Karasu Shiho (Sand) - Yamiyo Keiko (Cloud)

Yamiyo Keiko

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Jun 12, 2018
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This is a reboot.

Name: Yamiyo Keiko
Age: 8
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Rank: Academy Student
General Description: A small girl for her age, but tall, at around 30 pounds and almost 5 ft tall. She has well defined features, looking almost emaciated but with a strong jawline. She is often seen wearing baggy boy clothing, such as long sleeve sweaters and loose fitting pants, she also wears a pair of slippers and thin white socks, though shes often seen without shoes on, traversing the world in socks like a mad woman, she likes the rough feel of the ground but doesn't like getting her feet dirty. Her hair is long and dark, at night she's been known to scare people, as she can accidentally look like the stereotypical Japanese ghost story descriptions of female ghosts. She speaks softly, and comes off as meek or un-confident, she is after all only 8, and thrown into a world that would have her trained to kill. She's smart for her age, and can say some surprisingly deep things without any warning.
History: She was born into an affluent family, and was made from a very early age to learn. She was ahead of the curve on everything, so much so that she passed the aptitude tests for the academy two years before she was allowed to sign up. Her parents where obviously not happy when they ultimately made her wait, due to what they called 'maturity' not being high enough. She of course paid for it, being drilled into her for the following two years, how she had to grow up and stop being such a child. She would have most certainly been removed from this family, had any outside influences knew how she was raised, but alas it made Keiko strong and smart. However, her confidence was shattered in general, having to grow up hearing everything you're doing wrong does that to you. The time has finally come eventually though, and her ninja story would soon begin in earnest.

Shinrya Kitsune

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Oct 23, 2012
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Banner changed, name changed, user group added.

Starting Stats:
Agility: 5/50
Stamina: 5/50
Taijutsu: 5/50
Ninjutsu: 5/50
Genjutsu: 5/50
Chakra Control: 0/50

Yen/ASP pre-reboot:
71500 on hand - 71000 = 500
90 on hand - 90 = 0