily vouch for it as he often came home with bruises, on which Nao replied that he got them for stopping the bullies. At one point it was so severe that he had to be taken into the Konoha hospital. Ever since his treatment that day however, he wished to become one of them and started to learn in their arts. All the other things started to care less for him and on this route, he learned eventually that some people actually deserved the hits or whatever they were getting.

As he started off in the academy, it was clear that there was a pecking order, this order was more to do with people with a bloodline were superior to those without one. It became a difficult time in the Academy for him it only was at the genin exams that he was acknowledged once he kept up to speed with one of the others. In the end, he did lose the fight as he wasn’t strong in head to head fights. He helped his team to heal up after the fights and to keep them going again.
In the end, the team did get all to Genin and the time got easier. Nao started to focus down more on the healing and support of his team, on which his Benevolence became rather useful. His parents already knew for a long time that he was a ton better than what the mother had been before… His mother worked in the hospital for quite some time already, tried to utilize every ounce of her chakra… But never became a combat medical like Nao started to become. At an outbreak, the mother requested that Nao came along because he managed to heal a lot more in a shorter amount of time than his mother… made things even clearer. It was that same day that they learned from the academy that he had this unique ability… And Naos grin widens up. “ Don’t worry mom, I am going to keep them all safe.”

Tongue Twisters - Konoha language learning.
As he was a Konoha resident... His parents made him learn the Fiego tongue early on. He grew up with it basically in and around the household, yet he soon learned not everyone, to Nao's surprise, spoke this language. It did honestly discourage him, but his parents got him going again. They borrowed a library book eventually to speed up the process also on the writing part. As Nao often learned better from doing it rather than reading it alone. It took big steps once he was writing and speaking alongside reading. In a month's time, the boy spoke it fluent with his parents as he trotted around the house with the day to day chores.

Time Matters. - Kinjutsu application.

“A mission..?” The boy asked as he looked with his team to the assignment. “A group of thugs got the better out of an old lady, and since they are such a bad group we need to go after them..?” He asked as he had fully read it through, being the one that had to often think a little offensive regarding the movements. He had a nack of this too as sometimes he was good at predicting the enemy's moves too.
They would start to get on their way towards the place where the old nanny was. She was still ragged up and what none new, she was in on the complot.

Fate to black. Once more he opened up his eyes, this was something he had to do. Something he had to take care of as a medical ninja. The enemy was right in front of him. He started to analyze the situation, try to make sense of everything that was surrounding him and his team. It was then that he saw something that was… quite unknown… It almost seemed like time froze for a second. “can’t be..” Nao muttered on which the team-minded him to keep the head in the games. Yet once he started to form a jutsu, he suddenly had a speed that brought the team in awe. “D-dunno.. let’s just… h-he… slowed down..?” The teen questioned as he saw the enemy. Everyone was slowed down now that he saw, and then the time went normal once more. He swallowed… Something wasn’t right… or was it… It was a moment that he slipped up with the barrier timing and his teammate was gravely injured. “Mitsa!” He called out and rushed to her side, once he held the female in his arms, something happened. Like time rewind. This time he tried to save her with a barrier. but yet again he didn’t save her, the barrier wasn’t strong enough… Time winded back once more. Now he did have her in a different position due to a gust of wind, but he killed another of his teammates. This was so unfair... As he rewinds the time once more, he started to try something else, an area effect before so all of them would lose balance. Yet this didn't help much either as the team captain died. So many options that he had been trying, so many things he had been going through... That at a certain point he snapped. He knew exactly what the outcome was, and there was just one way to stop it. He layered a few barriers and then jumped in front of them.
As he did that the time froze, it shattered and the men against them were pulled into a different time realm and were forced to fight him there… Yet somehow time was on his side, he forwarded it, slowed it down... and made many nasty tricks. Even tricked them with offensive healing which actually damaged them all.
The battle itself... was one he did win and once the time went on… Nao fell to the ground on a knee, heavily panting and the group was baffled. “T-they disappeared!” “That cannot be..” Everything started to look around, the Byakkugan user used their eyes but confirmed they were not here… not anymore. Yet just a few moments later they were on the ground again, the guys were ported back in their own time again. Yet their movements were nothing at all. Nao started to grin towards them and started getting up from the ground, he was still exhausted... But the pain he had seen, was something far worse than the wounds he held on his body. The chakra burns that he even put through his reserves. "Serve you right you idiots..." His worse was cold, icy cold as he said that and tears started to dwell up. "You won't hurt them! Not anymore!" He kicked one of them once more, who winced as there was a sign of life left within him. But Nao's body couldn't quite handle it anymore, he spat out blood in a coughing fit and knew he was in a bad shape after... The captain started to get his weight on his own and telling him, that whatever he had done, he had done well. "All... I did... all..." He faded out

His team took the decision to go back, where Nao was treated in the hospital. As he came back towards the living he had some explaining to do. His team captain got around, along with the little sennin's there were at the given time. He explained what he had witnessed… His parents were called in too, once he explained again the parents didn’t seem all too phased with it.

