KaQs of the Wall Part 2 [Kaen ssm]


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Jan 17, 2014
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The entire notion of 'Do not engage' bewildered the Sunan red-head. His own innate craving for battle aside, it was unheard of for someone of his status to simply allow these vile creatures to roam care-free around Wind Country. Kaen would feel the compulsion to grumble a great deal, but he was Anbu after all. Though they might occasionally have a manhunt, or assassination type missions, there will always be that stealthier option required. Thankfully fighting was not the only thing Kaen was capable of, it was just preferred. Reluctantly he would take this assignment, he had to really. Almost every able body was helping in some way or fashion, Kaen would need to do his part lest he incurs the unwanted gaze of disapproval from his superiors. With a leadership goal in mind, he simply could not afford to do nothing.

Finding his target was not the issue, these things were becoming more and more common in these lands. The thing was that nobody really knew what their goal was. Most often it seemed random, aside from being attracted to large areas of concentrated human presence. That and lots of noise or similar. Kaen wondered if they might be attracted to powerful sources of chakra, with this in mind he would keep his chakra suppressed as much as he could. It was not as difficult as it used to be, so many years of attempting to mask his hybrid presence while among the people of Sunagakure. To be honest he was a little surprised that nobody had discovered him yet, granted there was quite a lot of commotion going on these days. The Daimyo, and now these crazy swarms of Unbent, this world was really falling to pieces before their very eyes.

It would not take him long to come across a small pack, probably only about 30 or so loosely packed together roaming through the desert. Their destination was unknown, but that was the point of this mission after all. Follow, do not engage, learn, capture one if possible. And so his mission officially was underway, he would not fail. Activating a jutsu commonly known to members of the Anbu [Active Camo] Kaen would slink a long distance away from the group so as to not attract any attention. They did not seem to notice him, they appeared mindless for the most part. But if that were so why had they not appeared before now? Maybe he just didn't pay attention very much, but his gaze was firmly focused now.

The sun pelted harsh rays onto the desert sea below, the smell of dead flesh made prominent from being literally cooked under the sun. What drove these monsters, what were their purpose, who commanded them if anyone. I suppose these were the types of questions meant for people like the Oracles. Those book worms would discover something surely, hopefully. As Kaen continued to follow the group he picked up on a few things. For one, their movements were not as random as one might have assumed. The entirety of this mission they did not change directions unless there was simply no way around an obstacle. They knew where they were going, for the most part. Second, they responded similarly to that of a flock of birds. One leading the others. Was this a coincidence, or was there some sort of hierarchy among these beasts?

Finally, an image began to make itself known in the distance. Kaen couldn't help but feel like he had been here before, but when... It appeared to be a complex of some kind. Perhaps an old outpost? And then it hit him. Memories came flooding back into the forefront of his mind. This is where he met 'Her', his Queen. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Kaen followed the group of Unbent further into the old abandoned outpost. Scorch marks littered the area giving testament to the vicious battle that took place between himself and the Mother of Suna. How foolish he was to think he could have ever bested her, she truly was a god.

Eventually, he horde would come to a halt just outside a most familiar door. Inside is where it all started, where Shiori first bestowed upon him the gift of life, a new life, an Ancient life. The supposed leader of this horde smashed down the door that stood before him with a mighty roar. What were they looking for?! The group slowly filtered inside the room where Kaen had been tied to that chair. A coy smile spread across his lips as he thought fondly of simpler times such as that. How peculiar it was, how far we go, how far Kaen had changed since that day. More and more it felt like a distant dream, he had not come into contact with his Queen since he departed from her in Soon's Haven. He wondered where she might be now.

But his wandering, pondering thoughts were quickly interrupted as a deafening cacophony of screams filled the airwaves. It jolted Kaen awake from his daydreaming. It was coming from within that room. Quickly jumping down from his perch he would peer inside to catch a glimpse of just what was going on. The scene before him was disturbing, to say the least. The entire horde was engaging in a most gruesome display of battle. They were clawing, gnashing, screaming. It seemed like they had momentarily gone insane. What was causing them to act in such a way? Perhaps the concentrated residual energy that still existed due to his exchange of blows and power from Mother Suna was to blame. Whatever the case Kaen was not keen on sticking around to see what else might have been in store.

Turning to start his journey back towards the village gates, Kaen was instantly met with the visage of death. Inches from his face was a snarling, rotting face of an Unbent. "Oh, hello there..." This was the last thing the Unbent heard as Kaen instinctfully casted yet another Anbu jutsu. Thankfully these things were not immune to chakra based attacks. [Body bind] It froze in mid-lunge, its maw open wide ready to take a chunk out of Kaen's body. Quickly the Sunan shinboi would remove a scroll from his pack and summoned forth shackles and bindings appropriate for containing such a monster. With his prize in hand Kaen would return triumphant, yet still confused. He would expect answers for an odd mission such as this. His talents would be made much more useful in another area. But a single thread can't see the rest of the design, perhaps there was a deeper meaning behind all of this. There were many questions left unanswered, only time could remedy this fact.

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