Kinjutsu Guidelines

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Jan 15, 2013
Kinjutsu said:
Kinjutsu Guidelines
  • Kinjutsu are a special set of abilities and skills that are very difficult and costly to gain. Though not all are technically "Forbidden", this is the term used to describe these skills.
  • All Kinjutsu require the user to sacrifice all of their Class Bonus, 3 Ability Slots, and require a high quality Rp describing the process of gaining their ability and all things related to it.
  • This Rp must be approved by Council, they will be extremely picky to ensure only those that put forth the required effort gain these skills.
  • There is no maximum word requirement for obtaining a Kinjutsu, but you are reminded that you must be thorough in explaining exactly how and why you obtained your Kinjutsu, and how it developed into what you have now. You may do this in a single post, or a series of posts, or a series of topics. However you feel, just be sure to link to everything that you want to be included as part of your Kinjutsu app, and when necessary, explain exactly how that leads up to the moment you obtained the Kinjutsu, which should, in itself, be described in detail.
  • One can only have one Kinjutsu per character, and they take up multiple ability slots. Kinjutsu can never be untrained once learned, so the user is stuck with them until death. Choose Wisely.
  • If denied, you must wait ONE MONTH from the point in time your application was received before applying for a new one.
  • All Kinjutsu take a 1500 word Role play. (AT LEAST).
  • Kinjutsu abilities do not require an ability slot (their slot is factored into the 3 ability slots all Kinjutsu cost).

Quick Reference Power Level Guidelines said:
  • Abomination - B Rank, Curse Seal
  • Archsage - B Rank, Sage Mode, a Contract
  • Byakugan Transplant/Hakumei Byakugan - B Rank/ B Rank with Hyuuga Bloodline
  • Chimera - B Rank
  • Dark Sage - B Rank
  • Grandeur Phantom - B Rank
  • Hachimon - B Rank
  • Human Puppet - B Rank
  • Jashinism - B Rank
  • Jinchuuriki - B Rank
  • Revenant - B Rank
  • Rikudo Sennin - B Rank
  • Sharingan Implant/Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan - B Rank/ B Rank w/ Uchiha Bloodline
  • Tsukumogami - B Rank