His parents were exchanging some facial expressions, some looks between the two of them. From what Nao could tell, something was eating away from his mother's consciousness. “Sorry that you have to learn it like this Nao… But truth be told, we found you when you were just a baby.” The mother started to speak and as she spoke her voice started to lower and a tremble. She spoke softer with each word till it was just barely a whisper.

Present time:This shocked Nao as he did resemble them… His father continued the story. “We were out on a picnic… We cannot conceive children ourselves, your mother’s womb cannot function that way… So when we found you, we flyered around the city in the hope your mother would come, yet after a week we gave it up and decided to adopt you. I am sorry to say… But we do not know exactly where you come from… But as you grew up, you always had these little shenanigans… Where things like candy would vanish before our eyes and you had them all the sudden. At first, we thought it was because you were just that fast. But by the time we learned that that wasn’t the case. You were special... Are special..” The voices started to quiet down. Nao didn’t look at them, the feeling he had… he called them parents, was this really right..? Nao requested to be alone for a time…
At first, he started to reject them, he bittered out and started to turn for the worse…

Time is a weird concept for Nao, and in this instance Nao felt it like an instinct affecting his decision, he had seen these documents, proving this adoption to be a fact. Somehow they appeared on the table in front of him, and it was weirdly comforting to have this evidence in hand. He felt acceptance of this to be the truth. Somehow, his future self had provided him with this insight, and it gave him comfort. His parents were speaking the truth, and his past was yet truly unknown.

Altered time now: “Sorry that you have to learn it like this Nao… But truth to be told, we found you when you were just a baby.” His eyes shifted off his parents towards the blanket below... He couldn't possibly tell them that he had found the papers back then right..? But on the other hand... why not, the game was over. After all, he knew. "Why... Why do you only tell me this now...??" His voice was as soft as a whisper he started to look up towards his mother, then towards his father and they were baffled by his reaction. "W-what do you mean?" "I have known this for some time now... At first, I didn't know exactly why I felt hurt and betrayed... But then again, you were always there for me even if I wasn't your real child." His words stopped a bit in his throat as he looked down towards the blankets. Tears streamed down his cheeks and hit the soft cushion of the blankets. "How do you know..?" The father asked in a desperate measure to break the silence that had emerged between them. A talk happened between the three of them and Nao learned a thing or two but was still left with too many questions.
His parents sat there and thought to themselves how he had found the documents.. They had intentionally hidden them away from Nao, never to be seen, not even by them after many years, they had wanted it kept hidden. Time is a weird concept, and an idea that perhaps somehow the truth had come to him through some form of utilization of his natural born abilities.. But in truth they had no conclusions.. Together they went home... home sweet home.

He started to recover from the fight he had, his teammates came over often which did soften it up. Yet one thing he couldn’t get out of his mind, something that kept haunting him. The sheer number of visions of death he had seen of his teammate. It made him more dedicated to learn to control this time manipulation ability along with the medical skills he held, for now though,Nao decided to keep this thing to himself, the fewer people knew he could alter small portions of time… the better it would be. As somehow it seemed, he didn't really feel like he was from this world altogether, even if he was. For all we know, he might have found an amazing girlfriend called truck-chan and got run over and isekai-ed, which isn't the case don't worry. “Mom! I am going back to the academy!” He cheered himself on as he packed up and grabbed his headband. It still held some of the wear and tear from the battles he had, but on the flip side, it looked amazing this way. He was proud to be who he was and who he resembled.

Rising up and beyond. - Medical experiences throughout the years.
After his recovery time, the boy grew taller and quicker than before. After an introduction at the medical ward, he took the role of a Medical Ninja in training. Otherwise known as a MiT. He felt like he could conquer the world already with this, but this was just a start. The training was actually getting harder as he often had to push through his insecurities, could he actually save them with this? As his teacher always taught him, always keep yourself safe before others as without you they would fall too. Yet this was a contradicting thing for Nao, as he often found himself placing himself in between whatever struggle his friends or allies were facing.
Teachers kept reminding him that he should look after himself better as he often cared more for his teammates, yet at one occasion this seemed to have been beneficial. One of his teammates had gotten ill, and was poisoned in fact… as he was battling exhaustion, he didn’t rest, he didn’t take food to keep himself in check. He kept going to save his teammate. In the end it was rather easy as a poisonous plant was causing it. He removed the poison through a technique with chakra.. And once he was safe. He managed to prove his teachers wrong and they learned from that too. It was this exact thing that got him promoted towards an official Medical Nin. At only the age of 18.
He did a lot of missions, missions with the Main branch, with his own branch… but sometimes even with masked fools.. He called them fools but knew better than to mess with the ANBU. They chose him often as he was good at keeping a secret. Eventually he was even asked a few times to help out with interrogations… In which he utilized a method that is very painful, but doesn’t mortally wound the person. But taking away something valuable.. the hearing to be precise. The details of how Nao did it, were left out. But he was one often to crack a light case before a proper interrogation ANBU had to be called in. Nao made his own mask to fight and defend alongside them.
A few years went past and he became a Medical chief… yet none really knew about him, he was called a Phantom Medic. He spent his time often in the gardens where he raised, and harvested plants. All kinds of plants to make medicine with, or poisons in some cases. There was even a test around one of the small herbal houses. One that he was proud of.
His first book to study these plants safely, was quickly sold out. So he was forced to make an alternative option where pictures were inlaid instead of the real plants. His only hope was that it helped the children further.

