Heading to Colder Lands


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Aug 28, 2012
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Maki’s boots press down on the hard rock as he steps carefully across the stone cliffs bordering Fire and the northern countries. To his right the ocean crashed below against those same cliffs, creating a beautiful sight and a dizzying sound that kept him awake. He looks back to his companions before turning back to the north and moving on to Lightning.

(Exiting country – 30 minute runtime with half the time card)


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Oct 22, 2012
Hoshirei followed just behind Maki as she looked around the area. It wasn't like she hadn't seen the sea before, but she was still awed by the vastness before her. She smiled softly as they made their way ever further north toward Lightning country. It was still a strange notion for her to be leaving Fire, but the further she got from Konoha, the more excited she felt. Who knew what they would experience on their journey and how it would shape them. Only time would tell as their journey progressed.

[Leaving Country - run time 1hr]

Nanjirou Soku

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Dec 25, 2017
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She had been held up a bit since leaving the familiar lands of the Fire Country behind. She would have to make double the effort to catch her fellow travelers, thankfully, her keen ability to track and find people was most useful here. She fully laid her blame to her own self. This was Soku's first time outside the village walls so all this was new to her. Somewhere, somehow along the way, the Captain had lost sight of her traveling group and all she saw in front was a massive army of trees..trees..and more trees. It was almost dull in a sense. "This is really a fine situation you've gotten yourself into."[/color After a couple of hours of walking in what she hoped was the right direction, the veteran kunoichi reached the borders heading in the direction where she had tracked the group to or so what she hoped was the right direction. You could see little bits of changes in the scenery here and there. A sign she was leaving the Fire Country. Finally..a break..a break from the village. Even if it was starting off roughly..these things happened. "Just a little bit more."She urged herself trudging across the rocky surfaces her eyes scanning for any figures.

[Exiting Country]
[Run Time- 1 Hour]