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Rakujo Yumeko

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Oct 22, 2012
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Old Character Name: Isaki Naikishin
Old Village/Missing: Mercenary
OCR Type: Free Rebirth/unretire
Last Known Where-abouts: Sand
Old IC Rank: Uhhhh... Chuunin I think?

New Character Name: Rakujo Yumeko
Preferred Username: Rakujo Yumeko
New Village/Missing: Missing
New BL/CA: Toujigikou
Custom Class:
Custom Class said:
[u]The best defense is an Explosive Offense[/u]
[b]HP:[/b] (50+lvl) x stamina
[b]CP:[/b] (45+lvl) x chakra control
Class Bonus: Kinjutsu, +1 Acc
[i]High:[/i] Ninjutsu Accuracy
[i]Average:[/i] Dodge, Ranged Accuracy, Melee Accuracy, Genjutsu Save
[i]Low:[/i] Genjutsu DC
Main Branch/ANBU/Med-Nin: Main Branch
IC Rank: Chuunin

Character Age: 26
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
  • Yumeko stands as a somewhat average five foot, seven inches and weighs in at one hundred and twenty-three pounds.
  • Her skin seems to be a shade or two before being tanned.
  • Her pink hair reaches down to only a couple inches above her shoulders.
  • Yumeko's wardrobe doesn't have one outfit that she simply abide's by to be known usually for.

Character's Mental Description:
  • Polite - As she was being raised, she was taught to be polite, and had retained it throughout her life.
  • Stoic - She has learned to be such throughout her life, though only with dealing with pain.
  • Serious - When the time calls for it, she will be as serious as she has to be.
  • Kind - Throughout the years she has lived, she has met people who had shown her the rewards of being kind and that it has much more of a positive result with most people.

Multiple Personality Application: N/A
Character History: (Touji app, and going for Chimera with Eye of the Sun Uchiha for the first BL)

Yumeko was born of a bastard child of a drunk during one of his lengthy blackouts. As she grew up she was told propaganda against her father, and that she would grow up to be great. Even though she was raised in a small town, she did train at the age where people inside large towns and villages would send their children to an academy of sorts. She would train with a friend of her mother who would teach her to learn at her own pace, which she was someone to liked to move faster than was good for them at age nine. She would often push herself too far, often spraining something or breaking something as well, but the wound would heal in a couple days instead of a couple of weeks for her.

When she was roughly eleven or twelve years old, in one training session her tutor had gotten a little too overzealous and pushed Yumeko too far, causing one of her legs to get crushed under a large branch. After a couple days, her leg happened to be back to normal with the exception of something that wouldn't really be explained for a while, as her mother was Kaguya. As She continued her training for the next couple of years, she had learned of her ability to manipulate earth jutsu and make them into metal. The way she found out was during one day of training with her tutor, the two had sparred and when the tutor was about to win, she had caused the tutor to lose the use of one of her arms. Though the tutor continued to be her tutor, she didn't much hold a grudge due to causing her to lose some mobility in her arm that Yumeko had disabled in the spar.

After her tutor believed that she had no more to teach Yumeko, when she reached the age of nineteen. After then, she set off to travel, always sending and receiving mail to her mother to check in every now and again. As she traveled, she met new people, fought some in spars and some just trying how strong they were by fighting a woman though most of them lost and such. She spent years traveling, occasionally settling down. After a couple years, her mother had passed because of an illness, not mere days prior to going to visit and learning that she had passed by her former tutor. She didn't much want to believe it, but she soon left after putting many flowers on her mother's grave.

As she turned twenty, she had, unknowingly, come across a man, though during another lengthy blackout, and fighting him, though even with her nontraditional fighting style, she had lost, but now without causing some sort of injury to his left arm before he had attempted to attack her and cause a hit to her right leg, the demonic cells seeping into the wound, causing her right leg to become just as his left arm was. After all this, she had passed out due to the exertion of the fight, waking up several days later.