Clan Request: None

Death/Retirement Thread: N/A As I keep Hato as an Active Sand NPC.
Old Profile: https://www.ninpocho.com/threads/hato-shinku-x-baby-shark.63434/
Old Training: https://www.ninpocho.com/threads/hatos-progression.63436/post-350518
Old Dojo: https://www.ninpocho.com/threads/hatos-dojo.63490/

Special Usergroups: Community Improvement team, Contract Team,

Old Stats: AGILITY: 600 / 600
STAMINA: 600 / 600
TAIJUTSU: 600 / 600
NINJUTSU: 600 / 600
GENJUTSU: 600 / 600
CHAKRA CONTROL: 600 / 600 %
PL: 3.600 / 3.600
Old OOC Rank: S

Stat Cut: 0%

New Stats: AGILITY: 600 / 600
STAMINA: 600 / 600
TAIJUTSU: 600 / 600
NINJUTSU: 600 / 600
GENJUTSU: 600 / 600
CHAKRA CONTROL: 600 / 600 %
PL: 3.600 / 3.600
New OOC Rank: S

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:Whole list:
Jutsu List
Updated: 17-10-2020 (dd-mm-yy)​
Earth NinjutsuFire NinjutsuLightning Ninjutsu
Water NinjutsuWind Ninjutsu

TAI: UnarmedTAI: Slashing
  • E-Rank
    • The One-Two [M]
    • Low Sweep [M]
    • Janken [M]
    • Uncalled For Shot [M]
  • D-Rank
    • 4-Hit Combo [M]
    • Spinning Wind [M]
    • Dynamic Entry [M]
    • Dynamic Finish [M]
    • Nut Buster [M
  • C-Rank
    • Dragon Assualt [M]
    • Tiger Hook [M]
    • Step-In-Flash [M]
    • Shoryuken [M]
    • Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku [M
    • Roaring Combination [M]
    • Grapple [M]
  • B-Rank
    • Suplex [M]
    • Primary Lotus [M]
    • Shadow Step Strike [M]
    • Seismic Toss [M]
    • Submission [M]
    • Spear Hand [M]
    • 16-Hit Combo [M]
  • A-Rank
    • Falcon Punch [M]
    • Eagle Drop [M]
    • Dance of the Waxing Moon [M]
    • Fist of Virtue [M]
    • Fist of Sin [M]
  • E-Rank
    • Slash [M]
    • Arcing Slash [M]
    • Dynamic Slash [M]
    • Overhead Slash [M]
  • D-Rank
    • Full Circle [M]
    • Cross Rip [M]
    • Crimson Flash [M]
    • Gasher [M]
    • Heavy Tow [M]
  • C-Rank
    • Vanishing Slash [M]
    • Lunar Steps [M]
    • Whisperer [M]
    • Sword Juggle [M]
    • Zero Slash Counter [M]
    • Top Spin [M]
    • Blade Trail [M]
  • B-Rank
    • Magnum Break [M]
    • Focal Blade [M]
    • Steel Weaving [M]
    • Flight Aerial Strike [M]
    • Kill Driver [M]
    • Executioner [M]
    • Lotus Flower [M]
  • A-Rank
    • Zantetsuken [M]
    • Higuma [M]
    • Annihilation [M]
    • Heavenly Sword [M]
    • Fatal Draw [M]
Projectile TAIPiercing TAI

and jinchu kin.

Everything except Kinjutsu


Swapping to
Aura Strike - Kinjutsu Ability
Elemental Manifestation - Kinjutsu Ability
Daunt - B-Rank - Mastered
Elemental Shockwave - B-Rank - Mastered
Life Corrosion - A-Rank - Mastered
Vanishing World - S-Rank - Mastered
World Standstill (Ability)
Chronostasis (Ability)
Rewind (B-Rank Technique) - Mastered
Fast Forward (B-Rank Technique) - Mastered
Favor of Time (A-Rank Technique) - Mastered
Broken Timeline (S-Rank Technique) - Mastered

Other Refunds:
» Primal (Augument)
» Razor strike (Augument)

Name of any Contract you currently own: Tsukutomi Hato’s Tsuku
Name of any Cursed Seals you currently own: None

Name of Kinjutsu you own: Jinchuuriki Hato’s Kinjutsu

Still actively roleplaying in any other threads?
Yes, as I keep Hato as active NPC.

ASP Items Carry over:
Class Point Card
Abilities Card
4x Extra RP Slot
12x Additional Advanced Element
Half the Time Card
1x Discovery of Contract of Your Choice
1x Immortality Card