Kanagawa Nozomi :::The Avatar of the Sun::: [WIP]

Kanagawa Nozomi

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Apr 25, 2017
Legal Name: Kanagawa Nozomi[lb][/lb]
Birth Name: Kanagawa Kozue*[lb][/lb]
Alias: [lb2][/lb2]

Age: 19 Years Old[lb][/lb]
Birth Date: December 21st[lb2][/lb2]

Sex/Gender: Female[lb][/lb]
Sexuality: Bisexual[lb][/lb]
Blood Type: O+[lb2][/lb2]

Weight: 105 lbs/47.6 kg[lb][/lb]
Height: 5'2" / 157.48 cm[lb2][/lb2]

Hair Color: Bright Pink[lb][/lb]
Hair Length (Front): Below Shoulders on right side[lb][/lb]
Hair Length (Back): Just below the knape[lb][/lb]
Usual Hairstyle: (See Image)[lb2][/lb2]

Left Eye Color: Gold[lb][/lb]
Right Eye Color: Prussian Blue[lb2][/lb2]

B/W/H: 34/26/38[lb][/lb]
Cup Size: B[lb2][/lb2]

Special Features[lb][/lb]
:: Body and Eyes are incandescent[lb][/lb]
:: Branding of a hawk upon her stomach[lb][/lb]
:: Unable to bare children[lb][/lb]
:: 3 red spots upon her forehead (Eye of the Sun)[lb][/lb]
:: 1 red spot upon both cheeks (Coronal Marks)[lb][/lb]
:: Merces Letifer tattoo upon arm[lb][/lb]
:: Kaibutsu Hunter tattoo upon arm[lb2][/lb2]

*Not public information
:: Cats[lb][/lb]
:: Performing her job[lb][/lb]
:: Sweets[lb][/lb]
:: Other cute animals (but cats are the best!)[lb][/lb]
:: Maintaining her weapons[lb][/lb]
:: Building Gunpla Models[lb][/lb]
:: Reading manga[lb][/lb]
:: Reading books on mythology[lb][/lb]
:: PRAISE THE SUN!![lb2][/lb2]

:: Child Slavery[lb][/lb]
:: Exploitation or harming of children[lb][/lb]
:: Enemies of Kumogakure[lb][/lb]
:: Traitors of any kind[lb][/lb]
:: Insubordination[lb2][/lb2]

Personality Recap[lb][/lb]
Nozomi made a contract with the devil in order to live, in return she lost her eye (now replaced with a golden eye that she can't see out of). Her hair also got bleached to a bright pink color. Her eyes and her skin now glow incandescent during the night-time, as if she was the embodiment of the sun, itself. When she was known as "The Thunder Queen of Kumogakure" she was rather non-emotive only showing anger when taken to the extremes. She showed caring and emotions when it came to children as a way to comfort them due to the poor treatment she received when she was younger. However, the new Nozomi has issues managing her emotions and often go to emotional extremes while she tries to keep them under control. Having been a hardened assassin and a cold-blooded killer before that, she had muted her emotions to either ensure the job was done or to not grow any attachments.[lb2][/lb2]
Now, as the Avatar of the Sun, she is very expressive -- sometimes too expressive. She used to be extremely reserved and muted her emotions. Like a supernova, she is bound to explode with emotions and care very little for inhibitions. She still doesn't find courtship too appealing but she is now more open to the idea.



Friends / LikeAcquaintances / NeutralEnemy / Dislike
Dokuso Maru (Squadmate / Friend)[lb][/lb]
Kagetsu Yuii (Superior / Respect)
Uchiha Maikeru[lb][/lb]
Saitou Reicheru (Charge)[lb][/lb]
Nanjirou Daenirisu (Charge)[lb][/lb]