Though, due to the demonic cells, she was now destined to wander through time, almost looking as if she were the same and not easily susceptible to illness or injury. For the next... however many years that passed as time seemed to blend with itself as she soon wandered to the cloud village roughly fourteen years prior to the current year. She soon became the rank of Chuunin, as well as having a passport to travel around for a short while. Though when she had joined the cloud village, she was a genin, and she had been one for a fair while as she didn't do missions too often. Though in the missions she did do, her natural affinity towards the Metal side of Jutsu was shown, aside from in training, as well as her ability to take more hits done by Taijutsu, as well as being able to use different sorts of tags and being able to hold things within a metal coffin. When she had reached the ability to become a Chuunin, she did so as quickly as possible, and had received a passport almost immediately after becoming Chuunin.

After going missing from Cloud as she had thought that they were taking much too long to try and deal with the murder of a fellow cloud shinobi by the name of Yukiko Ayumi. The time had passed and she couldn't really even find who had gotten her but she had only been able to retrieve her body and keep it preserved but something had happened before she could return and give her a proper burial on her travels, having met Isaki Naikishin on her way as well as stopping someone with quite malicious intent trying to cause problems between two villages. Though those weren't particularly in order. During her travels after having left a certain place, she'd travel around for a bit though it wasn't exactly something she really liked after having ended up on the wrong side of ambush, in which the person who had set it up ended up eventually expirimenting on her, which she'd most rather like to forget though it didn't take that much time along with her pretty quick escape, though pretty quick was still a couple of weeks compared to everything else.

The experimentation did change an aspect about her, that being that she didn't have as free as a time to use metal jutsu anymore and there were now mouths on her palms that had a curious purpose for her, though it took her some time to notice a change with her eyes proper until she'd seen herself in a reflection.

Clan Request: N/A

Death/Retirement Thread: N/A
Old Profile:
Old Training:
Old Dojo:

Special Usergroups: N/A

Old Stats: Capped
Old OOC Rank: S
Stat Cut: N/A
New Stats: Capped
New OOC Rank: S

Jutsu Mastery Swaps:

Keeping the following
Non-Elemental Ninjutsu said:
Fire Ninjutsu said:
Water Jutsu said:
Lightning Ninjutsu said:
Wind Ninjutsu said:
Earth Ninjutsu said:
Explosion Ninjutsu said:
Poison Ninjutsu said:
Metal Ninjutsu said:
Tsukumogami/Kensei said:

Slashing Taijutsu said:
Projectile Taijutsu said:
Buffing Taijutsu said:
Unarmed Taijutsu said:

Other Refunds:

Keeping the following as well
Augment #1 - Crippler
Augment #2 - Wide Edge
Augment #3 - Rough Divide

Augment #1 - Primal
Augment #2 - Siege
Augment #3 - Wide Edge

Augment #0 - Great Weapon
Augment #1 - Primal
Augment #2 - Siege
Augment #3 - Vampiric
Augment #4 - Chakra Drain

Augment #1 - Primal
Augment #2 - Recovery
Augment #3 - Overpowering

Crippler x1
Rough Divide x1
Vampiric x1
Chakra Drain x1
Wide Edge x1
Primal x2
Chain Link x2
Siege x3
Primal x1
Recovery x1
Great Weapon x1

Name of any Contract you currently own:
Fox, Just gonna keep it on Naikishin
Name of any Cursed Seals you currently own:
Name of Kinjutsu you own:

Rakujo Yumeko

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Oct 22, 2012
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Swapping kin stuff for Kin stuff,

Force of Will -> Arcane Knowledge (Ability)
Myriad Strike -> Genetic Implant (Ability)
Visceral Rend - B Rank - Rank 2/Mastered -> Mystic Replication (B-Rank Technique) (Rank 2)
Overwhelming Power - B Rank - Rank 2/Mastered -> Radiant Aura (B-Rank Technique) (Rank 2)
Omni-Flash - A Rank - Rank 2/Mastered -> Sacrificial Rite (A-Rank Technique) (Rank 2)
Kindred Fusion - S Rank - Rank 1/Mastered -> Avatar of Divinity (S-Rank Technique)

Shiruko Makoto

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Oct 7, 2012
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1:1 swaps mean no refunds or charging necessary. You aren't refunding anything else either.

This is an unretire + Kin app so we're good on all fronts there. Kin app for Chimera w/an Uchiha branch is approved; you may post your Chimera table in your Dojo as soon as you like. Speaking of which...

Profile, Training, Dojo moved to Old Stuff.
Old Profile, Training, Dojo located and moved to Missing.
Name, Banner updated.
Swaps approved.

You should be good to go!