I Really Can't Stay~ [Leaving Country]


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Oct 22, 2012
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It had been weeks...months? Cereza couldn't tell. The days blurred together, it was just cold. Just really...really fucking cold. Cereza, the human furnace, even felt the cold bite that came with it. This blizzard that froze over her country, her village, this wasn't normal. Something had changed in the world, but she knew not what. Luckily all of her family had made it out. She held Yuichi and Kayain her arms, clutched her body for warmth. They were about 5 years old, but their small bodies were incapable of producing enough heat to keep their small metabolisms going. They were all dressed in thick coats of fur, made from animal pelts that Yun had managed to slay in the frozen tundra, animals that had adapted in this frozen environment. Cereza had become the primary chef in the time that they had made camp just on the brink of the village.

Yun came over with Banira and thrust her bladed lance into the icey snow. "I've done near had enough o' this. It's damn near as cold as my mum when she catches my dad sneaking steaks at night. Listen, we need to move." Yun crossed her arms, tilting her head. Banira yipped in agreement, the poor thing buried in nearly 3 feet of snow. Cereza nodded in agreement. "You aren't kidding. I can't even seem to melt any of it very well. It's like it's infused with something more than just water particles. Rozan we need to go before we all become popsicles and ice cubes. There's probably a sexual innuendo in there, but I probably shouldn't mention that...well to late. Let's board the ship." Cereza carried her children onto the boat that remained docked in the frozen waters, the boat that she privately owned that is. Rozan would likely be bringing the supplies and items with them. Yun leapt onto the boat, and Banira charged after her. She decided to take the wheel. "Here we go."

[Group Run Time - (C-Rank run time 3 hours (+1 Hour) = 4 hours total before Country Left)]

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Aug 28, 2012

Setsumon Rozan

Times like these made Rozan wonder... 'Why in the hell did they stay here so long after leaving?' or 'Why had travel begun to take so long?' Rozan wasnt all to sure about what was going on. However, he did look back a few times to see that Yun was holding them back before looking to Cereza, "...Yanno, it would be nice if some people could speed...it...up...", but then again Rozan only said that part in his head, instead he would push Cereza's in a notion with this, "Do you think Yun might need some help? She's alittle sluggish.", he couldnt be mean to the woman that gave him a good note on the side of Cereza. She essentially helped them get to one another. He was able to fulfill his promise to her because of Yun so he held that woman in a high standard in his life. Something that he would try to accomplish for her one day... but Yun was into women. So it wasnt easy to find... well aside from the bi-curious ones that you could find here and there...

Meh, it wasnt that bad was it? It was fucking freezing. What the hell do you mean it wasnt bad. Woah there... WOAH... Who the heck was that? That was Olaf... that weak son of a gun that Rozan had locked up in a tree within his mind. It was... quite astonishing how strong Rozan was. Though, still nothing in comparison to what Cereza was in terms of 'fire'-power. Get it? Cause she uses... fire... whatever. Rozan would make sure that they were all on the right path. As long as they made it to the boat they'd be fine. Rozan was carrying all the supplies and rations for the trip. Wait... What happened to their horses? Shit. Shit SHIT! Rozan had to shed a silent tear for that sweet horse his wife happened to find. And all along on his shoulder a red panda sitting with a cup of coffee sipping away. Atsu-Ou, just looked down at Rozan with a grinned expression "...Sup...", shaking his head Rozan just simply... carried everything onto the boat utilizing his clones. He found the time to tuck away the documents from his children... something that he would never forget. Tucked away in his front jacket pocket it would stay until it was good and warm.

Though this frigid cold caused his arm to fall off multiple times... it was nerve racking. Looking back to Cereza, "Too Late Cereza, My mind never leaves that place when I'm watching you from back here." and yes he was staring directly at her behind. The supplies were handled. The children were safe. Yun was still slow. Oh well... Time to....

[Group Run Time - (C-Rank run time 3 hours (+1 Hour) = 4 hours total before Country Left)]