Heartaches by the number (Retirement)


Oct 28, 2012
Tiredness has succumbed the man as of late. For some reason in his heart he felt heavy, and every time he began to feel heavy he would fall asleep. The Chuunin was becoming narcoleptic with each time he began to feel sad, or guilt, or anguish. Any kind of negative emotion became an off switch.

It was sad, or at least he thought it was probably a sad thing. Hajime was struggling to barely function each time he was meeting the emotions of many people in the village. The only time he began to feel any kind of safety and solace was within the ancient forest. At least the animals would be able to keep him company as he slept soundly

He would tuck himself up into a little burrow and begin to hibernate within the forest. At least here his emotions couldn’t be manipulated by others. That his one strength was his greatest weakness and he didn’t really want to deal with that. He would just feed himself up on whatever the forest gave him, and for once in his life he would finally feel… happy.

Happiness was a nice and warm feeling, fuzzy to the touch. And this would keep him war throughout all the winters of Kumogakure.