Kill Switch - PVP Kill System

Ninpocho Admin

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Jan 15, 2013
What is the Kill Switch?

A lot of time and effort goes into creating and playing your character. Hours of brainstorming, writing, and interacting with other players. For some players, this is months or years of their lives, for others it might have only been a few weeks. Either way, your character is likely near and dear to you. So its never a good feeling with someone decides they need to die and you're not in favor of such an action.

The Kill Switch is just what it sounds like - The ability to fight other players in true PVP. By default, it will be off for every new character, and can be opted into with a simple admin request. This request can be made in Character Creation, OCR threads, or just in admin request. However, once it has been opted into for a PC, it cannot be turned back off for them, even if you OCR back into them later.

So what can I not do if Kill Switch is off?

When the Kill Switch is set to off, several actions are simply not allowed. These include:
  • Going missing from a village
  • Force entering or exiting a village
  • Catching someone who is going missing/force entering/force exiting a village
  • The Force Kill and Victim's Choice options cannot be used.
  • Cannot be Force Killed or given Victim's Choice if losing a fight.

When you turn the Kill Switch on, you can do all of the above, however you can also be killed by other players, resulting in the death of your PC. Remember - If you turn the Kill Switch on it cannot be turned back off unless you move to a new character. The existing character, if turned into an NPC, will be forced to follow all NPC rules as far as being killed goes.

Why does this system exist?

To protect people who just want to RP without worrying about the battle system. Those here to fight and like the idea of risk can turn PVP on and go at each other if they wish, but they cannot force another player into ending their own story abruptly unless the other player has already accepted that risk.

How can I tell who has the Kill Switch on or off?

Just look under their name on any post they make under their post count and you'll find text of "Kill Switch ON" or "Kill Switch OFF".

This sounds great! I can troll people and not be killed! I can blow up buildings, or crash threads, all day!

Acts of extreme hostility, such as blowing up buildings or RPing butchering innocent civilians for fun, can result the Kill Switch being turned on even if you don't want it to. If you intend to do such things, please check with your council first or they may request the Kill Switch be forced on. In addition, all the normal rules of NC still apply, so harassing people and trying to force your way into their own stories can result in an admin-level punishment if it becomes a problem.

This system is here to protect people who want to have fun, not ruin the fun of others or act like an immortal sadist without a thought to how they're going about RPing such things.

So who determines if my actions warrant the Kill Switch being turned on forcefully?

Anyone can request admin to look at the RP in question and make that determination. Only admin has the authority to enforce this.

What if a fight happens with people who do not have the Kill Switch on and people who do?

Those who have not enabled the Kill Switch cannot be force killed, nor will they be given Victim's Choice options. They will be treated as if it were a normal spar. Those who have turned the Kill Switch on will be able to kill or be killed as per above.

Example: Ninja Bob has the Kill Switch off. He is in a thread with Ninja Bill, who has it on. Ninja Sam, who also has it on, joins and then a bmod is called.
Ninja Bob cannot be killed or given Victim's Choice. However, he cannot kill or give someone else Victim's Choice.
Ninja Bill can kill Ninja Sam, or give them Victim's choice. And Sam can do the same to Ninja Bill.
This means if Ninja Bill is KO'd and Ninja Bob KO's Ninja Sam, no one can kill Ninja Sam as Bill is KO'd.
If Sam KO's Bill and Bob, Sam can then kill Ninja Bill but not Ninja Bob.

Does anyone automatically have the Kill Switch on?

The only time someone will have the Kill Switch on without having to request it is if they OCR into a Missing. Not a mercenary, but an actual Missing ninja. This is because a Missing must have gone missing from an active village and thus would have needed it on in order to do so.

How do I turn on the Kill Switch?

Simply post in the thread in Admin Request to have it enabled.

How do I turn off the Kill Switch?

Don't opt into it. Once you have turned the Kill Switch there is no way to disable it except OCRing into a new character.

Does the Kill Switch remain on even if I OCR out of and back into my PC?

Yes. It is a permanent setting on that specific character.